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Title: How was the clubs breakfast today?
Post by: TopDOG on 05 Mar 2017, 03:45 PM
I'm truly sorry i was broke this morning and i couldn't even afford to be driven out to the club to be with you all due to the NSW trustee & guardian who control or keep my money from me deleting my emails before reading them the way im paying them to and for this im truly sorry!!  :(
Title: Re: How can the club get back to having weekend breakfasts?
Post by: VinceS on 05 Mar 2017, 05:08 PM
Scottie, you need to get your head around the reality that, until the things mentioned here ( happen, there is no point pretending other things can / are happening. None. This is a topic needing actions, not words.

A couple of weeks ago Kellie and I went along for Fraser's inaugural Dealership ride (, which got a dozen along for a quiet poke around the northern Newcastle roads and a free drink on Frasers when we got to the pie cart bit. Seems with Fraser Newcastle's latest dealership manager there is renewed interest in actively engaging with Ducati owners again as he and a couple of his staff are avid fans.

We'll see what happens there but (was it Steve Couri, or did I remember it wrong?) now well understands there is a fully able club support "to go" that just needs a few interested bodies to get involved and push it along. This is the "needs to happen" stuff, and any talk needs to be around that, much better face to face (or tank to tank), not over the www!

I have been along to see how it happens for the local Ulysses and can see that happen it does - supposed to be a ride today to upper Hunter, but no sunshine so I dipped out...

PS: Actually Scottie about the slippery dog story I just posted about, that happened on the Ulysses ride to Blackall Park - you were home and should have heard "certain sonic entertainment" as we blasted past two sides of your place... if you were wondering what that noise was. Didn't stand it up, as that is a generally unapproved activity by my lovely lady, but a bit of wheel hopping is OK for maximum sonic effect...