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Title: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: VinceS on 19 Apr 2008, 08:44 AM
As many will know this is up for approval again, what a long drawn out process this has been! When it was first going through the approval process we heard a rumour that they were looking at a new race track and drag strip at Eastern Ck, no worries we thought the Ringwood one will be constructed and operational a year earlier so it will be well established by the time our Sydney cousins get something on the ground. Well history is now readilly available for review, the actions of the local council have sure flipped this brilliant piece of logic on it's ring!

Many of you will have got a forwarded email from me which I received as a general forward myself, whereupon I immediately enlisted CAMS support to get this out to members in the area (bizarrely it hadn't, I am a silver grade steward and would have known). I am just putting the info up here as the rumours are this facility will be getting the nod this time around and it will be a useful place to monitor and discuss as this club has a major interest in using the facility. I know, I know - I shoulda posted it here too, I meant to but forgot!

So, for me it started with the receipt and forwarding of the below. If you happen to read this today or tomorrow there is still time for you to send an email of support to Pt Stephens Council, even if it says little more please just do it! And if you happen to have an angle where you can speak with a bit more authority please put in a submission using that, I did and will paste it at the bottom of this lot:

From: Vince Sunter
Sent: Friday, 04 April, 2008 8:44 AM
Subject: FW: Ringwood Motorsport complex DA help request

G'day Everybody,
The saga to get a motor sports complex at Ringwood (approx 20km north of Raymond Terrace) has been going on for many years now. The council has been confused by the complaints of the whinging few that will do ANYTHING to not allow more motorsports oriented facilities to be built - so far this minority has been very successful. However, the people behind it are also pretty determined and have managed to get one more crack at it, a sort of last chance dance which we mustn't let go to waste.
It is time for those of us that can see what a brilliant facility this will be to get off our behinds and actually DO something about it. The complex will be great for the area, make the roads safer by giving people a legitimate outlet for all that pent up enthusiasm that is so disliked by the police (with all their sneaky new ways of discovering when people are forgetting where they are), and provide a much needed source of local entertainment which has been sorely missed since the demise of the Newcastle speedway facility.
Sure pass this on as requested below / attached, but please don't let this one slip by without sending a note with your support to the council. Thank you.
Kindest regards,
Vince Sunter


Hi all,
You have received this email from me as I have your name in my address book.
As so you probably know I am interested in Motorsport.
The Motorsport Complex, at Ringwood Park, north of Raymond Terrace in NSW, is proposed to have a major upgrade and will be available for use by all enthusiasts.
Hopefully an email or a letter could be sent by you to the council stating your support for the project. (Information to assist you to do this has been attached).
Before you type out your submission, click on “Forward”, delete old addresses at the top of this email message, change the top bit to whatever you want to say and forward this on to all in your address book & ask them to do the same and so on.
We need this to be an overwhelming response to the council.
This needs to be done before the 20th April 2008.
PS If some of you have received this email several times it means that you are REALY popular.

***** Attachment ***********************************
Support the Ringwood Park Motorsport Complex.

The DA for the Motorplex Ringwood Park Development upgrade has been readvertised in the
Port Stephens Examiner on Thursday 20 March 2008 by the Port Stephens Council (PSC). Revised plans and the Species Impact Study are on display and the Council has asked for written submissions.

We are asking everyone (especially those who live in the Port Stephens Council area) to support Motorplex and the MG Car Club Committee by writing to the council expressing your SUPPORT for this project.

Facts that may be mentioned, preferably in your own words:

   The revised plans seem to be designed to minimise the effects on all the threatened species populations, their habitats and the ecological communities. The proposed planting of additional flora and trees will significantly enhance the quality of all the Endangered Ecological Community areas.
   Venue for safe Senior & Junior driver development.
   Venue for awareness & defensive driving training.
•   Police, Fire, Ambulance & Australia Post.
•   High School driver education programs.
•   Corrective Services (from the court system).
   Increased tourism, revenue and employment for the Raymond Terrace and surrounding areas.
   Venue for drivers from Central Coast, Newcastle, Upper & lower Hunter Mid North Coast as well as Port Stephens to compete in club level motorsport in a safe & controlled environment.
   Venue for Hunter region bicycle road race training & events (safe & off the roads).
   The land is already council approved and used for motorsport (including the drag strip in 1989)
   It would seem that Military Noise is more of a concern in the proposed Kings Hill development than any perceived noise problem from upgrading the Ringwood Park facility.

This may be your last chance to give your opinion to the council. Don’t let all our effort of the past seven years be in vain.

This effort has already cost over three quarters of a million dollars let alone the half million dollars plus, cost to the PSC. Much of this could have been used to upgrade the facility.

Also tell the council that you like to address the court about your concerns. (objectors, such as the C.R.A.B.S., group will be doing so). We must not be outnumbered.

Written letters or emails (submissions) must contain your name, address and phone number & have to be received by the council before the 20 April 2008.

Post letters to                      Emails send to

DA NO: 16-2002-42-1                  [email protected]
Scott Anson                     Attention Scott Anson
P.O. BOX 42
Raymond Terrace NSW 2324               also cc to
                        [email protected]
                                                                                      (this will allow us to monitor the submissions the
                                                                                                         council receives)

Send this information to all in your “address book”, and then ask them to send the information on to all in their “address books”.

Greg Hunter.  President.         John Collins.  Vice President.         Peter Lee.  Director.
MG Car Club Newcastle.                     Motorplex Australia.

1st April 2008

******** Vince Sunter submission ****************

Dear Sir,
Re the DA for the Motorplex Ringwood Park Development upgrade as advertised in the Port Stephens Examiner on Thursday 20 March 2008 by the Port Stephens Council I would like to add my support to this development. I am a director of Calsun Materials Handling, an engineering construction business that brings a lot of work into the Newcastle area, including to businesses within the Pt Stephens Council area (total approx $7m last financial year). I am also the public officer of an ATO DGR approved registered charity F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Fund run by the Hunter Ducati Owners Group Inc.
I see that the proponents (who I am not related to / involved with in any way) have taken a particularly responsible approach to the provision of this development with due care and attention to the appropriate environmental concerns whilst at the same time providing a facility which will be of enormous benefit to the local and wider community. They are to be applauded for this excellent development and for having the patience, persistence and ongoing financial capacity to bring a valuable facility such as this into the area, despite prolonged (and misdirected in my view) opposition.
When this venue proceeds it will not only provide an excellent tourist entertainment draw card to greatly improve the financial well being of the local community, but it will save many lives in the process. This is by giving our young (and young at heart) people a facility where they can safely release some of that overly exuberant energy that is often inappropriately released so tragically at times creating both nuisance and chaos in it's path, as well as providing an appropriate training venue leading to harm minimisation in the general surrounding area. These are really solid tangible benefits that will flow directly from proceeding with this development and it would be irresponsible to deprive the community of these in the event that the development was refused.
As well as the entertainment value that has been sorely missed since the demise of the Newcastle speedway the facility will be available to responsible groups to utilize for community benefit. This will include driver skills development, both of our youngsters and aging population - imagine how much more reassuring it will be for members of the increasingly aged population within the Pt Stephens area to have the ability to safely test their skills and be assessed for ongoing capability to drive on our roads.
Also of course a venue such as this would be of great interest to organisations that require considerable professional driving as part of their activities. Whether this be public organisations like Police, Fire, Ambulance, Australia Post, high schools etc, or private companies such as couriers, or simply people with a particular interest in driving, motorcycling or bicycling they will all be able to engage in training to improve mental and physical skills with access to a facility such as this.
It certainly appears to me that the extension of the current use of the subject land for motorsport is a very appropriate and responsible development. I would like to see this include in future the return of the 1989 approval for a drag strip and extension to include other related and complementary motor sports related activities. I think the operation of this facility will be far less intrusive than the military noise which pervades the area (and almost caused me serious injury on one occasion), and the returns to the community will be more than an order of magnitude greater.
Should you wish to hear more detail of my view on the approval of this facility's DA I am quite happy to address the council at a convenient juncture. Thank you for your consideration.
Kindest regards,
Vince Sunter (Director)
Calsun Materials Handling Pty Ltd
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex, It's Nearly There Now!!!
Post by: VinceS on 08 May 2008, 11:53 PM
I just read in the latest Cycle Torque that Council has given it the nod and it is just some slender thing about a threatened species that the objectors are grasping at which has been sent back to the Land & Environment Court to look at. And then I got formal notice of the status per below. You can get a colour map of the track set up from plus presumably updates as they come to hand (given that people will be more worried about making it happen than writing about it!). I have attached the Cycle Torque article & map below, the notice I got was as follows:

Re: Proposed: Drag Strip / Racing Circuit
Property: LOT: 1 DP: 245116, LOT: 2 DP: 245116, LOT: 31 DP: 787250
49 Italia Road, 47 Italia Road, 45 Italia Road BALICKERA

You recently provided written submissions to Council concerning the amended development application to establish a motorsports complex at Italia Road, Eagleton. That application is the subject of appeal proceedings before the Land and Environment Court of New South Wales.

The proceedings are to be heard for 5 days commencing Monday 12 May 2008. The hearing will start at 10.00 am with a site inspection, and will adjourn to 2.30 pm at the East Maitland Courthouse (which is located in John Street, East Maitland) for the purpose of hearing evidence from some of the people who made submissions concerning the proposal. The proceedings will then continue from Tuesday to Friday, from 10.00 am to 4:00 pm, at the Land & Environment Court, 225 Macquarie Street, Sydney. The hearing is a public hearing and all interested persons are entitled to be present.

In all, well over 500 submissions were received, including your submission. All submissions received will be tendered as evidence in the proceedings. The Court has asked the Council to advise you that the Court will carefully consider the content of all submissions received by Council, including your submission.

In order to ensure that the proceedings are conducted in a just, cheap and quick manner, the Court has directed that the Applicant and the Council may call up to four persons to give oral evidence. Four persons who support the proposal and four persons who oppose it will be selected. These persons will be heard from 2.30 pm on Monday 12 May 2008, at the East Maitland Courthouse.
At this stage, the Council does not propose to call upon you to give evidence in addition to your written submission. Your written submission will be tendered as evidence in the proceedings, and the Court will give careful attention to your views on the proposed development.

As stated above, you are most welcome to attend the hearing of the proceedings.

Yours faithfully

Scott Anson
Phone: 49800214
[email protected]
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex - Failed DA Appeal
Post by: VinceS on 27 Jul 2008, 08:50 AM
Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings. This just turned up and absolutely sucks:

Dear Sir/Madam
On Friday 11 July 2008 the Land and Environment Court of NSW delivered its judgment in the
appeal proceedings brought by Motorplex Australia Pty Ltd against Port Stephens Council.
Commissioner Brown dismissed the appeal, refused the amended development application, and
allowed Council until 18 July 2008 to make any application for costs.
The Land and Environment Court has dismissed the appeal for reasons consistent with Council’s
reasons for refusing the development application. The Land and Environment Court has held
that the development application (as amended) should be refused due to the:
• significant traffic impacts on local roads and the adjacent Highway, especially at the
intersection of the Pacific Highway and Italia Road;
• significant adverse impacts on threatened species and habitats;
• significant adverse impacts on water quality;
• significant soil erosion that would result from the construction and operation of the
proposed development;
• significant adverse noise impacts on nearby rural-residential properties;
• the proposed development being inconsistent with the objective of the 1(a) Rural zone.
The Land and Environment Court’s determination now concludes this matter.
Yours faithfully
Scott Anson
Scott Anson
Phone: 49800214
[email protected]
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: Brett on 31 Jul 2008, 10:11 PM
This is a pretty ordinary outcome, but to be completely honest, I would have been astounded ( in a happy way ) if it got through.

As a long time member of Raymond Terrace Motorcycle Club, I vaguely recall that most of that land is in the water catchment zone for Newcastle's Grahamstown supply.  We went to great lengths to move from a really practical, and easy to maintain, oil based dirt track, to a dust and water cart, water cart, water cart circuit.  The motocross track was OK as it was fairly easily hosed / water carted, and the various enduro loops seemed to hold the water a little better so the clay based bulldust which dominates that area wasn't such a big deal.

I don't know if it's still there, but there was also a minibike club, off road racing facility and a hill climb track ( I presume that's what it's called as it's probably not really a circuit - and real small as I recall ), and I remember the locals kicking up a stick about the noise from the hill climbers when they first moved in.  But in fairness to them, placing it down near the front gate of the property was pretty stupid.

So I think that although it was probably always ambitious to think that site would all come together that easy, I think that with the right support regrouped, that there's surely a place for this type of facility, preferably somewhere flat, maybe closer to the jet base, or some place else where someone else has beaten us to the noise and environmental disruption.

It's absolutely a great idea and I'm happy to support any sensible alternative, as I'll be one of the first ones out there, once it's regrouped and the wounds heal from this one.

The local car clubs must be pissed off.
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex - Eastern Ck Upgrade Process
Post by: VinceS on 28 Aug 2008, 07:02 AM
Firstly the "old news":

Re - failure of Motorplex to gain approval for a Motorsport Facility in the Port Stephens area:

John Cotter, President of the Australian Racing Drivers' Club which runs Eastern Creek International raceway advises - I can confirm that the Club recently commissioned Apex Circuit Design of Great Britain, which is one of the world's leading motor sport venue design companies, at a cost of about $350,000.00 to prepare a Master Plan for the redevelopment of the Eastern Creek complex.

Clive Bowen of Apex Circuit Design, and three others of his team, spent about a week in and around the facility in May gathering all of the information that was needed, even down to traffic flow in the nearby area. The ARDC was also able to supply digital topographic surveys for their use so that all questions of rise and fall and camber could be addressed.

Clive Bowen returns to Australia next Tuesday (5th August) to present the Master Plan to the ARDC Board. The ARDC Board will then the be presenting the Master Plan to Eric Roozendaal, as the direct representative of Premier Morris Iemma, on Tuesday afternoon.

The brief to Apex Circuit Design was to maximise the potential simultaneous multiple use of the facility and to ensure that the work involved interferes with the existing day to day operations of the facility as little as possible.

I can indicate that the word is out in Europe already that we will have, if the Government is prepared to fund the work rather than spend $30M on a once a year Homebush Bay street circuit, one of the best facilities in the world, and certainly in Australia, as we already have an approach from the promoters of the FIA GT Championship to run a round of their 2010 World Championship at Eastern Creek.

John Cotter

Now have a look here for the detailed new track info
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex, new breath of life
Post by: VinceS on 21 Jan 2009, 10:43 PM
I just found the MG car club’s website contains the following:

the extreme disappointment of the year was in July when we received the news from the Land & Environment Court of the rejection of the Motorplex application for the RINGWOOD PARK Development. However all is not lost yet, the Ringwood Development Panel is hard at work with a new conception plan. The new direction will concentrate on a much smaller facility, one which will satisfy the needs of our club members and at a much lesser price, and one I hope that the club can afford.

So obviously there is a reasonable probability that something worthwhile will happen in that direction. The omission (for now?) of a drag strip is no particular issue to me for the time being, bring on the race track!

Both CAMS and the Newcastle MG Car club have new presidents this year, that could also help with getting a fresh approach to getting this sort of facility through.

And isn’t it nice to have something local back on the radar again, give us all an excuse to go buy new Ducatis!!!
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: VinceS on 28 Jul 2009, 12:12 AM
Well, there's bad news, and good news:

bad news: The MG car club was quietly determined to sort all the stuff out with the plain intent of holding the first race meeting In August 2010. But then they had the club's accountants have a proper look at it and discovered that, like every other race track in the land, it is virtually impossible to break even! So they pretty well abandoned the idea of getting the track up.... :'(

good news: A private individual, we'll call him M, had been following the deal with the falling through of the earlier track deal, and what the club had concluded re finances, and decided that, if no-one else was going to sort this out he would! M is some considerable distance past "well off', and $10M to have his own private race track is apparently small change, and gives him somewhere to run his Ferrari and Aston Martin rather than the bother of going to Eastern Ck which he is tiring of. OK, a local with attitude and capability, you beauty! He is quite happy to share the facility and obviously the MG Car club is going to help with some of the more boring details that will take the load off M so he can concentrate on playing cars amongst his other interests. Well, M is now the proud owner of the land as the MG car club has sold it to him, so it is more than just another good idea - this one has real traction.... ;D

There are other details but M is not looking for publicity. He is a powerful man so the odds are good he knows how to sort shite out and get a result, here's hoping!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex Update
Post by: VinceS on 22 Oct 2009, 08:36 PM
I have heard that the RTA, previously the biggest stumbling block, have realised M is not developing a facility that is intended to draw big crowds, therefore the interface at the Pacific hwy won't be an issue beyond normal traffic experienced now which should abate their concerns considerably. The council will also reportedly be much less likely to have an objection to a proposal put by a person more inclined to listen to and accommodate their needs. So I am lead to believe it will just be a matter of time to suit whatever M thinks will be the fair thing to get up, all things considered.

Anybody passing the area might care to call by and check if there is anything to see!
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: VinceS on 22 Oct 2009, 11:20 PM
I went looking on the Pt Stevens Council website ( for a DA to cover this development so we would be able to know what might be expected - and therefore pick the right time to go volunteer our assistance / participation! Short story is I couldn't find anything useful. The following is all that comes up, obviously something happened recently but not sure what is expected beyond that:

47 Italia Road BALICKERA NSW 2324
Type of Work Boundary Re-alignment
Application No.397/2009
Date Lodged19/06/2009
Cost of Work$0.00

49 Italia Road BALICKERA NSW 2324
Application No.60067/1999
Date Lodged20/01/1999
Cost of Work$0.00
DeterminationApplication Withdrawn
Determination Date21/07/2003

49 Italia Road BALICKERA NSW 2324
Application No.42/2002
Date Lodged10/01/2002
Cost of Work$5,000,000.00
DeterminationCourt Appeal Dismissed
Determination Date11/07/2008

The relevant land is:
45 ITALIA ROAD, BALICKERA   Lot 31 DP 787250 (was Lot 3 DP 245116)
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex, solid steps being taken to make it happen!
Post by: VinceS on 10 Dec 2009, 01:11 AM
Well at last some good solid news. The development of this racing facility is being approached in a sensible mature manner and stands a high probability of success. The proponents are going about the process using proper consultative techniques to really flush the issues out and deal with them in a way that is likely to get outcomes that do work within the normal checks and balances we need to operate effectively as a community. Brilliant.

The process is well underway, lagging a bit behind where it was anticipated to be, but being done well. It is due to the thorougness and intelligent engagement with the various stakehoders that the plans have changed - as they should as this is, by nature, an interactive relatively unpredictable process. Which is what is going to count in the long run to make the venture a success on a lot more levels than my earlier posts (as a one-eyed single interest observer!) could possibly have suggested was necessary. Obviously nothing is certain until it is completed in accordance with the relevant requirements, but there is an air of cautious optimism about the whole thing now.

Seems all a bit cryptic? Well that is because I am trying to say something without saying anything. You may note that I edited an earlier post below, this is because it really wasn't representative of what was going on, plus I think a bit too much of my frustration was showing at the circumstances as I had seen them previously unfold over the years and - funnily enough as you get with this web phenomenon - people noticed! I well remember when the Ringwood track was nearly a done deal when we heard about those upstarts in Sydney wanting to build a similar facility at Eastern Ck - the view at the time was that we Novocastrians would beat them by 6 - 9 months!

Aha, you may have guessed by now that all this beating around the bush is because I have been taken into the confidence of the people preparing the facility. And, if it gets up, it is nice to know that the fellow most likely to be running it is a fellow motorcyclist and a very switched on operator - and a nice bloke to boot!

"Yeah, yeah Vince, that's all fine but when might we see this track?" you may ask. Well I don't know and nobody else is prepared to have a guess at this stage. So my guess would be that late next year would be the earliest. But that's just a guess, a fair bit of water has to flow under the bridge first. My other guess would be that, if there is any real news that can be relied upon, it will turn up here: so keep an eye on that!
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: ChrisC on 23 Dec 2009, 10:40 PM
I really hope this gets off the ground now.  Oran Park is history.  Eastern Creek is great, but getting crowded. You have to book in a month or more in advance if you want a spot, most times.  Wakefield's a sweet little track, but it's an overnighter if you want to use it.  And Kulnara is bloody expensive!

Bring on Ringwood, and bring it on fast!  8)
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex, Getting Closer!
Post by: VinceS on 16 Jun 2010, 01:07 PM

Slow progress due to all sorts of issues arising :(. My optimistic view is that the organisers are very close to pushing the big "go button" 8), they are certainly well into organising the detailed implementation once the remaining hurdles are cleared. Reading between the lines I expect two months is the sort of time frame that there will be something tangible to report. From there to "let's go racing" should be less than 12 months ;D. Stay tuned for more ......!

Edit: From the MG Car club May 2010 newsletter comes the following public domain info (

The preparation of Italia Road Holdings' Development Application is steaming ahead, without a hurdle that hasn't been able to be jumped yet and the transfer of land is just about to be finalised. I'm hopeful that the facility will be available for Easter next year. They think it will be sooner, let's hope.
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex, Temporary Delay
Post by: VinceS on 09 Aug 2010, 10:10 PM
There has been a delay in getting the Ringwood Circuit over the line. I have had an opportunity to buy into this situation in quite some detail. In short, the delay is due to human failings that I will not elaborate on publicly. The below official update comes from the MGCC's website. My reading of the knowledge and discussions I have had is that this is simply a temporary delay and ultimately (when viewed from the rear view mirrors a few months down the track) will be seen to be more nuisance value than a real problem. However, one interesting thing that has come from this is that there is A LOT of pent up demand and good will on behalf of some really capable individuals "out there" who want to (and will) get a race track happening in the Hunter, and there is at least one really viable alternative should the MGCC find it all too hard to sort out what should be a pretty simple deal. Already I've said too much (I am pretty annoyed about the foolhardiness of approach and lack of legitimacy to the fundamentals of the present situation), so here's the official news:

MG Car Club August 2010 Newsletter
Many enquiries have been received as to what is happening regarding the sale of part of the Ringwood Park land to Italia Road Holdings Pty Limited (IRH). The Committee considers it appropriate that Members are advised of the current position. Members will recall that agreement was reached with IRH for it to purchase all of MG Car Club Newcastle's land except for 14 hectares on which MGCCN's hillclimb facility and support infrastructure is located.

This agreement was subject to the ultimate registration at the Lands Department NSW of a plan adjusting the boundaries of two of the three lots comprising MGCCN's land. Unfortunately difficulties arose in having that plan approved by Port Stephens Council and in view of this IRH offered in late November 2009 to purchase the 14 hectares which was to have been retained by MGCCN on condition that such land was leased back to MGCCN for its use for 99 years at a nominal rental.

This deal had other positives for MGCCN and it was agreed to in principal by the Committee and ratified by the committee. Unfortunately when the lease document was submitted by IRH's lawyers it was found to contain conditions which MGCCN could not accept and to do so would have placed MGCCN's future right to use its hillclimb facility in serious jeopardy.

After the negotiations for the sale and lease back of the 14 hectares broke down in May of this year IRH, through its solicitors, sought to enforce completion of the Contract for Sale of the MGCCN land on terms contrary to what was originally agreed. Looking into this matter and seeking alternate legal advice it became apparent to the Committee that the Contract had not been drawn correctly and was not clear in its terms.

IRH has now commenced Supreme Court proceedings seeking enforcement of the Contract for Sale on terms which would require MGCCN to sell two of our three lots which would include the hillclimb facility. MGCCN has instructed new solicitors, who have advised that MGCCN is in a good position to defend the proceedings commenced by IRH and have the Contract enforced in terms of the original agreement with IRH.

Notwithstanding the Court proceedings IRH has indicated its willingness to negotiate a resolution of the matter and MGCCN's solicitor has invited a proposal from IRH through its solicitors. No proposal has been received to date. A face to face meeting took place last week with a view of finding a resolution, and that was positive. In terms of the current resolution of committee no decision will be taken to sell the land on which the hill climb is located without a further resolution of the committee. As the matter is now sub-judice it will not be possible for the Committee or its individual members to respond to emails or other enquiries regarding the matter.

MGCCN will also be reserving its rights against its former solicitors. The matter is next before the Court on 1st October 2010 and Members will be advised of further developments as they arise.
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex, the saga continues
Post by: VinceS on 24 Sep 2010, 08:53 AM
Well, this is 2 week old MGCC news I just noticed. It doesn't say much other than that the participants don't have what it takes to just get on and sort the fairly simple issues out. Eventually they will and this bit will just fade into a distant memory as the irritation of the bungling start fades into the euphoria of actually seeing the sucker happen:

Developments with the sale of the property at Ringwood Park are still at a delicate stage and IRH still has their court action pending. A suitable outcome for the sale is still being brokered, trying to forge a deal meeting the committee?s wishes.
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex - A Big Step Forwards
Post by: VinceS on 05 Nov 2010, 09:00 AM
Well the back room bs has been trundling along. This issue is soooooo much about egos! However, I won't go there - finally there is a clear path to get the deed done and there was an announcement yesterday that a deal has been sorted. You can see from the below, assembled in chronological order, that there has been a lot of behind the scenes stirring (I am pleased to say!) focussed on getting over the impediments and establishing an answer - and finally the process has gone full circle back to where it started and the sucker will now happen! There is still discontent in the ranks at the MG Car Club, their AGM is next Friday (12/11/10) so something may happen then. However, regardless of what the membership decides about the "management" (sic!) of the process by the existing committee, all roads lead to an answer now. So we can expect construction to start in the New Year and have local radar free asphalt beneath our wheels well before next Christmas!!!

Here is the story leading up to yesterday's announcement that agreement has been reached.

MG Car Club October Newsletter
(approx 26/09/10)
I can start this report with exactly the same words as last month - that was a brief report on the position of the property sale. Since then, at our last committee meeting, some members came along to ask some questions about the current situation with our land deal. They were all answered and the questions have been repeated in this magazine along with those answers. (see Page 26)

Page 26
Q & A from members at the September Committee Meeting
Regarding the sale of part of Ringwood Property.
Q1: Have any minutes of meetings & deliberations been kept?
A: Minutes of all called and committee meetings held have been taken. Casual discussions etc. - No.
Q2: What has been spent on legal fees and other costs for the sale and what is the budget?
A: About $25,000 till now.
Q3: What is likely to be spent?
A: It cannot be defined - we are defending an action in the Supreme Court so that we are able to retain our Hillclimb facility.
Q4: How many hours has Turnbull & Hill Solicitors spent on the case at the moment?
A: Approximately 60 hrs.
Q5: Why did the club change solicitors?
A: Our original solicitors suggested we should do so as they considered that they were, possibly, in a conflict of interest situation with regard to the property sale contract.
Q6: Why are we in court with Italia Road Holdings (IRH)?
A: IRH wishes to enforce the contract, as written, which we believe doesn't reflect the intentions of IRH or the Club when the contract was drawn up.
Q7: Have any members formally contacted the club or committee asking information regarding the sale and its progress?
A: One member.
Q8: Seeing it was decide to sell a portion of the club's land in April 2009. Why is it not yet sold?
A: A boundary realignment is needed to be able to sell the portion of the property required by IRH and that has not been obtained yet.
Q9: Was the original boundary realignment rejected and why?
A: It was not rejected; there was a request for more details. When IRH became aware of this IRH made an offer too good to refuse and then we withdrew the application.
Q10: When did the committee resubmit the Boundary Realignment Application to council?
A: 9th July 2010.
Q11: How is the new Boundary Alignment different to the first one?
A: It is still the same as it was as that is what we are defending in the Supreme Court. We have just included more information which was asked for originally.
Q12: There was a meeting with IRH reported in the August Clubtorque what is the present situation?
A: IRH is waiting on the Boundary Realignment decision or the result of the Supreme Court hearing before any further talks can take place.

STOP PRESS!!!! (approx 26/10/10)
Re: Sale of part of Ringwood Park property.
The news which many members have been hoping for has happened.

The final approval and plans for the boundary realignment have been uplifted from the Port Stephens Council today 3rd November 2010.

They are now ready to be sent to the Lands Title Office (LTO) for registration, as soon as Italia Road Holdings (IRH) forward their consent to the new title registration, which they have offered to do.

Once the new title deeds are received back from the LTO, the land sale can be settled, after all the required actions have been completed, (including the offered removal by IRH of its covenant over the approx 14 ha land area being retained by MGCC(N)).

The "ball" is well and truly in IRH's court!!!   WE NOW WAIT!!!


MG Car Club November Newsletter
(approx 30/10/10) At the Ringwood Property Sale Information Night it was good news that the DA for the Boundary Realignment had been granted by Port Stephens Council with conditions attached. These conditions, included fire protection works, water storage and a fire plan. All been finalised and the final DA consent forms were lodged with Council last week. Council expects their final approval consent to issue this week.

In the Court matter, IRH missed their lodgment times last week, and have now offered to consent to two of the orders that we have counterclaimed in court. These being to (1) strike out their IRH claim for the purchase of the entire parcel of land, and (2) to consent to the MGCC cross claim (ie for the sale of all of the land less the approx 14 ha area that we retain) and as well they have advised that they will not be offering a defence to our cross claim nor evidence in support of their claims. The matter of costs will be reserved. IRH have also advised that they will consent to the registration of the boundary realignment with the Lands Titles Office (LTO) and will remove their caveat over our 14 ha land area.

In the absence of any further development, the Court is expected to approve these consent orders at the next hearing date 12th November 2010. Settlement should then take place as soon as the LTO has returned the new Titles. You will recall that after the contract was found to have errors, IRH was seeking to take advantage of that fact and force us to sell to him the whole property. The course, which was chosen and has been pursued was due to my and the committees resolve that, as has been the case since the purchase of Nelson Plains, the club own property on which we are able to conduct motor sport events at a reasonable cost to members.

There is an interest group within the club who think this ideal should be disregarded and sell all of the land no matter what the outcome. This group is canvassing proxy votes in order to remove the bulk of the committee at this months AGM. If you are a full voting member, you should carefully consider to whom you give your proxy vote. An extensively changed committee could reverse Mal Roach's unanimously supported motion to do a boundary realignment and sell the remaining land to IRH. You should get a clarification of a member's conviction before giving them your proxy vote.

UPDATE - 4.11.2010
Re: Sale of part of Ringwood Park property.

As always, this complex matter moves quickly.

Today, Italia Road Holdings' solicitors have given IRH's written consent to allow the plan of the boundary realignment to be registered at the Lands Title Office in Sydney.

This will be lodged by our surveyors Rennie Golledge, as they are able to lodge the necessary documentation electronically. This, they will do tomorrow (5.11.2010).
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex - We Have Good News
Post by: VinceS on 07 Dec 2010, 12:12 AM
An Extract From MG Car Club website:

News Update on Ringwood land sale; 4th December 2010.

As they say "a deal is not done till the money is in the bank - Well the money is in the bank!"

Yesterday, Friday 3rd December 2010 at 3.00pm IRH became the owner of the annexed portion of Ringwood Park and MG Car Club Newcastle inc. remains the owner of it's Hillclimb/Motor-khana-cross area.

So that should mean a DA could get lodged before Christmas if all the planets align, good stuff - here's hoping......!
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: VinceS on 01 Mar 2011, 05:04 PM
Not sure what exactly I can say by way of update  :-X, I know how keen people are (including myself) to see this facility up and running.

Let's try this: As you can see from various public domain info in various parts of the local community a DA for the race track facility was to be submitted as soon as the ownership issues were sorted, which the record at the Land Titles Office shows they were early last December. As you can see from Port Stephens Council reports they achieve "Mean net days for DA determined of value $5M-$20M" at 69 days, and I see this report puts them at 29th out of 75 councils on the performance spectrum that handle this size DA, so that should be a good sign. But a search of Pt Stevens Council website ( shows they haven't even managed to accept and lodge the DA yet. Which leaves only two possibilities: 1) The developer didn't attempt to submit the DA in a timely fashion, or 2) The Port Stephens Council have issues within their development processes that misleadingly disguises true performance and/or now renders them unable to achieve the performance that they reported to the Planning and Local Government Ministers a year ago. Guess where my money is...........?

Regardless, all we can do is wait  ::)
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: VinceS on 28 Mar 2011, 10:09 PM
By way of update the track is still at the "red tape" stage, nuffin more to be said really!
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex - DA is "IN", Hooray!!!
Post by: VinceS on 19 Aug 2011, 11:13 AM
Finally the clock has started to get this facility constructed. From Pt Stephens Council Website DA Tracker a few moments ago:

Property Details: 49 Italia Road BALICKERA NSW 232445 Italia Road BALICKERA NSW 2324

Type of Work: Reduce Existing Track, Relocate Exisitng Pit Area & Access Road Relocate Driver Training Area

Application No.: 564/2011

Date Lodged: 15/08/2011

Cost of Work: $4,000,000.00

Assessing Officer: MRS P P EMMETT


Applicant Address: PO BOX 831 NEWCASTLE NSW 2300



Application Stages And Status
Stage Description                        Open Date     Completed Date      Status
Application Information Check     16/08/2011      16/08/2011         Completed
Statutory 2 day Admin Period     15/08/2011       17/08/2011         Completed
Referred to Mgr for Allocation     16/08/2011          Awaiting
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex - Register for Official Updates
Post by: VinceS on 19 Aug 2011, 03:02 PM
I am told this website will be up and running by Monday arvo. On it you will be able to register to receive official updates of the status of the track development.

Nobody is prepared to put an estimate on when the track will be operational, at least to some level. So I will put a "guess" in of May 2012. This is based on guesses that the DA approval will take until late November / mid December to happen so at most clearing and some preparatory earthworks will start this year and finish mid to late Jan 2012. It doesn't take long to put hotmix down but it MUST be left to cure for some time, about two months from memory, or it will crack. There are plenty of race track owners that have first hand experience of how bad the damage of a bit of impatience can be on their new hotmix! In parallel the first set of structures will go up, these being the basic facilities required to control entry and operate the facility from. How extensive these will be and therefore how long it will take to construct them I am not sure. I expect there will be additional facilities constructed some time in the future, presumably the subject of a separate DA.

Another thing to bear in mind of course is that the way the track is to be utilised is also not clear, which is partly because I would be surprised if the owner has a detailed plan at this stage, beyond the broadly expressed intent that all sounds very good. I have been told lots of good stuff about the intentions, but I will regard that as all "off the record" information and wait for announcements on the above website to confirm whatever is actually going to happen, as it is announced.

Hopefully when the track is in a sufficient state to do some commissioning style tests as part of setting it up for driver / rider training we will be able to put together a crack team of Ducati volunteer riders and provide some early assistance to this fine endeavor!!!! But you know I'll keep you posted as to whether this is a possibility, although please note this is bound to be a "members only" by private invitation activity, so please make sure you are current!

PS: I note the MG Car Club has also just submitted DA560/2011 to extend their hill climb, glad to see they have started to spend the dosh after they so unnecessarily delayed the whole process to get the race track under way!
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: TopDOG on 19 Aug 2011, 04:13 PM
yay for those of you in team hunterdog!!! i'll be sick everyday they race but will be there in support and to take our team hunterdogs photo's!!! ;D hopefully some of brett draing a knee leaning it right over round turn one or wherever they will let me lay on the track during a race :'( i could even lead the team onto the starting line up then off at the podium in my chair then stand up on it with them :P
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex - Website is Up, Hooray!
Post by: VinceS on 31 Aug 2011, 06:32 PM
Check it out and register for updates:

Also check out the track layout and go for a virtual lap, what a cool idea!:

Very exciting isn't it!!!!! :P :P :P
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: Brett on 01 Sep 2011, 07:44 PM
I'm sure I'll be shouted down for it, but a clockwise circuit in the home of Speedway and Dirt Track ?

It is better than the one we don't have...
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex, Council Status Update
Post by: VinceS on 29 Sep 2011, 11:22 AM
Just checked the Council status, it is:

Application Information:   
49 Italia Road BALICKERA NSW 2324         
Type of Work:                 Reduce Existing Track, Relocate Exisitng Pit Area & Access Road, Relocate Driver Training Area
Application No.:              564/2011
Date Lodged:                  15/08/2011
Cost of Work:                 $4,000,000.01
Assessing Officer:            MRS P P EMMETT
Applicant:                    ITALIA ROAD HOLDINGS PTY LTD
Applicant Address:            PO BOX 831 NEWCASTLE NSW 2301
Certifier:                    PORT STEPHENS COUNCIL
Owner:                        ITALIA ROAD HOLDINGS PTY LTD

Application Stages And Status:

Stage Description:                 Open Date     Completed Date
Referral - Water & Energy:          1/09/2011     
Ext Ref - NSW RFS:                  1/09/2011     
External Agency Advice:             6/09/2011     
Referral - Traffic Engineer:       13/09/2011     
Application Information Check:     16/08/2011     16/08/2011
Statutory 2 day Admin Period:      15/08/2011     17/08/2011
Referred to Mgr for Allocation:    16/08/2011     13/09/2011
Admin Distribution:                13/09/2011     13/09/2011
Referral - Planning:               13/09/2011     
Referral - Building:               13/09/2011     14/09/2011
Referral - Engineer:               13/09/2011     
Referral - Disability Access:      13/09/2011     
Referal - Environmental Ser:       13/09/2011     16/09/2011
External Referrals:                 1/09/2011      1/09/2011
External Referrals:                 6/09/2011     
Further Information Required:      23/08/2011     29/08/2011

Edit: DA Number was incorrectly listed as 2012 (by Council!!!) so it is now correct
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex, Council Status Update
Post by: VinceS on 26 Oct 2011, 11:20 AM
A month after the last check the status update is

wait for it


Bizarre or just what you would expect from Pt Stephens Council? Make up your own mind on that one!

To check yourself use then click on DA tracker (on the left) then DA Enquiry and put in DA number 564/2011 and click Search (at bottom) then click the property title to see if anything actually does happen!

Edit: Had a direct short-cut link above but deleted it as it was session dependent and just gave an error if the browser had been closed.
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex, Council Status Update
Post by: VinceS on 28 Oct 2011, 10:53 AM
Oh look, just when it looked like nothing was happening, something did!!!:

The development application for the proposed circuit has taken the next step. Port Stephens Council yesterday, in accordance with Section 79a of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, gave public notice of the proposal which will run from 27th October to 26th November 2011.

I guess that means approval could happen by Christmas - as long as no serious hurdles get hit!
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex - Public Display Period Over
Post by: VinceS on 01 Dec 2011, 10:58 PM
And what we know is:
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex - Council Status as reported
Post by: VinceS on 12 Dec 2011, 12:05 AM
A quick check of status at Council, purple is what has changed since 2.5 months ago, not sure if we are any the wiser. They are about to crack 12 months since they were asked to "pre-approve the submission" of the DA, not real flash even for a public service body methinks!

Application Stages And Status:

Stage Description:                 Open Date     Completed Date
Referral - Water & Energy:          1/09/2011     26/09/2011   Completed
Ext Ref - NSW RFS:                  1/09/2011     02/11/2011   Completed
External Agency Advice:             6/09/2011     02/11/2011   Completed
Referral - Traffic Engineer:       13/09/2011     08/11/2011   Completed
Application Information Check:     16/08/2011     16/08/2011
Statutory 2 day Admin Period:      15/08/2011     17/08/2011
Referred to Mgr for Allocation:    16/08/2011     13/09/2011
Advertising                        21/11/2011     05/12/2011   Process Completed
Admin Distribution:                13/09/2011     13/09/2011
Referral - Planning:               13/09/2011     
Referral - Building:               13/09/2011     14/09/2011
Referral - Engineer:               13/09/2011     
Referral - Disability Access:      13/09/2011     
Referal - Environmental Ser:       13/09/2011     16/09/2011
Referal - Environmental Ser        22/11/2011     30/11/2011   Completed
External Referrals:                 1/09/2011      1/09/2011
External Referrals:                 6/09/2011     
Further Information Required:      23/08/2011     29/08/2011

Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex - Council Status as reported at 4/04/12
Post by: VinceS on 04 Apr 2012, 02:13 PM
As before, the MINISCULE changes since the update before Christmas are shown in purple, what are these people doing? Surely this slow rate is not what competent professional discharge of civic duties is supposed to look like???? No? Well I guess that isn't what they are doing then!!!

Obviously, from checking the dates, part of the issue could be the speed (or lack thereof) that the website info is updated, because the item that was missing from my prior report but is now shown as completed well beforehand was not an error by me! So that means the below, which shows exactly nothing has happened (as far as status is concerned) so far this year, may in fact not be up to date - but this is what is reported as of a few minutes ago:

Application Stages And Status:
Stage Description:                 Open Date     Completed Date   Status

Referral - Water & Energy:          1/09/2011     26/09/2011   Completed
Ext Ref - NSW RFS:                  1/09/2011     02/11/2011   Completed
External Agency Advice:             6/09/2011     02/11/2011   Completed
Referral - Traffic Engineer:       13/09/2011     08/11/2011   Completed
Application Information Check:     16/08/2011     16/08/2011   Completed
Statutory 2 day Admin Period:      15/08/2011     17/08/2011   Completed
Referred to Mgr for Allocation:    16/08/2011     13/09/2011   Completed
Advertising                        21/11/2011     05/12/2011   Process Completed
Admin Distribution:                13/09/2011     13/09/2011   Completed
Referral - Planning:               13/09/2011          -      Awaiting
Referral - Building:               13/09/2011     14/09/2011   Completed
Referral - Engineer:               13/09/2011     14/12/2011   Completed
Referral - Disability Access:      13/09/2011     14/09/2011   Completed
Referal - Environmental Ser:       13/09/2011     16/09/2011   work required
Referal - Environmental Ser        22/11/2011     30/11/2011   Completed
External Referrals:                 1/09/2011      1/09/2011   Completed
External Referrals:                 6/09/2011          -      Awaiting
Further Information Required:      23/08/2011     29/08/2011   Completed
Further Information Required:      15/12/2011          -      Awaiting

Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex, bit of a "non-update".
Post by: VinceS on 21 Jun 2012, 10:13 AM
I did have a chat about the status of this a couple of weeks ago. To say that the competency of Pt Stephens Council is called into question would be a bit of an understatement. This is no secret, it is plainly visible to anyone that looks. However a route has been mapped forward that covers whether they lift their game or don't, so it is still a patience game with the appropriate result still expected with only the timing remaining absolutely unpredictable!!!

I did just check the status on the Pt Stephens Council website a minute ago, still no entries showing ANY progress in 2012, un-effing-believable that a public administration body is unable to efficiently of effectively administer anything that is in the best interests of the public which it is supposed to serve.
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: James S on 25 Jun 2012, 12:28 PM
I've given up on the Ringwood motor complex. 

It'll never happen!
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: VinceS on 30 Jun 2012, 01:55 PM
James, don't worry. From my post below this is the "real" bit:

I did have a chat ........the appropriate result still expected with only the timing ...unpredictable

There is a lot more strength behind that comment than I am going to put in the public arena as frankly, it is not my place to do so, and I will always respect confidentialities of others.

Equally I know I could as a club representative / private individual concerned about a public arena matter create a lot of real trouble for Pt Stephens Council, well beyond what here are basically cheap shots on the surface of it. The simple truth is that the people and processes would be found wanting in significant ways if tested against the standards required by those to whom they are genuinely accountable. It appears to me (ie "allegedly", without being privy to all the facts) to be a gross dereliction of duty, and my discussions with those in government that could hold them to account do agree there could be cause for action, and I have that in writing. But of course my allegations would need to be formalised and verified and the reality of how badly performing people behave when caught out is they get spiteful and look to take revenge in some form and this in itself is a risk that my well intended stirring may unwittingly bring into being. Suffice to say that there are other effective means of achieving a no risk outcome should there not be a credible conclusion to the process. I did just check the website moments ago and see there is still no formally recorded status change - I would have to suspect (but don't know) that the metaphorical cudgel is getting raised to give this matter a serious nudge along pretty soon........!

PS: Note how Guest posting is now working with James's post? ANYONE can post here or elsewhere in this forum, you just need to answer a couple of Ducati oriented q's which so far spammers haven't done and you too can express an opinion / provide some info whether you remember your password or not!
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: Josh B on 01 Jul 2012, 10:14 PM
I have been regularly checking in on this topic and I can't believe how long the whole process is taking.

I remain optimistic that this track will go ahead as my motorsport activity has slowed dramatically since moving up from Sydney 7 years ago - I always found Eastern Creek too expensive for what you got and Wakefield is just too far away - we really need something local for all Hunter Motorsport enthusiasts.

Thank you to Vince for keeping us all in the loop as well as you are able to.

Cheers, JOSH
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex - The Council's View
Post by: VinceS on 03 Aug 2012, 04:36 PM
Well today I rang Pt Stephens Council planning Dept and spoke to the planner. He has been responsible for this DA for the last three months. What he says has basically occurred is that the applicant was sent a letter last September detailing some additional information required and they are yet to respond. Whilst that is the actual situation, it is of course, not that simple!

The info required related to water mgt, environment & heritage issues, species mgt and the like but the most important elements related to flora and fauna management. The REAL problem was explained to me that this info is required by various NSW Govt State Agencies, and the Applicant is having considerable difficulty identifying exactly what it is that will satisfy the various agencies, as they only want to provide info that is going to be accepted and pass the relevant assessment criteria. It appears this is not an easy thing to do!

OK, one thing this explanation means is I need to retract my various earlier criticisms about Council competence or lack there-of as it seems to a large extent they are only the traffic marshals for bungling incompetence by others! Except that we had a candid discussion about the earlier part of the DA process where definitely the Council systems could most politely be described as "extremely inefficient and not fulfilling the needs of the community it served". However that is crying about spilt milk and serves no purpose - and anyway it has now apparently widened considerably to loop a whole lot of others into the breach so true accountability is somewhat hidden from view and blame easily dodged! This is not meant to be a complaint, just a (somewhat cryptic) observation.

In reality the feedback I provided which came down to "not good enough, mate" was very well and professionally received. It was plain that I was being fair and even handed in my views, tolerant of realities of life and the like, and in return I was getting realistic responses and a recognition of the validity of how things actually appeared, regardless of what was actually going on. As well as some interest to make genuine improvements where practical.

I also believe I got some real traction with my views that it is simply not OK to make Applicants second guess the needs of various approval entities (agencies, council / whatever), and it shouldn't be so dependent on the actual skills / personal views of the particular individuals involved on the approval side. As a society we have been tearing up dirt and scrub for many years now, and it is always a balance of many factors in deciding whether to do so or not. Whatever the criteria for doing so should be pretty black and white by now and the need for "opinions" should be very limited, and dispensed quickly and professionally where warranted. The normal process should be to simply identify all the hoops the developer needs to jump through and give them decent assistance to get through them, rather than propagate the easier to do "road block" mentality. Then it is just a case of making sure they do what they said they would, easy peasy!

The good thing about what may flow from my stirring is I got a follow up call. It sounds to me as if my matter of fact even handed kind of discussion has got the caring individuals in Council (yes, it does seem they actually do exist!) to realise this one really has gone a bit off the rails, and see what they can do to move it along a bit faster. I can only hope, but am glad I tried!
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: Josh B on 08 Aug 2012, 05:20 PM
Once again - thanks for the update Vince!

I hope too that you have 'stirred the pot' a little - in a good way - and we can get some progress with this desperately needed facility.

I will keep checking in to see how things are getting on.

Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: shippy__ on 09 Sep 2012, 02:40 PM
any updates?
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: VinceS on 10 Sep 2012, 07:42 AM
No updates, and this is a classic situation where "no news" = no news! I just checked the council's DA Tracker and no change there. I could ring the developer to ask but I would just be pestering and don't really think that is fair, maybe November would be OK for my next "pester" call in the absence of anything. However if something actually happens I know the guy will ring me as we have a pretty good rapport and mutual respect on this whole topic, so again - no news = nn!

For your general interest as I think it is useful perspective I will share a small part of a personal conversation with a person that knows about these things and I'm sure he'll be OK about it. "very few Council planners are even close to happy with the planning system we have and we are all holding our collective breath that the new legislation actually delivers something that works for us, applicants and the community at large." I looked that up and it is encouraging, details are here: ( Another comment was"Carlos is one of the good guys and the file isn't being sat on for the sake of sitting on it" and again, I think that is enough of a basis to not pester since whatever the realistically best outcome is from here I expect those involved will make sure we get it!

I did however, in a moment of procrastination of going and doing a major digging task yesterday, amuse myself writing to the CEO of CAMS about this exact topic after I read one of his monthly newsletters. Whilst I wasn't thinking to there is no reason not to put this in the public domain as it may inspire others to think of mutually supportive activities and start some serious lobbying going on! Here 'tis:

 CAMS - The thing we need MOST is more tracks

Dear Andrew Papadopoulos,

As a 30 year steward in “the game” could I please politely suggest that it is lovely to read about all the “busy-ness” of running motorsport in the country, but THE most important thing we need to see to foster the ongoing strength and development of CAMS is more tracks, and that they be really accessible to the general public. That has the handy by-product of channeling an outlet for otherwise socially unacceptable but remarkably common behaviour in autos PLUS building an environment that blokes particularly understand with the flow on benefits to stem the tide of our increasingly individualistic society.

Of course it is not easy to get tracks up, which is precisely the reason CAMS should make it its business to get highly involved in the process and keep common knowledge intact and be able to act as an effective advocate for the process. Plus from first principles be a regular advocate for the concept in an endeavor to get the next Tony Parrish to stand up and have a go – they are out there but some of them haven’t realised how cool it would be to set up their own race track. And there are particular ways to do it right including some basics that need to be in all as well as those “individual flair” items.

I have been watching these guys ( try to get this one over the line for years, they are very close but the things which have been delaying them since last September are areas that CAMS could make a massive difference if it chose to get involved in the whole process of fostering track developments. You can read my blog about it all here ( but the guts of the delay according to the local council planning officer is that the various state govt depts that need to agree are unable to say what will satisfy their requirements, so the developer (****** *******) is having considerable difficulty compiling responses that will get accepted. His dilemma is that he doesn’t want to put responses in that will risk being rejected.

Earlier parts of the 4 year delay with the Ringwood track were about extremely inefficient council processes to handle something a bit different, and before that it was a ridiculous situation with the local CAMS club where they desperately needed some rational independent input to sort out simple issues but instead the egos and incompetence of a couple of key club officials derailed the process. With the latter some stirring by me brought it to a head as the execs were clearly acting for ego not members interest, so I just made sure the members could see it, the rest as they say is history! A bit outside the realms of conventional stewarding and absolutely had CAMS been available to all parties and interested a couple of the core “trip points” would have been easily dispelled.

The above is a typical example of what goes wrong getting a track up, this one is likely to succeed but the previous attempt on the same site failed due mostly (IMHO) to a lack of key skills by the proponent – again an area where some buy in by CAMS could have made a big difference. Also we have seen the spectacular 2010 “fail to proceed” of the Wyong Automotive Racing Precinct where all parties including the Council wanted to build it but by what looked like (again IMHO) an ineptness to sort practical issues managed to rule out all the proposed sites on reasoning that was clearly flawed. Where was CAMS guiding hand and vocal lobbying on that one?

The point is that these are NOT a local issues topic, despite appearing to be. What we need is high level political agreement that the OUTCOME of more tracks is highly desirable, then there is a policy, then there is implementation and the pathways become easier for the locals to say “yes”. The other part of the equation is to weed out those that have the capability and interest to sponsor these things, and there is a lot CAMS could do to foster and encourage that.

Getting this stuff right is ultimately going to be a far more useful legacy than the “feel good” stuff that CAMS currently shows a tendency to gravitate to. How about it Andrew, you look to have a good head on your shoulders, are you up for the real game here? Thanks for considering my plea anyway. I am copying this to my fellow stewards and officials advocate where I would ask that this be put up as an item for discussion to make sure the ball is kept rolling, and any other actions to get this long overdue area for excellence properly on the radar. And thank you one and all from many future generations for anything you can do in the here and now to make a difference to this important topic.
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: Chris on 23 Sep 2012, 02:09 AM
I seriously hope something comes from this.
It pisses me off how sh*t on motor enthusiasts are in this country, and especially this state.
What, we have 2 bloody tracks and both are hours away? this needs to happen.
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: shippy__ on 14 Nov 2012, 06:41 PM
I seriously hope something comes from this.
It pisses me off how sh*t on motor enthusiasts are in this country, and especially this state.
What, we have 2 bloody tracks and both are hours away? this needs to happen.

Agreed and they wonder why they hoon on the street!, I have to be on the freeway at 3:30 am to get to the track for 7am I don't get home until 9:30pm makes for a big effort to stay safe and legal
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex - Steady Progress Now Happening
Post by: VinceS on 11 Dec 2012, 11:46 AM
Well, there won't be a Chrissie present on this one, but things are moving along nicely. The status on Pt Stephens Council website is as shown below. I have just rung the planning officer for an update and the short story is there is a fair bit of work to do but some important milestones have been cleared. THE most critical one was that the EPA held a "concurrence view" on issues surrounding flora and fauna which it seems they do. This means the Council has the power to approve the application, otherwise it would have been state govt level.

So now the emphasis is on sorting all the "normal" stuff, which is very much a work in progress of course between the various parties. So issues like RTA requirements, water mgt and residents' noise concerns can be reviewed and appropriate determinations made by Council. Normally these types of processes are just about deciding what the conditions of consent will be by finding workable answers for the various stakeholders.

So still a "job to do" but we can be expecting to see good news sooner than later.

Here is an interesting "behind the scenes" story on the track at Kulnurra, although from what one of our members said this is not just a "friends of friends" thing, as one of those "friends" charges since I was told the track is "bloody expensive to hire" which of course I figured meant you can hire it - but not according to the owner! (

Here's the current DA status info:
Application Stages And Status
Stage DescriptionOpen DateCompleted DateStatus
Referral - Water & Energy01/09/201126/09/2011Completed
Ext Ref - NSW RFS01/09/201102/11/2011Completed
Referral - Water & Energy10/12/2012Awaiting
Referral RTA - Roads Act10/12/2012Awaiting
External Agency Advice06/09/201102/11/2011Completed
Referral - Traffic Engineer13/09/201108/11/2011Completed
Application Information Check16/08/201116/08/2011Completed
Statutory 2 day Admin Period15/08/201117/08/2011Completed
Referred to Mgr for Allocation16/08/201113/09/2011Completed
Advertising21/11/201105/12/2011Process Completed
Admin Distribution13/09/201113/09/2011Completed
Referral - Planning13/09/2011Awaiting
Referral - Building13/09/201114/09/2011Completed
Referral - Engineer13/09/201114/12/2011Completed
Referral - Disability Access13/09/201114/09/2011Completed
Referal - Environmental Ser13/09/201116/09/2011work required
Referal - Environmental Ser22/11/201130/11/2011Completed
External Referrals01/09/201101/09/2011Completed
External Referrals06/09/201128/10/2011Completed
External Referrals10/12/201210/12/2012Completed
External Referrals10/12/201210/12/2012Completed
Further Information Required23/08/201129/08/2011Completed
Further Information Required15/12/2011Awaiting
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: shippy__ on 01 Feb 2013, 09:01 PM
If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.
- Buddhist Saying
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: shippy__ on 26 Jun 2013, 02:25 PM
If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.
- Buddhist Saying

Was pretty drunk that night

still nothing on the DA Status

Application Stages And Status
Stage DescriptionOpen DateCompleted DateStatus
Referral - Water & Energy01/09/201126/09/2011Completed
Ext Ref - NSW RFS01/09/201102/11/2011Completed
Referral - Water & Energy10/12/2012Awaiting
Referral RTA - Roads Act10/12/2012Awaiting
External Agency Advice06/09/201102/11/2011Completed
Referral - Traffic Engineer13/09/201108/11/2011Completed
Application Information Check16/08/201116/08/2011Completed
Statutory 2 day Admin Period15/08/201117/08/2011Completed
Referred to Mgr for Allocation16/08/201113/09/2011Completed
Advertising21/11/201105/12/2011Process Completed
Admin Distribution13/09/201113/09/2011Completed
Referral - Planning13/09/2011Awaiting
Referral - Building13/09/201114/09/2011Completed
Referral - Engineer13/09/201114/12/2011Completed
Referral - Disability Access13/09/201114/09/2011Completed
Referal - Environmental Ser13/09/201116/09/2011work required
Referal - Environmental Ser22/11/201130/11/2011Completed
External Referrals01/09/201101/09/2011Completed
External Referrals06/09/201128/10/2011Completed
External Referrals10/12/201210/12/2012Completed
External Referrals10/12/201210/12/2012Completed
Further Information Required23/08/201129/08/2011Completed
Further Information Required15/12/2011Awaiting
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex - Some Progress!!!
Post by: VinceS on 28 Jun 2013, 11:59 AM
all we have to do is keep on walking.
and yes indeedy, that we are. In fact, "The end is nigh" - which is a good thing this time! But "nothing good happens quickly" and of course "all good things come to those that wait" is also in the mix .......

Enough of the truisms, here's some facts! I spoke to the senior planner responsible today and Yes the mgt of Pt Stephens Council has decreed getting this DA finalised is a priority, and it is absolutely being tackled in a positive manner with every good intent of the relevant council officers to do exactly that. The reality is that it took the applicant until April and May just gone to get some critical documentation together and submit it, which provided a solid response to the various open items referred to in the EPA concurrence "approval" last Dec. This response "addressed most of the conditions" - which I think means there are no items left standing that are within their control. Ongoing noise monitoring was mentioned as a typically important item that has a lot of consequential issues hanging off it, there are others. It apparently was not a small task for the applicant to resolve the actions required to put in their final submissions, which goes a long way to explain the delays we have seen.

Now the RMS and Hunter Water are due to respond to allow a final report to be prepared to Council re the DA. That is expected to be all sorted out soon and "we are expecting weeks not months" to do this. From the time the formal report is prepared by the Planning Dept "it takes 4-6 weeks to get it before Council for determination". Obviously all parties are expecting that to be a rubber stamp, but no-one is openly assuming that. I remain optimistic.

The upshot of all this is we can realistically expect the track to be approved somewhere from September to November this year. Then of course it is construction news we will be very interested in!

Two days ago I was contacted about a new track that is proposed to be built in Dungog Shire, here is some news about that: (

Edit: just coming back to fulfill the above promise and want to add that another thing that was said is the DA tracker is regarded by the council officers to be "insufficient for their needs", pointing out Lake Mac was a lot better. This is just a reality not a criticism, it needs quite some work and the fact that it is apparently not being updated until the end is reached, this is only "a bad look" rather than a reflection of actual status / action. So we are advised not to be concerned about this aspect, its a different issue & a problem for others!
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex - Closer, Ever Closer .....
Post by: VinceS on 20 Aug 2013, 04:01 PM
Just had a chat to Pt Stephens Council again, they are sneaking up on it but not quite there yet. Just need to finalise the conditions of consent for Hunter Water for which a meeting is scheduled next week, then the final response should happen shortly thereafter. Then it is "the 4-5 week report preparation time before submission to Council for final approval". So my earlier expectation of
we can realistically expect the track to be approved somewhere from September to November this year.
is moving to the back end of the target range, surprise surprise!!!

I did ask how the Hillclimb Circuit extension had happened well inside the approval time for the raceway (see for details of that track) and was told it was "a much smaller undertaking so easily handled more quickly". Make of that as you will but at least there will be two separate motorsports facilities next door to each other which will ultimately be a good thing.
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: shippy__ on 08 Oct 2013, 02:39 PM
well apparently today is the big day where they all sit down and do there thing

The DA tracker is giving me an error !

Any news ?

Also any idea's on if there will be motorcycle track days ? there is gossip that bikes wont be allowed
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex - Recommended to Proceed, Decision Tonight!!!
Post by: VinceS on 08 Oct 2013, 03:34 PM
I just checked DA Tracker, it comes up with an error for this DA but adjacent sequence ones work fine so maybe it is locked for editing / whatever and will come good soon.

So I rang Council for an update and was told it is up for consideration tonight and the report is on the Council website - where I found the attached report. Whilst I haven't read it in detail it seems fine to me on a skim read. However formally utilising the facility for motorcycle racing needs to be done as a separate exercise, which is a bit of a nuisance but I am assured by the Council officer this should be a simple process down the track assuming the main application is approved. The bottom line is the proposal is recommended and this is what for:

Consent is sought for construction and use of a sealed race track (2.9km) and associated facilities including sealed pit and driver training areas and construction of primary and secondary access roads. The development will involve rehabilitation and revegetation of the existing off-road race track (3.8km).

The DA also seeks consent to use the track for the racing of motor vehicles (not including motorbikes) as follows:

Race Meetings (Category 1)
- Max of 4 events in the 7 month period between 1st October and 31st March
- Race meetings may run over a maximum of a 3 day weekend (Friday to Sunday)
- Max number of 32 vehicles on the circuit at any one time (based on track length)
- Proposed to operate between the hours of 9am to 4pm

 Supersprint and Hillclimb events (Category 2)
- Events to run over weekends (Saturday and Sunday)
- Maximum number of 8 vehicles on the circuit at any one time (starting in pairs)
- Proposed to operate between the hours of 9am to 5pm
 General track use (Category 3)
- Proposed to operate between the hours of 9am to 5pm, 7 days per week and between the hours of 9am to 10pm for a maximum of 6 Saturdays in any calendar year.
- Shall consist of the following activities (or similar):
- Restricted private practice by race cars
- General use by road registered vehicles
- Driver training
- Educational or promotional events
- Motorkhana

The applicant has indicated that future expansion of the facility may be sought for construction of garaging for 36 cars, with offices, meeting rooms and a race control centre located on the first floor and a scrutiny bay and medical room. These facilities are not proposed as part of this DA, and will require separate approval

And the conclusion:

After assessment of the application under the provisions of section 79C of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, it is considered the proposal is satisfactory and that the key issues of noise, flora and fauna, traffic and water quality impacts have been suitably addresses, either through provision of information or imposing conditions. Therefore, it is recommended that the application be approved subject to recommended conditions.

You can read from p31 in the report to see what the 12 pages of conditions look like!
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex - Council Report
Post by: VinceS on 08 Oct 2013, 03:59 PM
Actually, I see the main Council Agenda has the attached overview report which provides a four page summary of the situation and is easier to absorb than the full DA report which itself is an attachment to this summary. Council are given options to approve, reject or amend the DA.

I note the meeting starts at 5:30pm and it seems public are permitted, no idea if they are allowed questions but it would at least be reasonable to ask why the term "(not including motorbikes)" should be in any such DA approval when clearly the issues Council should care about wrt vehicle types can only be about noise, and that is already covered. This is just a question I have, but I won't be at the meeting......!

If there is any issue from the perspective of motorcycle use it should be about what the circuit owner is kind enough to allow his facility to be used for and the terms surrounding that. Gawd knows how in some way this aspect becomes something Council should have any interest in at all, it seems to be an invalid use of their powers - which of course is just my opinion not something I am well versed in!

Edit: Adding the summary text to this post:
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: shippy__ on 08 Oct 2013, 04:54 PM
 I won’t be there either, I bought a massive head cold back from Italy……and yes I did tour the Ducati factory, I looked at the factory line where my baby was born, watched a bike run in on the dyno as mine was once upon a day

Noise?  Isn’t there a motocross track next door, couldn’t be noise surely.

Moderator edit: Removed comment that could be misinterpreted by others, a momentary lapse from the "massive head cold" and I hope you get well soon!
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: VinceS on 08 Oct 2013, 05:00 PM
Exactly!!! But there is a process to be followed and that needs to happen, we only get to be spectators there but I will be volunteering for stewarding duties (at which I am eminently qualified) and of course discretion is appropriate (incl public domain statements) and I believe we will add value so we'll just have to rely on others coming to the same conclusion. Stay tuned ........
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex - Approved!!!
Post by: VinceS on 08 Oct 2013, 09:14 PM
Report just in:

9 councilors in favour, 1 abstention. Voted on @ ~6pm. Many happy people.
 Earthworks should start early 2014, then 12 months to completion.
 All going well, of course. No motorcycles 'though.
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex - 9/10/13 Newsletter
Post by: VinceS on 09 Oct 2013, 09:42 PM
DA update.
View this email in your browser


Port Stephens Council unanimously voted to approve our Development Application last night.

There is still a lot of work to be done to turn this project into a reality and we shall update you as we proceed.

Thank you for your support.

Copyright © 2013 Ringwood Raceway, All rights reserved.
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: Chris on 30 Jan 2014, 03:30 PM
Any updates?
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: VinceS on 05 Feb 2014, 07:08 PM
I figure the best way to get an update is to look over the fence next time I'm passing and have a sticky beak, from a respectable distance of course. Dunno when that will be, but anyone else should feel free to have a crack at it and let us know what they see!

It's here:
Title: Luddenham Raceway - opens 1st Aug 2014
Post by: VinceS on 05 Feb 2014, 07:47 PM
See ( and (

First I heard of this is as just going through the while-I-was-having-a-ball-on-the-TintaldraTTT 150+ emails (what crazy shyte has happened to the world!!!), and have an early bird opportunity (as a CAMS club member) to book in for the opening session. Now I probably won't be doing that, but figured the news should go here for a mention; if we want to get "chatty" about it can start another topic. But nice to see the demise of Oran Park got people thinking about it all - and doing something!

PS: re the Dungog Circuit idea I was told by a local on the Tintaldra weekend that his sense is that the obstacles to getting the track to happen will probably be too great for those behind it. The spirit and council is willing, but the harsh realities of getting it to happen in an economically viable way seem to be too hard to overcome. This is just one person's opinion and I wouldn't know either way. So we shouldn't hold our breath on that one. I have been recently told similar things about the Singleton option; ie for various reasons it is likely to stay in the "pie in the sky" box for the foreseeable future... bring on Ringwood!!!
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: Chris on 15 Feb 2014, 10:28 PM
I drove through italia road the other day but it didn't seem to be any activity going on there.
Have they even broken ground yet or is everything still getting planned out and all that?
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: Colinoz on 16 Feb 2014, 01:08 PM
My reckoning is that when the first sod is turned, there will be much tv & press coverage.
Scroll down to below the Ringwood flyer & see Vince's post of my note from the council meeting.

I just came across my copy of the Proposal as approved (in principal) by the council.
On page 7 under the heading 'Noise', followed by 'Objections', then 'Comments':
Para. 3 " It is agreed that the site's proximity to the Respite Centre(1.5km), King's Hill (2km)
and residences is not ideal. However, it is considered that the development (which does not
include motorbikes) can operate within the limits recommended by the relevant noise guidelines".

I suspect that the clause may have inserted to assist in the proposal's transit through council.
It may also be that after, say, 12 months of noise monitoring, that a 'test' motorcycle  event be
held. But don't quote me on that.

Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex - CAMS Update of NSW Tracks - Edited
Post by: VinceS on 12 Mar 2014, 12:14 PM
 Edit. It turns out the CAMS release was made by an official that hadn't checked the facts and the below referenced link has been removed which is confirmation they are aware there were mistakes in the info. Ringwood is a Category B track (not A as stated). Per the DA it needs to go through the normal Council approval process for the issuing and completion of Construction Certificates etc. As you can see if you look over the fence the land has been cleared. But the CAMS statements about Aug-Sept completion and anything that might happen to approvals after that are simply not anchored in reality. From what I understand of these processes, construction should be completed this year, but that is not a foregone conclusion. We'll just have to wait and see. Hopefully we will see some revised info in a future bulletin from the gurus of motorsport (they come out monthly) but for now I have made appropriate corrections to the below table.

And for some other brilliant news, seems the Central Coast Nov 2009 knockback of the Wyong Automotive Racing Precinct stirred good people into action. Preparation for the CASAR track in Wyong got seriously underway in July 2010. See: (

 More details below, from: ( (of course with the removal of this link you would have to wonder about the validity of the rest of the info shown; however easy enough to separately verify)

NSW Facilities Update:

Venue / Facility Development

Latest Updates

More Information

Luddenham Raceway (1.2km Category C track)

DA issued. Media release on CAMS website. Expected to be operating January 2015.

CAMS has secured all affiliated clubs first preference with bookings.

Contact: [url=http://mailto:[email protected]][email][email protected][/email]

Shoalhaven - Braidwood Road, Yerriyong

Motorcycle NSW still progressing with DA.

Ringwood Hillclimb

Extention of track nearly completed.

Ringwood Raceway (2.9km Category B track)

DA issued. Expected to be operating late 2014 / early 2015

Currently restricted to 3 race meetings per year and 47 sprints for club events.

Sydney International Dragway

Now approved for Motorkhana and Khanacross in the precinct – clubs need to contact SID directly

Riverina Motor Complex (Wagga Wagga) –

DA has been submitted for race circuit. Hit a road block as residents oppose and there are concerns about the road leading in which is a notorious blackspot.

CASAR Park (Wyong)

Still obtaining funding and in-kind support for DA and construction. Council will contribute significantly towards costs of DA.
  (http://mailto:[email protected])
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: Chris on 25 Jul 2014, 10:43 PM
been quite some time since we heard any updates on this, is it still going ahead?
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex - Update, kinda...
Post by: VinceS on 31 Oct 2014, 06:05 PM
I was told at the King Edward Hill Climb "there has been quite some delay getting a construction certificate issued. When that happens the track will be built quickly thereafter". I don't know what the issues / timing are. The land clearing was done early this year, which I guess the DA approval allows, but obviously construction is another matter. I just checked the Council website and it doesn't explain anything. Some administrative thing obviously happened but that was just a formality from the look of it:

49 Italia Road BALICKERA  NSW  2324 (
Type of Work Road,  Relocate Driver Training Area
Application No. 564/2011
Date Lodged 15/08/2011
Cost of Work $4,000,000.00
Determination Approved by Council
Determination Date 18/10/2013

 49 Italia Road BALICKERA  NSW  2324 (
Type of Work Road,  Relocate Driver Training Area - S.96 Modification
Application No. 564/2011
Date Lodged 07/01/2014
Cost of Work $0.00
Determination Approved with Conditions
Determination Date 17/01/2014

Patience I guess is a virtue. Suffice to say it is still happening and hasn't hit some misadventure. Which is good news I s'pose, but oh the delays, seemingly all driven by local council bureaucratic processes. If you want to help make a difference there read this: ( and add your name to this: ( - I did.
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex - More Paperwork!!!
Post by: VinceS on 28 May 2015, 07:46 PM
Just wondering where this is at and checked the council's website. Bugger me Ringwood Raceway are being made to jump through more hoops. I don't have any idea what this is about right now, but put DA number 564/2011 into the council's DA enquiry ( and you find the following:

Application InformationProperty Details45 Italia Road BALICKERA  NSW  232449 Italia Road BALICKERA  NSW  2324
Type of WorkReduce Existing Track, Relocate Existing Pit Area & Access Road,  Relocate Driver Training Area - Secton 96 Modification
Application No.564/2011
Date Lodged10/03/2015
Cost of Work$0.00
Assessing OfficerMS B A MARTIN
Applicant AddressPO BOX 831 NEWCASTLE  NSW  2300
 Application Information ( | Application Stages And Status ( | Application Stages And Status
Stage DescriptionOpen DateCompleted DateStatus
Referral - Waste Water Officer18/03/201501/04/2015Completed
Referral - Water & Energy18/03/2015Awaiting
Ext Ref - NSW RFS18/03/2015Awaiting
Application Information Check11/03/201511/03/2015Completed
Referred to Mgr for Allocation11/03/201511/03/2015Completed
Allocation - Building Surveyor18/03/2015Awaiting
Allocation to Planner18/03/2015Awaiting
External Referrals18/03/201518/03/2015Completed
External Referrals18/03/201518/03/2015Completed
Request Additional Info of App16/04/2015Awaiting
Referral-Development Engineer18/03/201514/05/2015Completed
Referral - Traffic Engineer18/03/2015Awaiting
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: Sammydog on 01 Jun 2015, 06:39 PM
I don't know about the statement "being made to jump through more hoops". No one forces a developer to lodge an amendment to an approved application.

[/size]Looking through the tracker, the applicant has requested a modification to a condition dealing specifically with "an integrated Development Site Management Plan, Native Vegetation Rehabilitation Plan and Habitat Tree Assessment" required before a CC can be issued.

[/size]A further look at the information outstanding to satisfy the condition and I would say it would be easier to comply with the condition and move on than argue the toss on it.

Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: VinceS on 01 Jun 2015, 07:26 PM
Well I DO appreciate what you are saying here Sammydog. My simplistic and uninformed view is that a construction certificate should be readily issued within a relatively short timeframe after DA has been granted. The fact that a year and a half later it hasn't happened, and that it was a year later that the amendment occurred LOOKS like unwarranted hoop generation by a party. And detailed planning around trees SOUNDS like unreasonable obstruction by a party.

Contrast what is happening around the Wyong Shire and the Casar Park motorsport complex. Further apart than chalk and cheese and frankly accountability and responsibility to act in the best interests of the communities represented is sorely missing in the more northern entity.

Personally I hope the Pt Stephens Council is fully exposed to and affected by the consequences of the NSW Govt campaign ( to drive out the sort of ineptitude that is being played out so nakedly in this particular DA. What people have convinced themselves is appropriate and due process simply isn't, but there is extreme reluctance to recognise that as the personal consequences may be just too great. This of course is my personal opinion, to the extent I can reasonably outline it in a public forum. Have a beer with me and I will be happy to share more....

Of course it is equally open to anyone that feels the above view is a little harsh to provide a credible explanation as to why a minor re-purposing of a block of pretty ugly scrub already utilised for motorsport for decades has taken over 7 years and counting to get off the ground (check the first post here)? Please don't blame the proponent for their delays in preparing for the synchronised hoop-jumping event when what they should REALLY have heard (once the "no drag-strip?" check was done) is "Thank you, we really appreciate that you want to do this great thing for our shire with no strings attached. How can we help you make it happen?" Oh, hang on - that is what the Wyong Shire is doing. And the same noises came out of Dungog Council who are seriously looking to get a similar facility going. So Pt Stephens' problem is what exactly? Thought so!
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: Sammydog on 01 Jun 2015, 08:04 PM
I'm not familiar with the sites of the other two potential race tracks you reference, but I do know that the Ringwood site is subject to a lot of constraints that bring in a lot of external referral bodies. While you describe the site as "ugly bush" various ecological maps give  very different value to the site. And thats only scratching the surface of the site constraints. As much as you would like them to, staff do not have the discretion to just write them off when requirements are legislated.

Are you comparing apples with apples when you compare the different sites? Id suggest you aren't.

Lets see how the Wyong and Dungog DA's pan out, and lets see how ecologically, and other, constrained the sites are.

Rightly or wrongly, Port Stephens own mayor declares the area "open for business" and often calls applications to Council that staff are, in his opinion, unreasonably blocking. The majority of management at council set out to appease him. He himself will admit he sees himself and the council area as above the legislation if something is good for the area. Ask yourself why he hasn't gotten involved in this proposal and pushed it through?[size=78%] [/size]

The purpose of a DA should be to "test the waters" so to speak with the technical detail left to the CC. So yes, a CC should be a matter of ticking a few boxes and moving on. The DA consent should be explicit in what technical detail is required to move on. If its not provided then that is unfortunately on the applicant. 

I wholeheartedly agree there needs to be a massive overhaul of Local Govt. But that won't do a thing for DA's until a reform of the various planning legislation is undertaken. This has been flagged for a long time but no govt has had the intestinal fortitude to actually move on and do it.

DA's taking 7 years are the exception, and usually they have one thing in common....a severe lack of information. I agree that DA's and CC's shouldn't take as long as they have in this case, but I can't say that the blame is skewed towards council as you believe.
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
Post by: TopDOG on 02 Jun 2015, 12:21 PM
if its meant to happen guys it will, good things come to those who are patient and wait.  ;D
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex - a kinda update - it's still happening!!!
Post by: VinceS on 07 Jun 2016, 12:44 AM
I was just speaking to someone in the know the other day. Whilst anyone not in that happy condition would have to be wondering if the wheels fell off and the whole thing got abandoned I can assure you this absolutely hasn't happened. I have the details and still struggle to believe bureacratic processes could be so slow, but it seems there are a lot of cooks here and, by and large, they are just hunkering down and getting on with the getting on of it all.

It will happen, but I am not going to have a guess at when!

Picking around the DA tracker is a bit more tricky as a bunch of paperwork has sprung up around derivative activities flowing from the initial approval. The most recent relevant one seems to be this:

Application: Construction Certificate (10 - 2011 - 564 - 2)Application Status: Determined
Determination Date: 02/11/2015                           
Determination Type: Council Approved CC
so CC approval 7 months ago is good news, but my more recent info suggested the conditions were quite something to do and hence the further passage of time. At least this will cheer up those that had given up on the whole thing. But no info / promises as to exactly when...!
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex - Going Public!
Post by: VinceS on 04 Aug 2016, 11:42 AM
For anyone that didn't see the Newspaper article last week, details are here: ( Seems we now have a kinda promise to get it done by next June at the latest, depending on how the final builder negotiations and construction goes...

And lovely to see that Mr Higgins has decided he is now OK for people to know of his passion, and backing of this facility, which can only be a good thing!
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex - Now Circuit Italia! c/w new website
Post by: VinceS on 04 Aug 2016, 12:29 PM
Yep, it is here:

For some reason the old website doesn't redirect at the moment, but the new one does mention there is no need to sign up as a supporter if already done so on the old one.
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Post by: TopDOG on 08 Dec 2016, 06:56 PM
A look at the track so far!! (
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Post by: VinceS on 15 Dec 2016, 12:34 PM
Scottie that video is of the Hillclimb track which was funded by the purchase of the main track land from the MG Car club. To get that upgrade through the approval process was a pretty straightforward thing, hence they were able to get the thing built and have been using it for at least a year - there are references earlier in this topic with details about that.

Note the main track was renamed to Circuit Italia to avoid precisely the confusion that has set the trap here - namely (pun intended!) the Hillclimb track was called Ringwood and it would be forever a confusion if the circuit track had the same name, which obviously someone on the track side noticed and fixed.

Where is it at? Right now I don't actually know and there is nothing on the website / expected emailed updates from subscribing to the list. I have it on my "wanna to do list" to just get out there and look at the ground and see what is there; dunno when that will happen with everything else going on but... If anyone else cares to do this please put pics / story up here!
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Post by: TopDOG on 15 Dec 2016, 12:53 PM
Thanks Vince i thought that track looked a little small & tight for even Troy Bayliss to corner and get enough speed to give his knee sliders a workout & while speaking of him i hear the rain on the road outside making me worry about that other event i mentioned im going to on Sunday in that other topic but maybe the dogs can hold a day at Circuit Italia once its completed and invite him along for a ride!!! :P
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Post by: VinceS on 06 Mar 2017, 09:58 AM
From the man ( himself:

Circuit Italia is calling for Expressions of Interest from those motorsport enthusiasts, both individual and groups, interested in 'penciling in' a date or dates for track/venue hire or 'Arrive & Drive' sessions. Construction is expected to be completed Q4 2017. Feel free to contact us via our contact page for further information with regard to lodging your Expression of Interest.Thank you.
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Post by: Brett on 06 Mar 2017, 12:17 PM
I couldn't help notice that it says 'Arrive and Drive'.

What is the current status / plan for track / race motorcycles to use this facility ?

Some time back, I recall them being excluded initially, or I may have that confused.

I do recall bicycles getting a big nod, but they're a far too greater risk for me.
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Post by: VinceS on 06 Mar 2017, 03:39 PM
As I understand it, the term "not including motorcycles" was included to pacify an individual, not because there is any prima-facie reason related to noise, pollution / whatever that sets this vehicle type apart from others. But there is a long game here and it needs to play out. Whatever happens is very much up to the facility's owner and he has proven he will take steady sensible steps and not rock any boats needlessly, so we'll just have to wait to see what happens.

There may be social events or training events that include motorcycles, who knows. It is a case of seeing how the track goes then sounding out / putting up any particular proposals we may care to. For instance duplicating the DOCNSW 40th birthday bash on 18/12/16 at Eastern Ck as a training day at Circuit Italia is at least one thing I would like to explore.

I have also been "getting into" my personal project to knock 20% off the road toll (see for details) and this is something that could easily work in parallel with the circuit in initial commercialisation, plus it is totally suited to motorcycle application which you can be sure I will be developing once the car one is proven.

I thought I read somewhere bicycles were out, or was that go-karts...? dunno, on account of not caring!
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Post by: Brett on 06 Mar 2017, 04:38 PM
I'm with you on the DOC replica / social day idea, and happy to help make that happen, in any way I can.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not pissing on the place, it just seems like it's been watered down, in terms of an overall offering, almost every step of the way, which I now understand is obviously to clear immediate and unforeseen 'hurdles', but as you well know, the more you take out of these things, the harder it gets to put back in later on.  I'd just hate to see bikes race motorcycles miss out, after all of this, given it's proximity to us.

CASAR looks like it's full steam ahead for everyone, which is great.  If Italia does the same, we'll be laughing ?

I'm not clear from detail on the Italia web site, as it seems a little ambiguous, so do you know if permanent pit garages etc will be in place when it opens in a few months ?

First impressions are everything, after all...
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Post by: VinceS on 07 Mar 2017, 03:55 PM
the more you take out of these things, the harder it gets to put back in later on. ... hate to see bikes race motorcycles miss out...

There are many practical pathways to deal with the "matters arising" and I am reliably informed there is a strong appetite to pursue this cause. In a gently does it kind of way, to be sure... Of course it would be ridiculous that racing motorcycles are not allowed at the venue as there is nothing about their nature in operation that is different to cars. Collectively, motorcyclists may not have as solid commercial backing as car racing, but when it comes to community participation days (eg ride days) my observation is that the genre of motorcycling is much better supported in participation rates. These things aren't secret and undoubtedly common sense will prevail in time...

CASAR looks like it's full steam ahead for everyone, which is great.  If Italia does the same, we'll be laughing ?
Great to see what is happening for Casar Park as it looks like they have cleared the final go/no go hurdles, but Circuit Italia will be finished way ahead of Casar Park! Casar is at about where Cicuit Italia was in 2012 - while I expect their path forwards will be a less troubled one, they will not catch up any time soon...

I'm not clear from detail on the Italia web site, as it seems a little ambiguous, so do you know if permanent pit garages etc will be in place when it opens in a few months ?
Circuit Italia's website says they will open with temporary infrastructure and replace it with permanent infrastructure once a separate DA is approved for its construction. I have made no attempt to find out what the status of any further related DA may be. However I note all the artists impressions include it so rather suspect a fair bit of progress will have been made.
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Post by: VinceS on 07 Mar 2017, 04:13 PM
Just had a look at the revamped DA tracker and the latest DA related docs for Italia Rd Balickera are dated 28/07/2015 per attached. This appears to be the final hurdle related to getting the actual track approved and there has been nothing since. This link might work: and from there you can see earlier docs. Otherwise go here and put in street and suburb:
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Post by: VinceS on 23 Mar 2017, 10:43 PM
Just in case anyone didn't see this  ( week ago, see below.

With these announcements, I can now let the cat out of the bag that Paul Martin was the guy that tapped me on the shoulder at the Newcastle toy run in 2008 and said "we need to talk", which we have done several times over the years. Paul is a sensible and capable gentleman and will have a steady hand on the tiller getting this facility to blossom into a fully operational motorsport venue that we will be proud to have in the area. Glad to see he has stuck with it and finally gets to play a bigger role.

By way of qualification of earlier posts going back over the years, I just need to formally state that Paul has been an absolute gentleman and a model of discretion in our chats. Things I have implied / discovered and talked about earlier came from other excitable chaps with vested interests, and whom I won't talk about unless they bob up and want it to be so!

Whilst there isn't much he can do about it any time soon, Paul has a soft spot for motorcycling and he will undoubtedly have the interests of the sport in mind when looking at future developments.

Q1. When are you starting and when will it be completed?
The project has a number of starting points.
Masterplan: Design, planning and engagement with regulatory bodies started more than 5 years ago and is now finalised with the relevant approvals in place.
Construction: Tenders have been received and a contract will soon be awarded for construction. Construction will commence in the second qtr of 2017, with completion due by end of October, 2017.
Personnel: Two senior appointments have been made. Paul Martin, who has been consulting during the master planning stage, has commenced full time and will manage the circuit operations. Damien White, who was in a senior management position with Supercars Australia, before stints at the South Australia Motorsport Park and Ipswich Motorsport Precinct will focus on marketing and business development.

Q2. Why is it called Circuit Italia?
The circuit name was derived from the road it’s on – Italia Road.
Q3. Where is it?
Italia Road, just off the Pacific Hwy north of Raymond Terrace35 minutes north of Newcastle15 minutes from Newcastle airport45 minutes west of Nelson Bay45 minutes to the Hunter wine region

Q4. What is the circuit layout?
Wedged into the side of a hill our circuit designer, Grant Liddell, has taken advantage of the natural topography to create a 14 corner 2.9km layout with extreme changes in elevation; something that is missing from most circuits in the country. The radical rise and fall will bring back memories of Amaroo and Oran Park, all designed and built to the highest safety standard (FIA Grade 2).
Q5. How much will it cost to drive my car on it or book the whole venue?
Paul and Damien are finalising pricing structures and the various product offerings. In terms of arrive and drive or whole of venue bookings, we are targeting a price point which will keep us competitive with the current circuits available.
Q6. Can I ride my motorcycle on the circuit?
Motorcycle use was a consideration during the master planning and circuit design stage, however the current council approval does not include it. A further Development Application (DA), which would require an environmental noise impact assessment, would be required to permit motorcycle use.
Q7. Will there be driver training at the circuit?
Yes. Circuit Italia considers driver education, particularly for young people, an important service to facilitate. There will be a purpose-built driver training area that can be used for specific training in addition to that conducted on the circuit.
Q8. Can I do drifting, and will there be drift events at the circuit?
It is vital that we maintain the facility to the highest standard for all users, so drifting will not be conducted on the main circuit. We will, however, permit drifting and drifting events to be conducted on the driver training area.
Q9. How can I get involved?
We have been overwhelmed by, and are extremely grateful for, the volume of requests/offers to be involved. Your willingness to give your time to contribute to the success of Circuit Italia reinforces our belief that grassroots and club based competition still has an important place in the motorsport landscape.
We are currently exploring the options to establish a club. When done, we will distribute the relevant information and invite applications.
Q10. Where can I stay?
There are many affordable options in Raymond Terrace and surrounds; with the convenience of being only 10 minutes away.
If you’re planning to stay a few days and visit the broader region you may want to explore the many options in Port Stephens, Newcastle or the Hunter wine region. Most of these are well within 45 minutes of Circuit Italia.
Thank you.
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Post by: VinceS on 18 Feb 2018, 08:48 PM
Just found out the ACTUAL status of the new Italia Raceway track being built just north of Raymond Terrace. Courtesy of RCIOS (Race Cars In Ozzie Sheds) is video footage taken earlier today: (

That's a pretty serious start on the earthworks so it means they have got over all the paper hurdles and are finally at "GO"!!!
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Post by: TopDOG on 13 Apr 2020, 02:52 AM
Anymore progress on this track anybody? I noticed the video's been taken down now and I cant see any photos of the new pits building construction  :o
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Post by: VinceS on 13 Apr 2020, 08:06 AM
Go for a drive and have a look over the fence maybe? But do remember to take a token bag of groceries with you!
Title: Re: Ringwood Motor Sports Complex Update - On track, getting there, awaits focus
Post by: VinceS on 27 Aug 2020, 04:55 PM

From: (

Circuit Italia quashes construction rumours

An aerial view of Circuit Italia showing the ‘event space’ carved into the hillside and superimposed image of T14 Complex

Developers of the new Circuit Italia motorsport complex near Newcastle have quashed rumours that the facility is under threat.
More than 30 percent of the physical construction of the 3.1km circuit has been finished, but has been put on hold due to the availability of circuit owner/developer Matthew Higgins to commit needed time to the project.
Higgins, a successful Newcastle businessman and motorsport enthusiast, announced plans for the facility back in 2015 (
The recent delay in construction had created rumours in the marketplace about the actual completion of the project, which have been totally discarded by one of the project heads, former Supercars Director of Sport, Damien White.
“We understand there has been some speculation surrounding the status of Circuit Italia, but have not reacted because simply we had not been asked until you ( called,” White told
“I can confirm while the physical work of circuit construction is on hold, our work has not stopped.
“To be clear, the hold on construction has nothing to do with government funding, geology or council interference. Simply, Matthew (Higgins) is currently focused on another project.
“He is very hands on and wants to be involved and enjoy the process of circuit construction to make sure it’s exactly how he envisioned it.”
The project team engaged design consultant Matty Brabeck from Hauswerk to assist with a redesign of the permanent buildings and the use of the overall space.
Brabeck is the son of Crimsafe founder Steve Brabeck, who was co-owner of DJR Team Penske before his passing in January 2018 (
White says that once reconstruction recommences, the circuit could be completed in no more than six months.
“While I’ve been busy with overall facility layout and design, my colleague, Paul Martin, is managing the site, including our significant responsibilities under our Construction Stormwater Management Plan,” said White.
“We engaged Ditchfield for the circuit construction, and they’re one third complete.
“With the same crew numbers, it would be another six months to completion.
“That said, the crew numbers can be increased to reduce the timeline if necessary. Ditchfield have been great to work with and they’re as motivated as us to see the circuit completed”.
The redesign has included a re-working of the pitlane entry to decrease entry speed and make it safer and a reduction and relocation of permanent buildings, while retaining a 12,500sqm paddock area.
“With the significant elevation changes around the circuit, and now the slower pit lane entry, we have achieved a very challenging and safe 3.1km layout,” said White.
“Our attention then turned to a review of the paddock area, pit lane and associated buildings to ensure they were efficient, and relevant to our day-to-day requirements.
“We worked with Matty Brabeck from Hauswerk over a number of months to achieve something we’re incredibly pleased with.
“In the review we concluded we would be over-serviced by constructing a traditional pit facility, as it would only be fully utilised during major events, so we relocated and reduced it, which has then created a very versatile space clear of any buildings.
“We created the ‘T14 Complex’, made up of a parc ferme and storage building, which includes office and medical spaces and the Lounge/Clubhouse, which is truly amazing.
“It’s positioned on the circuit’s edge and provides a view of the high-speed Turn 13, the braking into the Turn 14 hairpin, the kink of the final turn and all the way down the start/finish straight.”
Construction will recommence once Higgins has the available time to commit to the project.