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An active, Ducati focussed local group. Started by Terry who rang me whilst Kellie and I were on a DOCNSW Tasmania ride, day 2. As you know, I have lamented the lack of 'the bbq committee' to breathe life into the local Ducati scene for some time now. This is not that, but it will do. Let's see what it builds into; participation is a great way to influence that...
what's the tie up with the Italian place Vincenzo ?
I'm sorry to have become your splinter Vince
(sent out as an Announced Topic to all)

The Hunter Ducati Owners group has had a truly awesome history (see Whilst the Ducati passion lives on, things change... So, with joy and excitement, I introduce you to SuperNova Ducati Facebook Group (see, where many 'old DOGs' and new friends can be found. Do sign up to join; only pre-requisite is that you own a Ducati, and live in the Hunter area. Regular pillions of members are good too.

SuperNova Desmo has started a monthly tradition of a pleasant Italian themed night out at Basement On Market St ( on third Wednesday of the month. 6pm arrive, by Ducati if you can; 7.30pm meal. The next one is a week away on 17th  March 2021. Love to see you rock up too and share your Ducati love.

SuperNova Desmo was spontaneously started by others a month or so ago, to fill the obvious need of a growing Ducati base in the Hunter for a bit of social interaction around these fabulous motorcycles. I understand Frasers is very interested in providing useful support, be it BBQ's, exclusive events, or whatever else seems like a good thing to do at the time; check it out live and happening on Facebook!

I also request you please sign up for individual membership of MCC-NSW, see The tireless volunteers there do fantastic work for the motorcycling community. For those of us who reap the rewards to chuck in $25 / year is not much to ask, but makes a real difference to empower these fabulous fellow motorcyclists that you hardly ever see, but often get the benefits of. Be it slugging away for better green slip pricing, or more parking, and so much more, they are in there doing it. And their professional conduct has earned them great respect in the corridors of power, so they are effective. Which I have seen first-hand for many years, and played a minor role in occasionally. And hey, the present Chairman is a Nova(castrian) too, let’s show ‘em we care!

The DOG's website will be progressively closed down after some of the widely read technical pages in the forum have been moved for continued enjoyment by all. I stickied what looked useful at,24.0.html and am intending to move the main bits of these topics to, and a couple of stickied bits in other areas, but the rest of it vanishes into the ether. Let me know if you think it should be any different.

Cheers and Thanks for all the Good Times. See ya at SuperNova… Vince S
Another way to get rid of the noise is to buy the lower quality Japanese, Chinese, American or Asian brands of postie bikes that all the ladies ride!!!
General Discussion / A Happer New Year
« Last post by TopDOG on 05 Jan 2021, 11:08 AM »
I hope Santa DOG came to you all with your new Ducati or some safety gear like a new helmet or leathers or some new sticky tyres to protect you riding your beautiful bike, or some track time to help you to improve on your riding skills, basically anything other than some time in hospital or any other japanese motorbike which i basically the same with both things making you disabled!!

Ducati Love Topdog

Another scrumptious MCCNSW Newsletter:

Hi All,

Great news!  The MCC are pleased to announce that our February 2021 meeting will be our first “face-to-face” meeting with delegates and friends of the MCC.  It seems a long-time coming and I’m really looking forward to seeing and speaking with you all at Club Ryde. 
Please delegates, invite as many members from your clubs to attend.  It is important for the MCC committee to reconnect with as many of our members as possible on this momentous occasion of a legal gathering of like-minded individuals.
The ongoing issue with CTP scheme 
The MCC will not stop battling for the best and fairest outcome for motorcyclists of NSW. 
If you are encountering problems with making a CTP claim you should contact your club delegate or any member of the MCC committee directly.  We may be able to assist you.  SIRA (the regulator of CTP insurance) has proven to be open to investigate some cases where special circumstances are involved.
Motorcycle Awareness Month 2020

MAM went well this year with many events organised on a much lower profile due to the damn Covid.
One of the more notable events was the Cessnock City Council Joe Rider campaign, which was a joint-venture between several of the councils of the Upper Hunter region. 
The event received 605 sightings which is a fantastic result.  The MCC is pleased and proud that we were invited as guest speakers to the opening of this inaugural event.  We also received good airtime coverage on NBN Newcastle local news. 
A big thank you goes to the Road Safety Officers who organised and ran the event from all those councils involved.
MotoCAP going from strength to strength
The Five-star rating system for motorcycle safety clothing have seen many manufacturers being added to the list.  This rating system quantifies the claims of manufacturers that their products perform as advertised. 
Due to the MCC’s efforts, several committee members recently attended a demonstration at Crashlab.  The facility and their testing regime is very impressive.  We also received good air-time on local news media.
Trail Riders subcommittee at MCC 
Several people have boldly stepped forward and formed a subcommittee under the MCC.  Their first task was information gathering from the various groups and individual trail bike riders. 
This rapidly expanding pastime has proven over the past several months to be a valuable means of maintaining a balanced strong mental health as well as physical fitness.  
Anyone who enjoys this outdoor activity is invited to join the Facebook page.  

The MCC is eager for any recreational riding groups with a formal or informal structure to join the MCC.  This will give your riding group a good solid base of information and support.  It also enables us to represent the needs of all recreational riders of NSW as fervently as we represent all other forms of motorcycling within NSW. 
Please check out the MCC website for further details of membership and the activities of the MCC that benefit all motorcyclists of NSW.
So get out there and ride, visit and support our regional communities  who are recovering from Covid and bushfires and drop a line to the MCC of where your groups are visiting so others may also benefit.  

I’m sure you are all sick of hearing about COVID-19 but do not become complacent as familiarity leads to contempt which, may lead to infection.  Please, follow all the instructions and advice from the health professionals especially in washing your hands - a simple and necessary task. 

Happy holidays,  
Chairman MCCofNSW



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Motorcycle Council of NSW meetings
The Motorcycle Council of NSW meets on the first Monday of each month at
Club Ryde, 724 Victoria Rd, Ryde at 6:30 PM.  However, during COVID-19 restrictions, we are conducting video-conferencing of our meetings.

Meetings are not only for clubs or delegates. All motorcyclists are invited to attend.

Next meetings  - 1st February 2021 (@ Club Ryde)
1st March 2021 (@ Club Ryde)
5th April 2021 (@ Club Ryde)




Helping motorcyclists since 1981

What's been happening at MCC


Sydney CBD Motorcycle Parking Survey -
Results Nov 2020

From your survey, Meriton are offering 24/7 secure motorcycle parking in Sussex Street, Sydney at less than $10 per day on a monthly contract.

Click here to read the results


Motorcycle theft predicted to climb with pandemic 
 Geoff Hughes from NMVRC, advises how we can secure our motorcycles at home and when out and about.
Read here


 Your next road trip could be here.

Some of our favourite motorcycle rides in NSW. 
Pack your bags, off we go! 

Road trips



Heading interstate these summer holidays?
Check your CTP Insurance if you are covered.  NSW CTP Insurance covers riders and drivers for single vehicle crashes but only if the accident occurs in NSW.  The CTP legislation in the State or Territory in which the crash occurs, determines the compensation you receive.  
Learn more.



         Helping motorcyclists since 1981

What's coming up...



Over the coming months, the committee will be working on:

  • Encouraging trail clubs and riding groups to join the MCC - to help preserve the rights of trail bike riders and access to the track network for riders of registered trail bikes.



Motorcycling Events on at ....

* Please check event websites for COVID-19 updates


Our next survey will be on ...
This survey will be created by NMVTRC about motorcycle theft.  They want to hear about your experience with motorcycle theft and what you do to protect your bike.
We will let you know when the link is available.




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Get up to 10%* off your Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft, Third Party Liability and Dirt Bike Cover Insurance.
*MCC Associate Members.


Monaland Insurance has an arrangement with Allianz providing NSW Greenslips at Fleet Rates to MCC affiliated club members who are 30 and over.
Hours are 6pm until 9pm Monday to Friday however if urgent and outside these hours, please call anytime and we will assist you where possible.

Kevin and Deborah Sutherland: 0412 783 322



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Cheers VinceS for getting back so quick , didnt see it come on Fri.  I will get on to it. Thanks for the info to have a go myself.
Wondering what to do with the New Year to kick it off better than the current one has worked out? Try this to put a smile on ya dial:

From: Christopher Pearson []
Subject: All Fired Up 2021 Motorcycle Expo

Earlier this year The Coffs Harbour & District Motorcycle Restorer's Club Inc ran the highly successful All Fired Up 2020 Motorcycle Expo,
following on we now wish to advise your members about the 2021 event.
The event will again be held at Coffs Harbour Showground (Pacific Highway in the centre of town).
The dates are Saturday 2nd January & Sunday 3rd January 2021 from 10am-5pm with set up possible from 4pm Friday 1st January.
Last event saw some 200 motorcycles from 1915 to 2020 with a value of $2.75m.
Food & drinks will be onsite at very reasonable prices along with ample parking.
From ABC:

From ABC:
Next Tuesday November 24, we’re inviting all motorsport fans to tune into the television premiere of WAYNE - a high-octane documentary that explores the life of Wayne Gardner, a fearless racing competitor who helped define motorcycle racing both at home and abroad.
We’re sure you’d agree this will be a hit with your members and thought it would be great to give them a heads up about this inspiring documentary.

We’d really love your support, so to help spread the word, we’ve created a range of cross-platform assets to share on social, in e-newsletters and on your website and would love your help inviting your community to be part of the conversation in the lead up, during or post broadcast.

Our exclusive WAYNEassets, include:
·        Social ​Folder icon tiles for Facebook and Instagram
·        [/color]​docx icon Social distribution plan[/size]
·        E-newsletter [/color]​Folder icon tiles and [/color]​Folder icon banners [/size]
·        Link to trailer

The film will broadcast on ABC TV at 8.30pm Tuesday 24 November then available to stream on iview as part of our Tuesday nights of Sports Trailblazers collection.

For more information on WAYNE or request for additional assets or social distribution information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with myself or Marketing Manager, Cate Rounsefell (cc’d).

And, if you haven’t had a chance to watch the WAYNE trailer, you can check it out here:
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