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Page last edited 11/09/07

  Technical Articles / Information

Here is a collection of articles and information we hope you'll find useful. These do not necessarily reflect the views of the club, and the club or any member does not warrant in any way the suitability or fitness of the information contained, it is simply available information you are responsible to use as you wish, with due regard to copywrite and fair use.


Links To Articles in the Discussion Forum (which is how we will do this in future)


Full Articles for Download (which is the old way)

Here is a collection of Newsletters written by Pat  "MotoMan" McGivern in the USA. While this guy is a bit of a lark he is definitely an out of the box thinker, and likes modifying motorcycles to go fast and reliably, so his stuff is worth reading. His website is and you can pick through the originals of his articles here: However it appears he is no longer updating them (for over a year as at 4/07), and he encourages spreading his philosophy, so a copy of the more interesting ones has been archived here to ensure the ongoing education / amusement of fellow motorcyclists:

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