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Title: Historic Vehicle Registration - CIMAA Associated Club Status
Post by: VinceS on 22 Dec 2012, 10:49 AM
Hmm, just went looking for this info I knew was there but it was buried in a 2/08/12 ride post, very sloppy of me. And obviously I intended to do the whole thing "properly" but have not yet got to it! So I have extracted the relevant promise from ( and made it a sticky here so people can actually find it! The info:

We now have the ability to make it easy to comply with historic vehicles registration requirements for anyone wanting to register 30 year old bikes - and get the cheap rego and still be able to ride their bikes a lot. This is done via an allegiance with Sydney based CIMAA (Classic Italian Motorcycle Association of Australia) where we have basically swapped ride calendars and have issued mutual cross-invitations, this being the first one! I still need to "house-keep" some aspects and put details on the website, but it is a simple process - just ask me if you want to know beforehand.

Further to the above, this is the actual invite:

"Hi Vince
On behalf of the Classic Italian Motorcycle Association of Australia we would like to invite the Hunter Ducati Owners Group to attend any of our clubs events and hope that you can return the  invitation to CIMAA to attend your events.
Garry Pratt"

Which of course we have done and I will formally log that "On behalf of the Hunter Ducati Owners Group Inc we invite the Classic Italian Motorcycle Association of Australia to attend any of our club events."

The short story on the "housekeeping" is you will need to join ( and formalise your historic registration via them, which is an electronic membership over the web and a local pink slip inspection plus swapping some paperwork, easy and painless I am told. Then you can attend any / all rides of either club whilst enjoying cheap rego.

So I am now calling this job "done"!!! Anyone wanting to add "stuff" please go right ahead! (remember we have Guest Posting turned on, as long as you can answer a couple of basic q's about Ducatis.)
Title: Re: Historic Vehicle Registration - New Registration Option
Post by: VinceS on 12 Sep 2015, 09:50 AM
Some very useful news for older motorcycle owners:

 Dear all,

For those of you in the Historic Motorcycle Club scene there is now an additional scheme available and announced this week by the Roads Minister Duncan Gay.
The MCC of NSW together with the ACMC have been working long and hard with the Minister for Roads and Ports office and very closely with Centre for Road Safety to develop this new model of  registration for vehicles older than 30 years. The scheme is open to club members of historic bike and car clubs and is a 60 day log book scheme. This scheme can and will run in parallel to the existing Historic scheme.

Essentially you can if you so choose work on a Log Book with 60 days per annum to ride or drive your 30+ year old vehicle. No more club runs needed but no more maintenance runs on the new scheme either.
The Minister Duncan Gay announced this after some long and protracted negotiations by the MCC of NSW on behalf of riders and the ACMC on behalf of drivers and we finally reached a mutually agreeable conclusion.

So short and sweet this scheme;
If any club members or riders have any queries on this please feel free to contact Christopher Burns in the first instance.

Once again we thank the Minister for Roads and Ports, the Honourable Duncan Gay for introducing a new scheme of registration that suits the needs of enthusiasts.

Now we are done with this new rego scheme we will finish our work on Recreational Registration for trail bikes for which the recent series of meetings has proven very positive. (

 Christopher "CJ" Burns
Vice Chairman MCC of NSW
MCC of NSW Media Liaison.
MCC Dirt Bike Committee
MCC Vehicle Standards Working Group
0418 486 660
[email protected] (