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Greg Piper MP has posted a 1 minute video on his Facebook page about the Parliamentarians’ Ride.

The direct link is here:
General Discussion / The Final Ride
« Last post by TopDOG on 19 Oct 2019, 02:25 PM »
I just got home from going on a holiday cruise to Noumea and while on the cruise I met and have become good friends with my new mate Keith Patten aka "The Preacher" who gave me a hat and his business card to his own company that's bike related for any brand and this is it


So I thought I should share it with all of you my mates and I hope we never need to use it but if we do this is a great way to take "The Final Ride"  :'(
From MCC NSW; basic idea for anyone that can get there is to take a spare crash hat if possible and double a parliamentarian around for a ride, but only if you want - otherwise, just participate:

As part of Motorcycle Awareness Month we will be having a Parliamentarians' Ride on Thursday 17th October, 8am to 9.30am.
This will start and finish in Hospital Road behind Parliament House. The ride wind its way through Potts Point and The Cross.
Breakfast will be served at 8am.
This event will also serve as the Launch of MAM.

Does anyone wish to join us, if so, are you able to take a pillion?
General Discussion / The most attractive thing about me was
« Last post by TopDOG on 19 Sep 2019, 09:37 AM »
And now its gone!!

General Discussion / The 2 best feelings in the world
« Last post by TopDOG on 07 Aug 2019, 04:35 PM »
Who agrees?

General Discussion / The National Motorcycle Museum
« Last post by TopDOG on 04 Aug 2019, 06:11 PM »
Feel free to look around you can move between rooms and look up, look down or whever way you turn your mouse!!

I went here on my way home from Port Macquarie and took lots of pics but i wont waste anymore web space  ;D
General Discussion / Re: Even though tomorrows Sunday
« Last post by TopDOG on 29 Jul 2019, 01:06 PM »
I can only assume that you're all either still out riding your bikes or busy photoshopping your pics to load up to show me or busy mowing the lawn doing your gardens while the suns out or cleaning your Ducati's or knitting some winter socks in red, black & green colours or replacing your old tyres or taking a holy communion to frasers to look a the new and upcoming Ducati's to not have replied?
General Discussion / Recreational Registration Survey - Sonia Hornery
« Last post by VinceS on 17 Jul 2019, 11:51 AM »
Yay, some actual action to try and get this to happen so we can get out in the bush more and get fit, all the better to be able to ride our Ducatis, long overdue. Details as follows, please fill out the petition:


The survey is now live.  Please share the link as well.


I have put up a Facebook post, so if you can share that that would be awesome please.


Media has gone out right across NSW, the release is attached


Anything else, please let me know


Thank you all for your help with this so far


Chad Griffith | Senior Electorate Officer
Sonia Hornery MP

State Member for Wallsend

67 Nelson Street, Wallsend NSW 2287 | PO Box 324, Wallsend NSW 2287
Office: 02 4950 0955 | Parliament: 02 9230 3517 | M: 0400 292 120 | cid:image002.jpg@01D01609.5B0E87A0

General Discussion / Re: Even though tomorrows Sunday
« Last post by TopDOG on 12 Jul 2019, 12:23 PM »
I thought I should give you all 2 days notice to wash, fuel and service your Ducati's to take them out of your garage to ride them but even if you cant ride. them please take a photo of yourself with you Ducati outside of your garage or if you can ask your significant other to take 1 for you so you can be in it withmyour helmet on even if you dont ride it!!! :P
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