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Eastern Creek - Changes and Opportunity ?
« Reply #1 on: 01 Jan 2012, 05:54 PM »
For those that may have missed it, there are some changes afoot at Eastern Creek to eventually produce a circuit that can be 'split' to hold two meetings at the same time...

Some track maps are below.

In the meantime, from Eastern Creek Ride Days ;

Well when you think you have it all figured along comes another spanner, but this time it works to your advantage. Eastern Creek Ride Days (ECRD) has just been provided with yet another update to the construction works saga, which has created numerous disruptions for our members and up-coming ECRD dates in recent weeks.

Eastern Creek Raceway General Manager Geoff Arnold has announced that as of today, Monday the 5th of December, all construction at the Eastern Creek Raceway has been placed on hold and works will resume from the 9th of January 2012. The specific reason for the delay is related to additional permit requirements, but the great news is that all ECRD dates from today until the 9th of January will now be run on the original full layout.

With all the confusion in recent weeks the ECRD team has decide that even though days between 5th of December and 9th of January will now be run on the full track – not the shorter North Circuit – the prices will remain unchanged. This means you will get to ride the original full track at the same short track rate – $169 weekdays, $199 for weekends – for this period.
Our advice, take advantage of the opportunity as there is still some uncertainty when the extension will be completed.
Eastern Creek Raceway CEO Glenn Mathews has informed ECRD that, weather permitting, the original full circuit should be available for use from the beginning of February 2012 and the new full circuit – including the 600m extension – looks set to be operational by March.

However, as there is still some uncertainty in relation to February dates, ECRD has opted to close all bookings for February until an accurate update is provided on the project status early in the New Year.

MEGA Managing Director Steve Brouggy had this to say on the matter, “It was good to meet with Glenn and Geoff and impress on them the importance of having the full story to pass onto everyone who rides Eastern Creek. They both acknowledge that there needs to be a better flow of information regarding the improvements being made to the track and has put in place a structure to allow that to happen more successfully in the future.

“We’re hoping the most current information we have will be what we end up with. I’ll be monitoring this personally on a weekly basis to ensure that if anything should interfere with our scheduled Eastern Creek Ride Days, we’ll know about it earlier and be able to pass the information along quickly.

“I appreciate everyone’s ongoing patience in dealing with this situation. I can’t thank our team here in the office enough, they have been (literally) working around the clock to try and get every rider booked into their preferred dates.”
Due to the disruptions ECRD sales team has been inundated with nearly 3000 calls to reschedule and book in new dates in the past 2 weeks. With this backlog still to be completed bookings for December dates can only be made via e-mail.
E-mail [email protected] (click the e-mail address) and priority will be provided in order of receiving the e-mail for all December dates. No phone or website bookings will be accepted for December dates.

All other bookings can be completed via the website as usual, just click here.
So summarising the latest situation:

January 2012

• Saturday 7th January              $199 (Full Original Circuit)
• Sunday 8th January                 $199 (Full Original Circuit)
• Saturday 21st January             $199 (North Circuit)
• Sunday 22nd January              $199 (North Circuit)

February 2012 (bookings to be reopened in January)

• Saturday 4th February             $249 (Full Original Circuit)
• Sunday 5th February               $249 (Full Original Circuit)
• Saturday 18th February           $249 (Full Original Circuit)
• Sunday 19th February             $249 (Full Original Circuit)

March 2012

• Monday 5th March                   $219 (New Full Circuit)
• Tuesday 6th March                  $219 (New Full Circuit)

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