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General Discussion / Happy Easter Doggies
« Last post by TopDOG on Today at 05:01 PM »
I hope you all have a safe, fun Easter break prefferably out on your Ducati's!!

Sorry mate but if I was ever getting back on to a bike I'm never going to ride a motorbike that when serviced they check the petrol and replace the bike and it needs to have enough power to crack 300+ to make it worthwhile to race it competetively and my physio has been going well however my left hip that i went down on years ago at cardiff has been giving me some pain and it may need to be operated on and this has reduced my ability to walk comfortably, but im also walking along my back deck handrail for as many times as my body can take it. Back to the bike like a car do i want a mitsuibishi sigma or a ferrari / lamborghini or even Audi that owns 1 of them and Ducati as well now!!
General Discussion / Re: So, you wanna get back on the horse?
« Last post by VinceS on 29 Mar 2019, 03:05 PM »
You know Scottie, as long as you're talking about something sensible, not twin 1098's and the like, making it one-arm rideable would be something I could knock up in my shed. Heck NDIS may even pay for parts / RMS certification?

Anyway, if you do get in the head-space that you could seriously tackle this thing without any bs stuff, just grit and determination, then I would be fine to 'make it a project' and see if we can get something that passes through all the hoops to make it legit.

I always thought when you get solidly out of the chair we may have a crack at this, but you seem to be increasingly stuck in the thing instead of just relying on it for long haul / big tasks, or some other kind of weaning off. I wouldn't tackle a chair to trike set-up - you can buy those. But if you are mobile enough to throw a leg over and get onto a bike, and could hold it up, then making the controls one-sided / easier for foot operation should be doable.

Very likely, one of the Hondas / whatever with linked brakes would be a good start. We can paint the tank to get rid of the badges and poke holes in the exhaust to get a bit of note. Heck, get an old Ducati seat so that justifies sticking a Ducati sticker on it!

If you could do some research on what other people have done that solves the sorts of problems you have and .pdf / link that would be handy. I will be out riding my Ducati this w/e (to Bendemeer via Oxley ;D ) so don't have time for it!

Regardless, there are many steps to get you back on a bike. The correct attitude, a happening plan for fitness / capacity, and getting something that is a suitable base bike to work with are the first three main bits. Over to you on these ones as they're all yours! ;D But do check about the base bike - I am suspecting a 250cc is about right for an initial attempt, like a 250 Virago might be a great starter - we can lose the tuning forks.... If it works out, we take the lessons learned to something bigger, or not if it is already a big win. Those little V's are not slouches; one rode with us in 2003 and had no trouble mixing it with the big Dukes, quite surprising really...

You need to be deadly serious and REALLY put in the work - to the point of results, not just 'try harder'. It wasn't easy for Bethany (in your video link) but she got there - it's a fair fight (you against you), are you up for it?

I should have said this earlier

However I would like to thank you Vince and you all for the support you have given me since my accident, and i am truly sorry for any of the times i have not been like the Topdog of old and with your help i want to get our club back to the way it was operating before 07/11/2006 because i know it can and i want you to share my passion for what needs to be done here and thats riding our bikes together on twisty roads (safely) and admiring what we each bring to the club in ourselves and our machinery and just like Bethany Hamilton I too would love to get back out doing what i loved to do even with only 1 arm working!!!
Wow that's pretty cheap too, if only I used post mail anymore although im sure a lot of people would prefer to get hand written mail only from me instead of forwarding on the stuff i get sent every day!!!
...reply anything to stop me digging up my neighbours yard and pissing on his plants, in his pool or rubbing my butt vigorously against the poles on my deck to ease my boredom...

Eeek, maybe motorcycle stamp collecting would be beneficial for your neighborly relations, to spare them the sight of so much calloused dark-siding flesh! Here's a great starter pack:
Other than the original dogs are any of you other paying members of what could become a great club again reading any of our posts? I dont even mind if its to just rip me off for not being able to do much anymore except to type messages on here trying to inspire you to become involved in this tragically disabled club to help us rehabilitate her  ;D  So if youre reading this and rember how to type please just reply anything to stop me digging up my neighbours yard and pissing on his plants, in his pool or rubbing my butt vigorously against the poles on my deck to ease my boredom  :'(  Feel free to drop in to see me anytime just check 1st im home and not out sailing or walking or shopping or, or, or, or anything else!!!
I know it has been awhile since I last wrote a blog and for that I apologise.
It is with great sorrow that I must inform all our followers of the death of a young girl that touched the hearts of thousands with her beaming smile, happy disposition & a huge love for life & Bundy.
Mickayla passed away on Saturday 16/3/19 aged 15 and 5 months after suffering all her life with PPH (Primary Pulmonary Hypertension). Mickayla was on Oxygen most if not all her life but this didn't stop her from being a normal kid. 
Kerrie, Mickayla's mum was as a single mum living in Cobar & struggling to come to grips with the mounting medical bills etc ( Gov't doesn't pay for bottled Oxygen etc) so Tex & Bundy put the word out to various motorcycle groups to see what we could do. We had heard that Mickayla was coming down to Westmead Children's Hospital on an Angel flight. This was the perfect place to meet. The kindness & generosity of the motorcycle world never ceases to astound me. Many gifts were showered upon young Mickayla that day, I did hear the pilot of the Angel flight say that; "He was glad he was flying a twin engine plane so he would be able to lift off with all those gifts onboard"! 
Most importantly, we were able to give Kerrie a cheque of a substantial amount to see her through the mountains of bills. 
Quite sometime down the track we were doing a ride to Darwin with the Rumble riders and we were passing through the town of Cobar, an inpromptu meeting with the local Police Sergeant and very quickly had organised a Parade ride through Cobar with Mickayla sitting on the back of a Harley complete with her oxygen, T & B beside her on our bike so she could be near Bundy & a police escort leading around 20 bikes. The happiness and huge beaming smile Mickayla showed that day will be forever etched in my mind.
We also raised funds that night at a raffle and one of the bikers organised a company to pay for Mickayla's oxygen for the rest of her life, one less major bill Kerrie didn't have to worry about.
Over the years we followed Mickayla and watched her bloom into a teenager. T & B rode to Cobar to see Mickayla and to give a presentation to Mickayla's school. Later Kerrie and her family moved to Mareeba in FNQ so she could be with her ailing dad. We didn't see Mickayla after they moved, however T & B are driving to Cairns tomorrow to be able to pay our last respects. I would have taken the bike but Bundy is now too old to handle a long trip in one hit. So car it is.
Mickayla, you were a bright, bubbly, brave little girl that surpassed the odds for far longer than thought possible, you had the sweetest smile, you will be sorely missed by Tex & Bundy & the Motorcycle community that knew you and by the thousands of hearts you touched on your short journey through life. May you now Rest in Peace. God bless.
There will be a Service for Mickayla held at Mareeba Memorial Chapel at 10am Fri22/3/19

This proves that the motorcycling community always does beautiful things like this for me and others only "I'm still lucky to be here" !!!
General Discussion / Re: Ducati's controversial new MotoGP part explained
« Last post by TopDOG on 17 Mar 2019, 06:15 PM »
Oops I just realised I put this in the wrong section of our forum!!  :-[
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