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Just rec'd from NSW MCC:

 That’s right, the age for Greenslips from Monaland has been lowered from 40 to 30.

Once again Kev and Deb have delivered for us all in a big way.Monaland provide the cheapest Greenslips bar none in NSW and you won’t find them on the Greenslip calculator.

Have a look here for details: ; Remember to advise all your club members about this. As a member of an MCC of NSW affiliated club, your members are able to access this system.

Spread the word and spread the joy

Christopher “CJ” Burns

Motorcycle Council of NSW
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Cheaper CTP available to all over 40 HunterDOG / MCC NSW Members
« Reply #1 on: 19 Aug 2013, 02:32 PM »
The below explains how to get cheaper CTP and I figure that is something most are interested in so am putting it out as an Announced Topic to all. Unfortunately I don't have direct experience as my renewal is in Oct. But undoubtedly it is a good deal, I would appreciate feedback from people that use it and will put up the essence of it (anonymously) for others. To get the ball rolling my last renewal was $323.13 for a 996 garaged in 2290 postcode via Shannons (who onsell GIO).

Re the below the simplest method to access the savings is to sign up for MCC NSW individual supporters where the combined cost of membership plus CTP is reportedly still cheaper than CTP alone. I am copying in a recent message below the CTP message which has some useful additional info re this aspect.

Obviously members of HunterDOG's are entitled to the Monaland discount. Our membership system is in somewhat of disarray, the last clear validation is as referenced here and people would need Doggie status to be eligible. If you log on to the forum you will see your status or I can send a membership validation email if needed (I don't know what Monaland's membership verification requirements are right now but we'll sort it out if they need more than a declaration by your good self)

From: J Dorward
 Sent: Friday, 16 August 2013 11:39 AM
Subject: [Delegates] Monaland Information
Hi all,
Kevin from Monaland sent this out to MCC members some weeks ago, but it may not have reached everyone (I didn't get it). Please remind your members that the cheapest CTP available in NSW is within reach. Thanks to CJ the MCC has a special agreement with Monaland - this is not an advertisement or spam email.
To gain the benefits of cheap CTP, customers must be:
+ 40 years old or over
+ Be a member of a MCC-affiliated club (this is not a general public offer) OR be a current MCC individual member (
+ Accurately provide answers to the usual questions asked to gain any insurance
There must be a constant stream of business by us to Monaland for them to maintain their arrangements with their backers. People need to be regularly reminded of this option so they think of it when it comes time to renew their rego.

(NSW Motorcycle Council Media Officer)

Begin forwarded message:

From: Kevin Sutherland <>
Date: 16 August 2013 10:33:21 AM AEST
Please take a minute to read this email as it is intended to benefit your members  
 Are you paying too much for your Greenslips?
 Monaland Pty Ltd commenced in 2007 with the purpose of offering more competitive Insurance products to the Ulysses Club Members than would not normally be offered by the mainstream insurers.
 Our first product launched was the CTP Greenslips at Fleet Rates for all Members Motorcycles of the Ulysses Club.
 Over the years we have achieved our goal to provide the alternative, which has saved some members hundreds of dollars on one single bike.
 Currently our motorcycle Greenslip prices are the cheapest in the market.
 Monaland has now joined forces with the Motorcycle Council of NSW giving over 40yr old members of their affiliated clubs the same benefits. For clubs that are not members of the Motorcycle Council of NSW, you can join for a token donation and get your members additional benefits. Or, if you are not part of a club, individual membership may be obtained through the Motor Cycle Council website. This association works hard for the benefits and rights of us motorcyclists for little or no financial reward.
 The process is simple, either call us on one of the numbers below or fill in the quote request form on our website, You will then be informed of the current pricing. If you are pleased with your quote we just require about 5 minutes of your time to obtain the relevant details. As prices rise and fall we can only guarantee our prices for 6 weeks in advance, so please only request a quote if you registration is near due.
 We then process your policy, confirm that it is at the RMS and then either email or post your policy to you.
 Monaland also can assist the small to medium business owners with more than one vehicle with fleet rate Greenslips for vehicles up to 4500gvm that are business registered and claim the ITC. These rates are normally only available to companies with more than ten vehicles. Our policy has driver at fault cover paid out on top of any workers compensation claim. Ideal for the tradesman or small office situation.
 Greenslips for private usage vehicles are also available with competitive pricing for members that have all their points on their license. Online quotation form for private vehicles available on our website.
 These products have proven to save you your valuable time and money, so why not enquire and see what you can save. It’s only a phone call or an email, as they say better off in your pocket than theirs!
 Our thanks to the thousands of members that have supported us over the years. Monaland for your convenience is available from 8:00am until 9:00pm 7 days.
 Please feel free to forward this email to your members, as this is to benefit them and the Motorcycle Council of NSW.
 Kevin Sutherland
 ACN 129 148 616
 Ph - 02 4577 8507
 Fax - 02 8580 4981
 Mob – 0412 783 322
 Email -

Dear Delegates,
Please help the MCC ofNSW support you and your riding.
We don’t run on fresh air and need all the assistance we can get.
Please discuss with your members the option of signing up as an individual supporter of the MCC of NSW.
For the miniscule sum of $35 (less than a case of beer) you assist us fight the fight for not only CTP but 
•   helmet laws,
•   Lane Filtering,
•   ADR and NSW Road Rules issues
•   Vehicle standards
•   Road Safety
•   Remote area phones
•   Wire Rope Barriers
and a host of other items that affect riders every day in every way.
Have a look at;
The money goes towards things like Printer paper, stamps, phone bills, hosting services for websites, research, you name it.
The labour you get for free, none of us get paid, we do this for the love of riding and the love of motorcycles.

And while you are at it have a look at;
for some traffic law 101.
Chris Kalpage a traffic law lawyer is offering MCC of NSW affiliated club members and individual supporters a free first consultation, even if it is by phone, even if you are on the side of the road, even with a Police officer standing next to you. Yes, you will be able to utter those unforgettable words;
“Let me just call my lawyer.”
Phone: (02) 9230 0448 or 0418 211 074


Christopher James Burns
MCCofNSW Delegate
MCCofNSW Dirt Bike Committee
0418 486 660
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