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From NFI:

Good Afternoon everyone,


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, ARDC has made the decision to cease all activities scheduled at Sydney Motorsport Park, effective immediately.


We look forward to continuing the Ducati supported track days as soon as possible.


Until then, stay safe!


All the best,




Kind regards,

[b]Maria Lewis[/b]

[i]Executive Secretary[/i]

PO Box 4305

Homebush  NSW  2140


Direct Line: + 61 2 8741 3812

Fax:  + 61 2 8741 3898


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Now its been read 20 times without reply have you all been out riding with Yahahondazuki riders who have mistaken your fingers for the noodles they fuel their bikes on? its mid week now so even your hangover (hanging over the side of your Ducati mid corner making you excited yet dazed by the power and handling) should have worn off by now!! :P
Now I know that at least 7 people have read my post but you cant tell me that nobody went riding at all?  :'(  Please reply so i know someones out having Ducatisti type fun on your amazing rides
General Discussion / Anybody go riding or buying a Ducati on the weekend?
« Last post by TopDOG on 25 Mar 2020, 01:27 AM »
I dont think im wrong about it being ideal conditions and I would love to read about it as well as love to see any pictures you took of your bike after the ride or the new bike yet to be ridden until its not raining again even though it wont hurt the farmers or our large needed water supply dams to help you all keep your beautiful italian stallion clean and to wash you Ducati clothing attire clean :P
Now im not talking about writing a novel like im sure you have seen my good mate Vince write just a short or long story its up to you on where you have been and how the conditions were and your favourite part of the ride (being on it would be mine alas no more)
So please share us anything im sure my mate Richards probably been too busy with work and driving 1 of his amazing italian car collection instead of riding his new Ducati that i wish i could see with its tri coloured fairings 1098 (he told me he bought after seeing and hearing my old 916 outside his business before i changed job leaving him on my back wheel out of sight inspiring him to have one too)
Yep, Trip (a Lake Mac local and now President) has kicked off this worthwhile tradition again; here it is:

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Summer news.

Fellow Delegates,

Welcome to our revamped quarterly newsletters, hope you find them interesting and informative.
The MCC continues to represent you at meetings with Government agencies where the MCC is seen as “the go to organisation” for all matters relating to motorcycling. The MCC has regular meetings with the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA). A report on recent meetings to discuss CTP is contained in this newsletter.

The MCC has also recently met with Transport for NSW to discuss the use of Audio Tactile Line Marking, Temporary Portable Rumble Strips which are used at roadwork site, Road Rules Awareness Week and the development of a video on ABS braking which will describe how it feels when ABS is activated.
The MCC is now webcasting our monthly General Meetings.  If you wish to participate in these webcasts, please contact our Secretary at [email protected]
I ask that everyone support the MCC even at the smallest level by joining the Associate Members Scheme for a measly $25 insuring the continuance of the MCC into the future.  Plus, there is the 2 tiered breakdown service and discounted insurance deal from Swann.  “Helping Those Who Ride, Decide”. Go to our website to sign up.
Keep riding and smiling and remember to expect that all other road users cannot see you.  Act as if you are invisible, consider an escape route at every intersection or encounter with other road users and ride to your ability and comfort level.  A great ride is one where you arrive home, safe and sound.

Motorcycle Council of NSW meetings
The Motorcycle Council of NSW meets on the first Monday of each month at
Club Ryde, 724 Victoria Rd, Ryde at 6:30 PM.

Meetings are not only for clubs or delegates. All motorcyclists are invited to attend.

Next meetings  - 6th April 2020
4th May 2020
1st June 2020

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Road Rules Survey results - February 2020<> As of early March 2020, we had 1065 responses to our survey.  We thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. 
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  • Input into Road Rule Awareness Week campaign which this year is from 30/3/20 to 5/4/20.
  • Trialing the webcasting at our General Meetings
  • A safety review of the Bylong Valley Way with Transport for NSW
  • Recreational registration for dirt bikes with Sonia Hornery, MP member for Wallsend
  • Attending the Road Safety Seminar Monday 23rd March
Motorcycling Events on at ....
Our next survey will be on ...
Riders views on how, in the medium to long term, the CTP insurance scheme could be changed to give riders a better deal.
This will be conducted in April/May 2020.

Details and link will be posted on Facebook - stay tuned.
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Im glad i couldnt afford it then because i would have just drove in there!!
So, who benefits from the entry money ?

No-one apparently. Just got the below from Graeme, who is a thoroughly decent chap and all power to him!

The All Italian Day is scheduled for the 1st March is NOT PROCEEDING - due to the cost and time required to organise the event.  I just don’t have the time.
If this is causing any problems I apologise for that.  I have asked others to assist but it is all too hard.
Maybe later in the year.

Dr. Graeme Studdert
Classic Motorcycle Restoration Australia
E: [email protected]
40 Metro Court. Gateshead. NSW 2290   T:02-4920-6078.  M:0400 635 064  ABN: 87 001 840 811
So, who benefits from the entry money ?
From NFI:

Good afternoon,


We are pleased to confirm that Ducati trackside customer support will continue at Sydney Motorsport Park in 2020.  The following dates have been confirmed for the first half of this year:


Monday, 16 March

Saturday, 2 May

Saturday, 20 June


Please remember that we do not make the bookings on  your behalf.  If you plan to attend on any of the above dates, please book directly online at: or by calling 0490 281 840. 


Please let me know if you require your motorcycle to be transported to the circuit.  Please note that transport is subject to availability and your Ducati must be serviced/prepared well in advance of the track days.


For the 16 March Track Day, your motorcycle must be at Concord no later than Thursday, 12 March, to allow the truck to be loaded.


Kind regards,

Maria Lewis

Executive Secretary

PO Box 4305

Homebush  NSW  2140


Direct Line: + 61 2 8741 3812

Fax:  + 61 2 8741 3898



General Discussion / Re: What your head is not...
« Last post by TopDOG on 26 Jan 2020, 05:19 PM »
Yes I like rabbits too and I'm happy to share any info you like with headstart and or the team leaders at the pcyc's I speak at to possibly get you a paid job out of it if you like mate?
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