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Posted by: VinceS
« on: 27 Mar 2010, 09:48 AM »

Well That Went Well, to say the least!!!!!

Pics here with a special mention to my good wife Frances below for sorting out a great venue.

Every time we do one of these people just SOOOOOOOO enjoy themselves. The great company helped along by brilliant weather, roads to live for and no hassles.

The pictures tell some of the story, but there sure was a lot more to it. Everything that could've gone wrong didn't! The one breakdown we had was as we left Bathurst on Sunday morning, only a 15 minute fix after we figured out it was a kinked fuel hose.

Did I mention the roads were magnificent? Easy or as hard as you liked to make it with lots of open curves through magic countryside - and we mixed it up a fair bit.

Ten bikes being 12 people with Paul having to do a runner to get home to the chick on the 1198 below (understandable I guess - looks like trouble but!), or was it a boring old engagement party or something like that? Dunno, but nice to have his cool machine along (next time bring the chick - but she would need a new set of leathers as the ones she has on look a little something ......., that would be little!).

I guess the only down side was for those that were gunna come but got nailed by health issues (3), work issues (1) and slept in after getting tanked the night before (1) !!! - and of course those others that wanted to come but somehow got confused about weddings and the like being more important than a weekend away on the Duke - or other such ridiculous notions (joke, OK!). So, to the rest of you, next time we get it together to do something like this if heaven is in your way, move it. Earth too!

To our fabulous companions that did get away thanks for your company and helping make it such a great weekend for all of us.

As for anything else well, "What Happens on tour Stays On Tour" Which is entirely the appropriate place for things like that elephant trunk joke!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: Paul Whittaker
« on: 26 Mar 2010, 06:25 PM »

Hey Vince and Frances  ;D

What happen after i left you guys  ???
where's the pic's and story  ???
what happen to letting us know what an awesome time you guy's and girl's had and the photo's, waiting.... ::)
Posted by: Paul Whittaker
« on: 20 Mar 2010, 04:41 PM »

 :o Yes, what a sight a sea of red, Ducati's sweet  ;) A good turn up for the weekend ride away, a heap of Monster's a ST3, 748, 1000 sport, Mick Harwood and my 1098s  ;D
 >:( I could only go for the day which was awesome as I haven't been on the wiseman's ferry roads which was full of twist and turns, good fun. I rode as far as the first fuel stop at Ebeneser, which was a good ride with the return in it as well i hooked up with some guys going same way which was good although the were 3 Triumphs but that was OK nice guys. The Dogs continued on from there and headed on to Bathurst, Frances will have heaps more photo's to wet your apatite  for the next big ride, here's acouple I took along the way the meeting point and while waiting for the ferries, all good see you all next time  ;)
Posted by: IanM
« on: 19 Mar 2010, 06:41 PM »

I will be at ebenezer servo around 11.30am  :)
Posted by: VinceS
« on: 18 Mar 2010, 11:28 PM »

You Beauty, the rain has been put back a couple of days (it was for Sunday). Dry Sunny days now forecast:



PS: Using Booragul as the home town gets the forecasts for Nobbys but the temperatures at Cooranbong which I find is the most accurate balance for the general Newcastle area.
Posted by: VinceS
« on: 15 Mar 2010, 07:59 PM »

I have copied and pasted below a part of the last newsletter (filed in Admin section of the forum) just to get the continuity of info here. And to help figure out an answer to John's question. Last time I stuck my head in the museum it was free, obviously things change! I had expected we would call in there anyway as from memory it was a fairly short (and sweet) experience to get enough of a hit. I'm a fan anyway, and am part way through reading Brockie's "How Good Is This" biography.

Certainly we are better to do a lap of Mt Panorama before going to the pub as, despite the best intentions from the lounge room back home, once we get to our stop getting back on the bikes before departure only ever seems to be a good idea to a small few (typically = 0!). So, let's have a look at what the schedule might be:

Leaving Freemans 9:15am
147km (incl two ferry trips 15 mins total)
Leaving Ebenezer after fuel 11:45am
Leaving Oberon after lunch 2:30pm
Bathurst, arrive Mt Panorama 3:15pm

So yes, there should be enough time to get a look at the museum! The above schedule might appear conservative to some, but experience tells me it is realistic for group travel. If it rains and we go anyway, add about 1.5 hours to it!

Extract from 12/03/10 Newsletter:
For those that really can't decide until closer to the event (we know you're out there!) it turns out getting accommodation in the vicinity most shouldn't be a drama. So, if you're a last-minute-king, then you can check out the options that are listed here: and make your own arrangements. However it would be handy if we know you're coming so we can do a head count before leaving.

We will be doing a "pick-up" at Mangrove Mountain for a couple of our more southerly participants, and can make any other arrgt along the route if you have a need, just let us know. Just to be clear we will go to the end of Bumble Hill Rd => Springs Rd from Yarramalong where it comes out on the road to Peats Hill George Downs Dr. We will stop on this corner to regroup and say goodbye to our day trippers who turn right to Wollombi, we will turn left and then in 2km turn right down Bloodtree Rd which joins Wisemans Ferry Rd and see our companions wherever they wait along this section.

We will stop for fuel at Ebenezer, being 147km from Freemans (including two ferry crossing rest stops). Then Oberon in 145km with 48km to Bathurst. After leaving Ebenezer there will be several "catch-up stops as we pick our way through the turns to get to the Bells line, then a full regroup at Bell (75km from Ebenezer) for a proper leg stretch before the section to Oberon.

Please note that we are not insisting on financial club membership for participation at this (or any) club event. It occurs to me that we have never made that particularly clear, and it could be an issue for some? We know very well that anyone that wants to participate in what the club gets up to will eventually be very happy to shell out for the really low membership costs we have, which comes back to you anyway the first time you shell out for anything at Frasers with the 10% club discount.
Posted by: JBB
« on: 15 Mar 2010, 04:55 PM »

Hi All

Anyone keen on going to the National Motor racing museum at Mt Panaroma when we get to Bathurst ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

It is only $9 to get in and open from 9 till 4.30pm. Might have to go and have a look after a few laps of the circuit.


Posted by: Paul Whittaker
« on: 08 Mar 2010, 03:13 PM »

 :(  aaaaaaahhhh sounds like it's a top weekend away ,
shame i can't stay would have loved it, might ride with you guy's on the Saturday but return home same day will see a bit closer...
Looks like alot of intrest which is great  :)

Sorry I missed the breakfast on Sunday as i was still at work, also sounds like you had a good turn out, awesome  ;)
Posted by: VinceS
« on: 07 Mar 2010, 07:47 PM »

Please note Frances has put up the accommodation details here:

After the rollicking good breakfast this morning where everyone either is coming, or wanted to but had prior commitments (them's the breaks!), this is shaping up to be an excellent weekend away. And, as a bit of a jag, we have timed it to coincide with the celebration of all things Irish which received enthusiastic support from the about 20 people that rocked up this morning. We are expecting a minimum of 15 people now and have booked out the complete Jack Duggan pub where we will celebrate with the U2 show until the wee hours. Yes, that's right - Ducatisti may be a bit wrinkled in places but are young at heart. When Frances gave the choice of the quiet Park Hotel (a favourite with Ulysses clubs) against the nearby but maybe-a-bit-rowdy Irish pub down the road the shrieks of excitement from those present made it a 100% choice for a party weekend!

If it needs to be cancelled (delayed!) because of real rain (ie a couple of showers won't stop most from going) we are up for $15 a head cost if the weekend is canned, or your room cost if it is just you that doesn't come - otherwise a brilliant weekend will be had by all. There are some more details here and, if we do run out of rooms or you have another preference, you could check out nearby hotels by starting from here

So, if you want to come please confirm with Frances during the week.

PS: This is the entertainment we will be up for

ZU2 are a U2 tribute rock band that formed in Sydney, Australia in 2009. The band ....  is the credo that ensures ZU2 their success as a fresh tribute band. ZU2 have a paramount and distinctly recognizable sound covering all generations of U2?s musical explorations from the early 1980s to their most recent release of their twelfth album No Line on the Horizon. With an engaging stage presence this all translates to an energetic, enjoyable and entertaining ZU2 experience.
Posted by: JBB
« on: 04 Mar 2010, 06:00 PM »

Hi all,

I will be coming that weekend so far anyway. I am unavailable for breakfast as I am working shift on sunday.

Hope weather will be good and see you on the 20th at Freemans.

Dont book me any accomodation yet!!! Let me know where your staying and I will book myself closer to the day



Posted by: VinceS
« on: 03 Mar 2010, 10:52 PM »

Frances has volunteered to organise the accomm if people are clear that they are coming and able to manage direct booking / deposits / whatever themselves as long as they give her an idea of numbers first. If you want to cancel due to rain / whatever dealing with any deposit etc needs to be your personal responsibility.

Obviously a KEY change is that the club ride will be on the Saturday. We will go via Yarramalong and Wisemans, Bell and Oberon. The day only riders would peel off at Kulnura and go to Wollombi for lunch. This is only 340km to Bathurst so we will have plenty of time for a bit of sight seeing and a lap of Mt Panorama during the afternoon (we lucked out on the way back from Turismo as the Bathurst 12 Hour was on, but I have checked and there is nothing on 'til Easter!). Plus of course we get to do the Bells Line and those really cool sweepers just after the Hartley turn-off to Oberon.

The way home (393km)
A critical omission in the route below is Bylong. The road has been tarred right through now which greatly shortens the trip (by 100km) and builds the interest. See Apparently they are in the process of tarring the Wollar road also which will add good variety in future - we must make a point of asking a local where that is up to. The earlier part of the return trip involves that brilliant twisty road over the old goldfields through Sofala. Also on return we will do Elderslie and Duckenfield, a route many of us are familiar with and far prefer to the highway.

Now I know quite a few people are interested in this weekend away. The critical first thing is to put your hand up with quantities in the next few days. We have the club breakfast on at the 16 footers on this coming Sunday 7/03/10 and later that day Frances expects to sort out the accommodation. So, please put a note up here, contact us via or come along on Sunday. After that well you will be taking your chances on available accommodation. OK? Look forward to hearing from you and getting away for another beauty!
Posted by: Paul Whittaker
« on: 03 Mar 2010, 08:27 PM »

Hey gang,  ;D
 ;) top weekend ride away coming up, but not sure i can make it  :'(
Just happen to fall on my nephews engagement party, which i can't get out of so guess i will have to miss this ride  :(
Hope you have a big turn out and a top weekend away, and will be at the next one I hope...  :)

Club Ride + Blue Mtns Weekend Away (Freemans departure)
Description: KATOOMBA - LEURA
Home via kandos Ryleston denman jerrys plains singleton

Meet 8:30am at Freemans Waterhole Oaks for 9am departure (unless rain prevents). You will be going somewhere nice and in the company of friendly like minded people who love to ride their Ducatis, or they want to one day.

All are welcome and there is no club charge. We mostly adopt a ride practice of waiting at turns - this gives the faster riders a bit of a rest, and allows others to catch up at their own pace with no worries. We may sometimes use corner markers and / or tail riders depending on group size / destination / whatever, but the main thing is to ensure that everybody has a good time riding and in the company of others.

Please also note that the club accepts no liability whatsoever for your actions / losses, regardless of the cause - see disclaimer here:
Date: Saturday, 20/3/10
Repeat Type: Daily;Until=3/22/2010 12:00am
Time: All day event
Priority: 2-High
Access: Public
Created by: Vince Sunter
Updated: Wednesday, 11/11/09 6:15am GMT