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Posted by: TopDOG
« on: 27 Mar 2011, 03:37 PM »

we need this many to turn out for our clubs rides!!!
Posted by: TopDOG
« on: 21 Mar 2011, 01:43 PM »

well thank you to the four that i got to see yesterday our one new member who turned up at the meet point with me and the three brett, vince & aunty mal who turned up for the free bbq and beers at my house i do feel a little upset by and let down by the rest of you apart from francis with it being her birthday and james for having a prior work engagement :'( i hope to get to see more of you at our clubs breakfast. We(vince, myself) started this club to benefit all our members and put a lot of work away from our families to make this work for you!!! so please try to make an effort to be part of the club at its events to make it work for all of us!!!!  ;D please tell me to get stuffed if you dont agree or have better solutions but if you do please join us in the comittee or just post your ideas on here i would hate to see this club fold up due to lack of club members efforts in attendance to any of our events
Posted by: TopDOG
« on: 20 Mar 2011, 11:58 AM »

ok i wasn't lying i lead todays ride here!!! ::) i got to meet two nice new members who rode down from up the bay so i was lucky i was there to meet up with you all but im sure the weather put a lot of tails between legs but you can still come hide under my bbq today just be weary of dripping fat!!! ;D
Posted by: Brett
« on: 19 Mar 2011, 06:53 PM »

Small problem and my apologies in advance.

I won't be able to lead the ride tomorrow due to some last minute scheduling issues, which leave me with few choices.

That shouldn't be a drama though, as the planned ride is only a short one, and the real date is the BBQ at Scotty's place anyway, so it doesn't matter where we ride to.  I'd appreciate someone who will be there tomorrow morning, taking charge ( if that's even relevant - we're pretty laid back ), and maybe give me a call 0400 44 66 58, so we can finalise rough numbers for the cooking...

I will make the BBQ ( you know I don't miss a meal ), so see you there.

Be good.  Ride safe.
Posted by: TopDOG
« on: 19 Mar 2011, 06:27 PM »

i forgot to mention if coming by car just park on my front lawn nose to the hedge to fit more in but leave the driveway clear for bikes to get under the carport and if on bikes try to park close to the fence to leave me a path inside in my hotrod chair that im doing burnouts in for vince!!!
Posted by: TopDOG
« on: 19 Mar 2011, 06:01 PM »

for those who have not been to my house yet its on a corner of the main road from edgeworth about the forth street in with a hedge garden around the front the only entry now inside my house is via the ramp from the driveway carport but i aim to be out in it cooking up a storm ive cleaned my bbq and have put it in front of my shed door with a folding table beside it im guessing with this weather :-\ brett will be leading those who want to still come by bike on the set track so feel free to show up whenever your ready im sure im driving up to the bp to get any special requests and numbers to tell my great mate vince so he can buy what we need for the day but please tell vince if your coming by car and numbers to help us out!!! ;D so please organise to come if for nothing else but to see me in my award winning house modified by the RTC group of companies!!! and if you like what you see im mates with the owner who has a 1098 but is busy working that day and our others on his crew!!! 8)
Posted by: TopDOG
« on: 17 Mar 2011, 09:29 PM »

I'm so happy its happening regardless of the weather so I'm getting up early to come meet ALL of you who are joining me after the ride i hope you trust my cooking on the BBQ I've not killed anybody yet and don't plan on starting this sunday so 3 cheers for Vince & our crew for making this happen for all of US!!! :) ;) :D ;D
Posted by: VinceS
« on: 17 Mar 2011, 06:26 PM »

OK after some chit chat we have a plan. Everybody's coming for a free BBQ lunch, rain or shine!

Obviously this coming Sunday we don?t know if it will rain or not, the forecast is for ?possible showers?. If the weather looks OK Scott will turn up at the BP Bero by 8:45am and see how many turn up to go for the fairly shortish ride as planned and will be dropping in to his place after the ride etc and he will ask if there are any special requests (um, food or drink, not strippers!). Then ring me and let me know numbers and any requests, and I'll turn up at Scott's place in Barnsley with the goodies!
If it is looking like rain or people don?t want to risk it we are going to have the BBQ at Scott's at midday anyway so you should rock up by bike or car is just fine and help us all eat the free snags and drink the free beer! (and soft drinks). In this case I will duck down to the local supermarket about 12:15pm so we are cooking by half past. If they anybody is going to be late they will need to text or ring me (0414 706 875), or wait while we duck down for a second load!
I think Brett has volunteered to lead the ride if its not raining in his first post below, but if a few others think to study the route below too that could save any unwanted delays arriving for the beer!
Posted by: TopDOG
« on: 05 Mar 2011, 02:34 PM »

you will all be pleased to know my bbq has been cleaned and the gas checked and tested so where are you all?? ok just kidding but im looking forward to seeing you all again so please make the effort to come see me in my glorious house & if not me at least my house, ive got a few or all of the long way round, down, back, sydney to tokyo etc movies here for us to watch too!!!! ;D im not a real church gooer but have been a lot mainly to take wedding pix but im praying for fine weather and a large rowd of bikes to fill my carport as im having my car put on the front lawn so you can park under cover o avoid burning bums on hot seats!!! ::)
Posted by: VinceS
« on: 03 Mar 2011, 04:46 PM »

Say it seems we will have a $50 Lucky door prize to draw on the day to help one lucky DOGgie to get a cool discount from

See here for details, and save the date!
Posted by: TopDOG
« on: 02 Mar 2011, 07:26 PM »

i hope you all have polished your bikes for sunday im getting my car put on my grass to leave plenty of room under my carport to keep your seats cool or dry whatever the case may be im not a church going man but am putting some effort to some clear weather no incedents sundays riding for you all im looking forward to seeing as many as my deck/carport can take!!!! ;D
Posted by: VinceS
« on: 01 Mar 2011, 06:24 PM »

Oh, I realise I have inadvertently created some confusion, plus spotted a couple of dots that needed joining but didn't join them earlier! So I have removed/cleared up the direct references to the Sunday at Bulahdelah, which I had accidentally got carried away about because I have been there before. The car stuff and other carry on is on Saturday, which is fine to go to, but Sunday is a definite Doggie No-No! Speaking of such matters it occurs to me that most people don't know about the motorsport that goes on in the area, so I have put some details up here If, by the way, the Bulahdelah hillclimb is an irresistible temptation for many then just say so and the ride date can be changed - but would you like to risk missing out on free beer by making a fuss about the date and getting woofed down? I DON'T THINK SO!!! Probably next Sunday's breakfast at the 16 footers is the last chance to chat about it if anyone seriously wants to change the arrangements.

After getting the cast off yesterday from my now 6 week old whoopsie it is pretty plain I won't have a clutch hand for quite some time. It turns out to be fairly common that "a distal radial stress fracture often results in a separated ulna extension that doesn't return properly" which has happened for me too. The ulna extension will "commonly grow a fibrous connection that can pull it in and solidify the joint, sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't". So it?s a 6 week x-ray and review, then I think he said another 6 weeks to finally decide if surgery is going to be necessary to correct it or not. Plus it takes 12 months for the bones to regain full strength, although I expect them to be quite usable for lightweight stuff well before that. But since I want another 50 years good use out of the suckers I'm going to try for good healing.

So that's my story, it is likely to wind up with a cruiser turning up next season! But the remaining Duke will get the track bike treatment in due course I am pretty sure, so that general area of endeavor will be what I contribute in the longer term. Right now I am just happy to be able to shower without doing the plastic bag elastic band trick that one becomes very proficient at, but I now have the uncomfortable task of getting the wrist to work properly again. It is amazing how quickly body bits atrophy and stiffen up and how hard it is to fix them. I am told I will be lucky if I have got full movement and strength back in the wrist within 6 months. However, considering what didn't go wrong but could have, I am happy to only have this to whinge about!

Re the "not looking after" doesn't mean abandoning, plus this particular idea is not only a good day out but also helps Scottie along with something cheerful rather than the usual hum drum of crap he has to endure, and is affected by. Anyway the rest of the context was "someone else to lead the rides" which is what actually needs to happen! I am doing a download of the ride info I have, there is quite a bit of it it turns out, and obviously I'm taking a bit of a dribs and drabs approach! But I will finish the task. Plus, as it happens, I have most rides set up in a "Generic Routes" file for ready access - so anyone else with a GPS and a bit of nous should be able to easily enough sort it, assuming the Garmin map format is transposable. The following forum I find very useful for interim map updates and solving many GPS related software issues , a bit of a weird bunch but boy they have the good oil and want you to have it too!
Posted by: Brett
« on: 28 Feb 2011, 09:44 PM »

A couple of things ( in no particular order ) ;

  • For someone that's 'not looking after this any more', this is a pretty good plan and set of directions, that even I can ( maybe could ) follow.  I think that perhaps part of the reticence in leading the rides comes from the fact that, if you're anything like me, you don't know too many of the routes that contain all of the good roads, but if these kind of instructions were available, my phone / GPS and I could even make it back.  Timing could be a problem, but we would make it back...  This is kind of why I was a bit of a fan of the planned / posted routes, but I agree they do become a little repetitive over time.  I'd be happy lead one of these, but make sure you have plenty of fuel, because I'm prone to miss key navigational markers...
  • Fantastic as it looks, and hopefully I've read it wrong, but isn't this BBQ the same weekend as the Bulahdelah Hillclimb / Car / Bike Show thing ?  Not sure on what the proposed numbers interested in either would be, but given that we seem to be advertising both, it maybe a little counterproductive having them share the same day, is really all I'm saying...

Speak soon.
Posted by: TopDOG
« on: 27 Feb 2011, 04:39 PM »

ok im hapy to be the lead rider but my chair may need a 10980 10x 1098 mod to drag my fat body along in it :o it will be great to see all of you not fixing your suzuki's ;D here at my house for lunch!!!
Posted by: VinceS
« on: 25 Feb 2011, 07:39 PM »

G'day Everybody,

You will note in the last newsletter ( a couple of things that add up to the club needing a new ride leader / leaders that can manage to get there most of the time or arrange cover. Is that you? I have stalled on the ride planning for the moment as I would like to get some buy in. So far there has been none in response to the newsletter, hopefully that is not a sign of what is to come?

Anyway, taking it one step at a time, what to do about next month? There has been some chatter and Scott is keen to have a BBQ at his place, which seems like a good idea, ie a Garage ride, of sorts. The club can even chuck in for the snags and maybe a case of light (Hahn Premium Light unless we get special requests). But we need somebody to lead it before thinking it is a good idea. And preferably a few to bring along suitable pillions for the wet t shirt competition? And of course suitable machinery for the driveway burnout show in the arvo? Just kidding about the burnouts!

So the next club ride would go from Bero BP, do a lap of the wineries and finish with a run back over to Sugarloaf to Scotties place. At the start someone would just have to ring in the numbers then I could go get the requisite snags, light beer and soft drinks / whatever and get an early start ready for arrival of "the pack". Going the way I would it is 162km my GPS software assures me. That is a 103km loop to arrive at Pokolbin and stop in the tourist village for a rest and a bit of a gawk around at all "the stuff", then obviously 59km back to Scotty?s going via Sandy Ck Rd, Mulbring and over Mt Sugarloaf. Should arrive at a bit after midday ready for a barbie and not too far from home for anybody after so they can stay for a bit.

The route I would pick is the Taro Duckenfield meander, Morpeth, Largs, Maitland Vale, Stanhope, Elderslie, Glendon, Lower Belford, 4km back up New England Hwy to Belford then Hermitage Rd round to Pokolbin. From there it is past the Village and Cessnock airport then straight through Cessnock (OK, so there is a short left-right), past Kitchener to Sandy Ck Rd, Mt Vincent (yay!), Mulbring, the mid corner right turn to Richmond Vale then Mt Sugarloaf to Seahampton and R at the roundabout at top of Edgeworth, down to Codrington St Barnsley.

The burnouts in the driveway should pressure wash out OK, or be a handy souvenir!!! Probably the wet t-shirt competition will best be quickly forgotten, unless we suddenly see a big improvement in the class of pillion / rider!

Yum, I can taste those snags now.

The dump of the proposed route is as follows, it will be another one I list on the Ride Details page for possible future use, easily adapted to different garage destinations:

Distance   Directions / Name
0 km          BERO BP
2.2 km     Take the Anderson Drive ramp to the left towards Beresfield/Woodberry
2.7 km     Continue towards Tarro/Sydney/Beresfield
2.9 km     Turn left onto Woodberry Rd
3.5 km     Get on Woodberry Rd and drive north
5.3 km     Turn right onto Woodberry Rd
10.2 km   Enter Roundabout
10.2 km   Take the 1st left onto Raymond Terrace Rd
10.5 km   Turn right onto Scotch Creek Rd
13.5 km   Turn left onto Duckenfield Rd
15.1 km   Duckenfield
21.3 km   Turn left onto Swan St
22.2 km   Turn right onto Phoenix Park Rd
24.0 km   Turn left onto Phoenix Park Rd
27.5 km   Turn left onto High St
28.1 km   Turn right onto Dalveen Rd
29.6 km   Turn left onto Paterson Rd
30.1 km   Turn right onto Tocal Rd
31.3 km   Keep left onto Maitland Vale Rd
34.8 km   Maitland Vale
49.4 km   Turn right onto Stanhope Rd
60.0 km   Turn right onto Elderslie Rd
64.3 km   Turn left onto Glendon la
69.6 km   Turn left onto Glendon Rd
72.8 km   Turn left onto Standen Dr
81.8 km   Continue on New England Highway towards Singleton/Muswellbrook
81.9 km   Turn right onto New England Hwy
86.2 km   Turn left onto Hermitage Road towards Pokolbin
98.5 km   Turn left onto Broke Rd
104 km   Turn left onto McDonalds Rd
104 km   Turn right onto Broke Rd
108 km   Turn right onto Wine Country Dr
115 km   Turn left onto Maitland Rd
115 km   Turn right onto Vincent St
125 km   Turn left onto Sandy Creek Rd
138 km   Turn left onto Branxton-Toronto Rd
139 km   Turn right onto Palmer St
139 km   Turn right onto Child St
140 km   Turn left onto Maitland Rd
142 km   Turn right onto Richmond Vale Rd
147 km   Turn right onto George Booth Dr
161 km   Turn right at Roundabout onto Northville Dr
162 km   Arrive cnr Codrington St, SCOTT P

Edit: I have attached the maps below, scale varies to suit the level of detail needed so you don't get lost (IMHO!)