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From NFI:

Good Morning Everyone,
 Hope you are all well, and keeping safe.

 Fraser Motorcycles is pleased to announce that we will be returning to the track on Monday, 12 October. We would like to extend an open invitation to join us in our garage with fellow Ducati riders to enjoy the day together and to talk all things Ducati.

 Please note that, as we are unable to make bookings on your behalf, if you are interested in attending on 12 October, you should book online as soon as possible at: or by calling 0490 281 840.

 Please let me know if you require your Ducati to be transported to the circuit.  Transport is subject to availability and your Ducati must be serviced/prepared well in advance of the track day.  Your motorcycle must be at Concord no later than Thursday, 8 October to allow the truck to be loaded.

 Kind regards,
Maria Lewis
Executive Secretary
PO Box 4305
Homebush  NSW  2140
Direct Line: + 61 2 8741 3812
Fax:  + 61 2 8741 3898


Circuit Italia quashes construction rumours

An aerial view of Circuit Italia showing the ‘event space’ carved into the hillside and superimposed image of T14 Complex

Developers of the new Circuit Italia motorsport complex near Newcastle have quashed rumours that the facility is under threat.
More than 30 percent of the physical construction of the 3.1km circuit has been finished, but has been put on hold due to the availability of circuit owner/developer Matthew Higgins to commit needed time to the project.
Higgins, a successful Newcastle businessman and motorsport enthusiast, announced plans for the facility back in 2015.
The recent delay in construction had created rumours in the marketplace about the actual completion of the project, which have been totally discarded by one of the project heads, former Supercars Director of Sport, Damien White.
“We understand there has been some speculation surrounding the status of Circuit Italia, but have not reacted because simply we had not been asked until you ( called,” White told
“I can confirm while the physical work of circuit construction is on hold, our work has not stopped.
“To be clear, the hold on construction has nothing to do with government funding, geology or council interference. Simply, Matthew (Higgins) is currently focused on another project.
“He is very hands on and wants to be involved and enjoy the process of circuit construction to make sure it’s exactly how he envisioned it.”
The project team engaged design consultant Matty Brabeck from Hauswerk to assist with a redesign of the permanent buildings and the use of the overall space.
Brabeck is the son of Crimsafe founder Steve Brabeck, who was co-owner of DJR Team Penske before his passing in January 2018.
White says that once reconstruction recommences, the circuit could be completed in no more than six months.
“While I’ve been busy with overall facility layout and design, my colleague, Paul Martin, is managing the site, including our significant responsibilities under our Construction Stormwater Management Plan,” said White.
“We engaged Ditchfield for the circuit construction, and they’re one third complete.
“With the same crew numbers, it would be another six months to completion.
“That said, the crew numbers can be increased to reduce the timeline if necessary. Ditchfield have been great to work with and they’re as motivated as us to see the circuit completed”.
The redesign has included a re-working of the pitlane entry to decrease entry speed and make it safer and a reduction and relocation of permanent buildings, while retaining a 12,500sqm paddock area.
“With the significant elevation changes around the circuit, and now the slower pit lane entry, we have achieved a very challenging and safe 3.1km layout,” said White.
“Our attention then turned to a review of the paddock area, pit lane and associated buildings to ensure they were efficient, and relevant to our day-to-day requirements.
“We worked with Matty Brabeck from Hauswerk over a number of months to achieve something we’re incredibly pleased with.
“In the review we concluded we would be over-serviced by constructing a traditional pit facility, as it would only be fully utilised during major events, so we relocated and reduced it, which has then created a very versatile space clear of any buildings.
“We created the ‘T14 Complex’, made up of a parc ferme and storage building, which includes office and medical spaces and the Lounge/Clubhouse, which is truly amazing.
“It’s positioned on the circuit’s edge and provides a view of the high-speed Turn 13, the braking into the Turn 14 hairpin, the kink of the final turn and all the way down the start/finish straight.”
Construction will recommence once Higgins has the available time to commit to the project.
General Discussion / Re: How to Wash a Cat
« Last post by TopDOG on 19 Aug 2020, 04:37 PM »
This goes out to you Vince to remember it for me every day for the rest of my life, mainly because of how I care too much for this group that we originally started togethers falling apart because of me and had tried to plan an old club favourite ride to that beautiful destination with various ride destinations and routes from it. So please to the rest of our Dogs who still read from our forum and are interested in my suggested ride taken from the club rides page please reply to tell me off for tryng to bring back the positivity our group once had before I just become known as a noise maker!!  :'(
General Discussion / Re: An August club ride
« Last post by VinceS on 16 Aug 2020, 02:14 PM »
Scottie, it is just pointless trying to arrange the things you would LIKE to see, without having done the hard work so it CAN happen. If you want to express your personal wishes publicly then fine. But to pretend something will happen when it won't is delusional. You apparently topped the class in a business certificate of some kind, surely you know this?

This website may be a tool to underpin a vibrant social Ducati club in the future or it may be simply closed, after due consideration is given to what to do with the info herein which is plainly popular with the wider Ducati community.

But for active riding engagements, it seems all the action is on Facebook, MeetUp and the like, not here...
General Discussion / Re: An August club ride
« Last post by TopDOG on 16 Aug 2020, 01:08 PM »
I dont think i included a time before and its 10am because you're[/size] meeting us there
General Discussion / An August club ride
« Last post by TopDOG on 16 Aug 2020, 12:52 PM »
I now wish I had of followed through with my idea for this for today, however its a bit late for today now so I would love for everyone to spend this week cleaning, servicing and priming your fine italian stallions for a club ride starting at the oak carpark freemans waterhole or the one behind the on the western side of the roundabout out to Wollombi tavern via sandy creek road etc and I'm also going to put an invite out to the NSW Ducati owners club via their facebook page as well to hopefully get a flock of Ducatisti out for this, so we need to decide and agree on the preffered starting point but Im thinking the latter one to put us on the sandy creek road side to get us starting easier and safer, then after we have lunch out there maybe instead of riding back the way we come the group might decide to make it a bigger ride with our southern cousins to make it a worthy trip not that it wouldn't have been to just see thi Old Topdog again in my pope mobile!!!

keep us posted if you would like to lock my idea in for Sunday 23rd August!!!
Club and Short Rides / 2020 Newcastle Toy Run Sunday 6th December 2020
« Last post by TopDOG on 02 Aug 2020, 06:03 PM » Riders Assemble from 8am - 9:30am at Stockton Ballast Grounds register here for great prizes and I went to the maitland markets this morning and have already bought my 2020 toy run T-shirt and I hope more of our hundreds of members come along to this instead of just the 3 of us who still read posts to it, FYI soon a week before my chosen sunday I'm going to put forward a ride for everyone to join into for lunch out at the Wolombi tavern leaving from Freemans waterhole via Sandy creek road that itself can be a bit of fun just be careful early on for the one lane bridge to get across and from there you might choose to go down the back road towards Petes ridge to open the pipes up on your Vtwins throbbing engine (safely and legally for good reasons) or another chosen path you and some others might like to go on but it would be great to have our pack back as one!!! :P

Either way I would love to see you out to support bikers for the kids this year especially with everything else going on in this world because I believe children are our future
For any of the other people who have read this 10443 times, shame on you for not replying or posting anything to this post as I know Vince and I try to give this club our all even though I'm unable to ride or afford to have a ducati in my garage to just hear its motor running like I would love to again we need you to become more enthusiastic about riding your amazing pieces of italian artwork and engineering with us, I'm even happy to meet you guys and follow you safely to the destination just to take some photos and be involved in my past experiences again and I know the new frasers managers keen to help us out but we need something worth helping and its a club not just a bloke, sheela or two and a goat showing up to these things we need a good group to let others hear our rumble coming down the road to inspire some ladies or younger men to want the same passsion some of us still have!!!
Club and Short Rides / Re: SOCIAL RIDE FOR A QUIET DRINK
« Last post by TopDOG on 07 Jul 2020, 05:30 PM »
Thanks for trying to inspire members from our amazing old club that needs to be put back a gear to get it back up on the back wheel again so I hope the other 10 dogs who read this have sent Alan an email to go for a ride with him!!!
« Last post by alan flores on 04 Jul 2020, 10:56 PM »



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