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Cheers VinceS for getting back so quick , didnt see it come on Fri.  I will get on to it. Thanks for the info to have a go myself.
Wondering what to do with the New Year to kick it off better than the current one has worked out? Try this to put a smile on ya dial:

From: Christopher Pearson [mailto:[email protected]]
Subject: All Fired Up 2021 Motorcycle Expo

Earlier this year The Coffs Harbour & District Motorcycle Restorer's Club Inc ran the highly successful All Fired Up 2020 Motorcycle Expo,
following on we now wish to advise your members about the 2021 event.
The event will again be held at Coffs Harbour Showground (Pacific Highway in the centre of town).
The dates are Saturday 2nd January & Sunday 3rd January 2021 from 10am-5pm with set up possible from 4pm Friday 1st January.
Last event saw some 200 motorcycles from 1915 to 2020 with a value of $2.75m.
Food & drinks will be onsite at very reasonable prices along with ample parking.
From ABC:

From ABC:
Next Tuesday November 24, we’re inviting all motorsport fans to tune into the television premiere of WAYNE - a high-octane documentary that explores the life of Wayne Gardner, a fearless racing competitor who helped define motorcycle racing both at home and abroad.
We’re sure you’d agree this will be a hit with your members and thought it would be great to give them a heads up about this inspiring documentary.

We’d really love your support, so to help spread the word, we’ve created a range of cross-platform assets to share on social, in e-newsletters and on your website and would love your help inviting your community to be part of the conversation in the lead up, during or post broadcast.

Our exclusive WAYNEassets, include:
·        Social ​Folder icon tiles for Facebook and Instagram
·        [/color]​docx icon Social distribution plan[/size]
·        E-newsletter [/color]​Folder icon tiles and [/color]​Folder icon banners [/size]
·        Link to trailer

The film will broadcast on ABC TV at 8.30pm Tuesday 24 November then available to stream on iview as part of our Tuesday nights of Sports Trailblazers collection.

For more information on WAYNE or request for additional assets or social distribution information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with myself or Marketing Manager, Cate Rounsefell (cc’d).

And, if you haven’t had a chance to watch the WAYNE trailer, you can check it out here:
1 Welcome Bruce, wish there was a bit more active riding going on here, but at least I can report steps are under way to re-establish an active Ducati social scene, more later...

2 Normally you get one red and two black keys with a bike, until about 2008 when key cards got used. They all start the bike but the red key can also be used to program more black keys, so get into Frasers and order a new black key/s and either get them to program them or do it yourself, it is simple enough and works for me. I have attached relevant info about how the system all works, and not hard to Google videos of ppl that figured it out.
Maintenance / Upgrades / Accessories / Technical / Bling / Red Key Query
« Last post by Bruce Duc on 20 Nov 2020, 11:24 AM »
1 Thanks for accepting me & my ST4s 2002
2 My main key has wandered off somewhere. Is it wise to use the RED KEY (genuine I beleive) for general riding?  I was hoping to catch up with a mate. I dont get a lot of free weekend time to ride due to work. Hope to improve that in the new year. Gotta be betta than 2020..

General Discussion / #MotoGPeSport Global series Round #3!
« Last post by TopDOG on 03 Nov 2020, 12:01 PM »
I thought a few of us would be interested in this way to join in on racing in the big league with the pro's
I would love to be at in a new custom 1398R Panigale trike sidecar keeping my legs straight in front of me or angled to suit my terminator style knee and I could transfer into it complete with auto angling wheel for faster turns leaning over and a wheelie bar on my helmet for one of your amazing long wheelies Vince (not that we condone anything illegal like that on public roads, but it's fine on the racetrack) Or just have my wheelchair fitted with the back wheel behind me and forks mounted in front of me with sprung side wheels both sides so it lean over either corner L or R, but it cant fall over but a roll cage over me to keep my head and beautiful face safe!!! I'll try to sketch you it and email to start construction for a future event!!
From NFI:

Good afternoon Everyone,
We are pleased to confirm that two Sydney Motorsport Park Track Days have been confirmed on the following dates:
Monday, 23 November
Saturday, 19 December
We would again like to invite you to join us in our garage to enjoy the day with fellow Ducati riders and to talk all things Ducati.
We would also like to remind you that we are unable to make bookings on your behalf.  If you are interested in attending on either or both of the above dates, please book online as soon as possible at: or by calling 0490 281 840.
Please let mw know if you require your Ducati to be transported to the circuit.  Transport is subject to availability and your Ducati must be serviced/prepared well in advance of the track day.  To allow the truck to be loaded, your motorcycle must be at Concord no later than Thursday, 19 November (for the 23 November track day) and Thursday, 17 December (for the 19 December track day)
Kind regards,
Maria Lewis
Executive Secretary
PO Box 4305
Homebush  NSW  2140
Direct Line: + 61 2 8741 3812
Fax:  + 61 2 8741 3898
Riding weather returns, as does another fantabulous MCCNSW Newsletter:


Helping motorcyclists since 1981

Spring news.

Hi there,

I once had a car driver wind down his window whilst stopped in traffic in some of the most horrendous wild weather.  He said to me 'wish you weren't on a motorcycle now, buddy'.  Without hesitation, I replied 'Not really, I'd just like it to stop raining.' 

Only a motorcyclist could imagine his facial expression.

There are several common factors that bind us as riders in our passion for motorcycling - the costs, the bugs and all the types of obstacles on and off the road, including the big one none of us can predict or control, the weather.

You may be like me, when I think of my most enjoyable reminisces of rides they also include some of the worst scenarios.  Surprisingly, not always the nice, sweeping sharp corners of a rider's road, incident free.  The most memorable stories are of being wet cold and muddy.  Or simply surviving a journey of totally unexpected outcomes with amazing final destinations.  It is the stuff that makes life worth living to the fullest and really does bring us together.

So next time you head out on the road for a ride, and you notice the under rail crash barriers or improved regional roads, or are lane filtering through heavy traffic, or pay your rego, please remember a lot of these simple things you take for granted have not been given to you freely. 

In most cases, it's through the constant participation of dedicated people, attending never ending meetings or writing endless submissions, often duplicated over many years. 

This is the MCC and a small band of volunteers who ask only the simplest and noblest deed of you. 

As a motorcyclist, support the MCC by becoming an Associated Member and reap the benefits of the only group who has no hidden agendas and works tirelessly for all New South Wales motorcyclists. 

From the Chairman of the Motorcycle Council of NSW, please stay safe and read on to see what we have achieved in the last few months.  You'll also find lots of useful information for both experienced, returning and those new to motorcycling.


 -  Register/Renew   -                      -   Member Benefits  -
Motorcycle Council of NSW meetings
The Motorcycle Council of NSW meets on the first Monday of each month at
Club Ryde, 724 Victoria Rd, Ryde at 6:30 PM.  However, during COVID-19 restrictions, we are conducting video-conferencing of our meetings.

Meetings are not only for clubs or delegates. All motorcyclists are invited to attend.

Next meetings  - 5th October 2020
2nd November 2020
7th December 2020

Helping motorcyclists since 1981

What's been happening at MCC


Trail Bike Survey -
prelim results Sept 2020
<> As of early September 2020, we have had over 1900 responses to our survey.  Here are some interesting stats so far. 
Click here to read the results<>

Why riding is good for your mental health 

Dr. Joe Dunn, a psychiatrist and avid motorcyclist talks to us about the mental health benefits of riding (you'll love point number 2).<>

Read here 

 Check out these weather apps before your next trip.

How many times have you left the house for a ride in full sunshine, only to have the heaven’s open?  You could use these weather apps!  
Weather apps<>
Case study:
Don't expect to get your day in court

 <> 12 months ago a rider approached the MCC of NSW to help him get his bike repaired after it was run into by a tow truck. It didn't go as planned.
Learn more.<>
Get to know:
2019-20 Patron MCC of NSW,
Greg Piper MP

We spoke to Greg about his passion for motorcycles, and the differences between riding in Australia and the U.S. 
Click here to read our interview <>

         Helping motorcyclists since 1981

What's coming up...

Over the coming months, the committee will be working on:
  • 2 Community Road Safety Grants have been made, one to develop a Road Safety Strategy for the MCC and the other to produce three trail bike riding videos

From NFI:

Good Morning Everyone,
 Hope you are all well, and keeping safe.

 Fraser Motorcycles is pleased to announce that we will be returning to the track on Monday, 12 October. We would like to extend an open invitation to join us in our garage with fellow Ducati riders to enjoy the day together and to talk all things Ducati.

 Please note that, as we are unable to make bookings on your behalf, if you are interested in attending on 12 October, you should book online as soon as possible at: or by calling 0490 281 840.

 Please let me know if you require your Ducati to be transported to the circuit.  Transport is subject to availability and your Ducati must be serviced/prepared well in advance of the track day.  Your motorcycle must be at Concord no later than Thursday, 8 October to allow the truck to be loaded.

 Kind regards,
Maria Lewis
Executive Secretary
PO Box 4305
Homebush  NSW  2140
Direct Line: + 61 2 8741 3812
Fax:  + 61 2 8741 3898
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