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Page last edited 03/08/07

  • Look, we'd like to see a bit more of this, are you up for it? (See Eastern Ck info below).

  • Maybe a bit of flag marshalling then? (see info below)

  • Track Days when the BRT (Big Red Truck) is there are quite appealing, see this topic if you want to be kept informed of scheduled track days. Don't think, by the way, that if you're not a fast rider this is not for you. When a few HDOG members tried this out for the first time we were amazed at how many people were circulating below the pace of a normal club ride, and a sedate one at that! We assumed many of them didn't get out much and this was their only real release. So you won't have any problem "fitting in" no matter where you ride in the scheme of things. The scary bit just from being on a race track doesn't last long when you see how well you are going, and people really do give you good support on the day, so please think seriously about it.

  • BEARS racing (British European American Racing Series) is becoming quite popular, see BEARS website for details of their exploits.

  • Post Classic Racing Assn is another great way to go racing, especially the Barry Sheene Memorial Races held in March, and other events too.

  • There is an intro to racing course run by Circuit Breakers which looks like a great value way to find out more in an easy safe environment.

  • Have a look at what a fellow Ducatisti is doing with Racing 4 MS (now defunct)

  • Track Marshal Information (See the Race Information from this page):

  • There is no prior experience needed for being a marshal, except common sense.

  • A marshal’s role is to ensure the safety of the riders on the track.  No Marshals – No Racing! Not enough Marshall’s – No Racing!

  • There are grid marshals and flag marshals. Grid marshals allow the riders out onto the track from the dummy grid and ensure the riders are in the correct grid position before the start of each race.

  • Primarily, the flag marshal’s role is to observe the riders as they circuit the track. If an incident happens, the marshal signals the tower to announce the situation, and waits for instructions from the tower.

  • The Clerk of the Course and Chief Marshal will outline all instructions for you on the day, before you are assigned to a station / corner. Going over the correct flags to use for a particular situation, what you can and cannot do to assist a rider that is down, when you may enter the track from your corner or station to assist a rider that is down.

  • Please listen to the instructions, and ask any questions you may have at this time.

  • Flag marshals are out on their assigned corner for the day, usually except for a lunch break.

Eastern Creek Information (Ph +612 9672 1000 to book / more info): (most of below is outdated, but do ask if still happening)

  • First Timers program – Never been to a Ride Day before? Perhaps you have a friend you’d like to invite, but they’re a little nervous? No worries. Eastern Creek Ride Days is proud to announce an all new program beginning in August, just for First Timers. Want to know what this includes? You guessed it …click here…

  • Thinking of a Ride Day? With so many Eastern Creek Ride Days being run there’s bound to be a date for you! For a full calendar of events …click here…

  • TrackStar Program – Ride the Creek and be treated like a Star! This awesome program includes everything from Express Check-in and Scrutineering through to discounted rates for each and every Eastern Creek Ride Day you do. Interested? …click here…

  • Rewards Program – Don’t want to commit to a certain number of events and pay upfront? No problem. You can get a half price Eastern Creek Ride Day simply by doing what you like doing…Ride the Creek! Want more details? here…