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This will teach him to not be on a Ducati
Ducati is currently the fastest bike in the world, Long live Ducati's!!!

I can only put down that everyones far too busy riding or admiring or out trying out the latest models or at least just looking at them in Frasers and thats why youre not replying or posting the pics of you doing all of the above ^^^^^^ to everyone else whos as interested as i am  ;D :-X
Please tell me where you're riding your beautiful, reliable, powerful Ducati this weekend my old DOGs? share me some pics too of where ya have been out off the lead too!!
Here is a road I wish I had ridden if I havent already with no memory of it but either way im sure it looks like a road you might all like to ride or have already ridden on too  8) ;D

From NFI:

The next Ducati supported Sydney Motorsport Park Track Day will be held on Tuesday, 11 June.
Bookings should be made online at: or by calling 0490 281 840.  Please remember that we do not make the bookings on your behalf.
Please let me know if you require your motorcycle to be transported to the circuit.  Transport is subject to availability and your Ducati must be serviced/prepared well in advance of the track day.  Your motorcycle must be at Concord no  later than Thursday, 6 June to allow the truck to be loaded.
We are also pleased to confirm the following dates for the remainder of the year:
Tuesday, 23 July
Saturday, 24 August
Monday, 16 September
Monday, 25 November
Friday, 20 December
These dates are also listed on our Facebook page:
Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any enquiries.
Kind regards,
Maria Lewis
Executive Secretary
PO Box 4305
Homebush  NSW  2140
Direct Line: + 61 2 8741 3812
Fax:  + 61 2 8741 3898
General Discussion / Re: So where have all of our members gone?
« Last post by TopDOG on 28 Apr 2019, 05:27 PM »
Please tell me it wasn't here amongst these broken down bikes

General Discussion / So where have all of our members gone?
« Last post by TopDOG on 26 Apr 2019, 10:13 AM »
I hope youre all out busy riding and taking photos to share with me Aaaaaarrroooooaaaahh (poor excuse dog howling noise) because nobody but me and occassionaly vince has posted in months except for our new possum and not even our club presidents been on here in months  :'(

General Discussion / Happy Easter Doggies
« Last post by TopDOG on 18 Apr 2019, 05:01 PM »
I hope you all have a safe, fun Easter break prefferably out on your Ducati's!!

Sorry mate but if I was ever getting back on to a bike I'm never going to ride a motorbike that when serviced they check the petrol and replace the bike and it needs to have enough power to crack 300+ to make it worthwhile to race it competetively and my physio has been going well however my left hip that i went down on years ago at cardiff has been giving me some pain and it may need to be operated on and this has reduced my ability to walk comfortably, but im also walking along my back deck handrail for as many times as my body can take it. Back to the bike like a car do i want a mitsuibishi sigma or a ferrari / lamborghini or even Audi that owns 1 of them and Ducati as well now!!
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