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Posted by: nunga7
« on: 19 Feb 2011, 06:19 PM »

Hi all, sorry, no shocked to open the DOG news email and straight up see something about an incident. Shure kept me reading! Hope it is as it reads Vince, and it is just a bit of an ego bruise. Bikes can be replaced. 
Dam I'm glad my Mom and Dad doesn't have access to my emails! Sure would valedate their opressive-obsessive need to harass me constantly about how dangerous it is to ride on the Road!
So Tank Slap ay? May i ask was the tank full?
Interesting subject, i have had it only twice in my life. The last time was on my Duke and was wheelstand related. 1,2,3 gear on the back wheel absolutely perfect but touchdown was made on the change to 4th and on a section of road were some scattered gravel lie, unsure of exact speed? what i do know is that the steering jerking that occurred was not something you cold count. Id call it the DEATH WABBLES. Recon it happend because the front wheel had stopped spinning before touchdown on the gravely spot on the road. Snapped the front Fuelltank clip off and into pieces, also broke a side Fairing mount. It was over as fast as it started. Memory was i just backed off and i think the compression did the rest. Thought hard about a steering Damper and after pricing them decided to think about something else!
Less Wheelies? Naa! complain to Council about the state of the roads round here!!! ;)
Might see you next ride all, sounds you will end up in my back yard again, Bullah Mountain.
Posted by: VinceS
« on: 22 Jan 2011, 01:46 PM »

More Gory Details......
Posted by: VinceS
« on: 18 Jan 2011, 08:22 PM »

Seems I used the lower torso to slap the tank out of my way - I have had a few tank slappers in my life, and they were all scarier than this one, but not so painful in the end! Pulled the tank out of the bolts AND tore the bracket off the frame. You can see how big a dent you have to make to do this, using said torso! And it looks worse in real life than in the pics! You would think this should be hurting more than it does, or did I split in two and there is another one of me whinging and moaning about it all somewhere????

By the way if you do get a tank slapper this comes from two things. 1) is accelerating out of a corner too quickly and (in effect) having the front wheel tap the ground at just the wrong moment, this is corrected by damper adjustment and the rider smartening up, and is not usually something most of us would encounter in normal-ish riding. It can happen under heavy braking too if you don't get something important about body position. These ones are pucker clenchers but readily forgotten. 2) a fault with the bike, typically the front tyre but can be a combination of steering head bearings and tyre shimmy. This sucker is much less frequent now as tyres are made much better and they tend to wear evenly and be made straight! This one has happened to me 3 times in life (on jap crap) and I still remember every one despite there being a happy ending each time. Not putting the bead on evenly or warped rims are probably the only ways this would happen these days, and I have ridden with people who had this problem in the last not so long. If it happens to you it will typically be when traveling fairly straight and at a bit over 100 km/hr. When it starts you have about two seconds to lean the bike moderately and accelerate, then rapidly slow down when control is regained and travel to the nearest tyre place at sub 80km/hr. If you don't do that THEN you'll get to see how good (or lucky!) a rider you are as believe me they don't call it a tank slapper for nothing - you will hit the steering stops!!! From memory the seventh wobble is the one that hits the stops!

Here are the pics of the latest form of tank slapping I have unwittingly discovered:
Posted by: Paul Whittaker
« on: 18 Jan 2011, 06:03 PM »

 :o Holy shit Vince glad your able to talk about it and walk away from it, by the photo's the car came out the worst of it, yeah i can see the Ducati looks bad but the car looks stuffed....  :o  Holy shit.....
Posted by: VinceS
« on: 18 Jan 2011, 09:19 AM »

From TonyP
Posted by: VinceS
« on: 18 Jan 2011, 08:36 AM »

Hmmm, I usually get on well with Chinamen - but obviously there has been a communication problem somewhere along the line...? Posting pics is easy, just click on Additional Options at the bottom then (more attachments) for as many as you want, using the Browse button to select them from wherever they are on your computer - after finding the first one it remembers the location and the rest are easy. Or email to me using vince at hunterdog dot org dot au (can't put proper links as spam bots harvest them and I get offers to wield a bigger tool than I have already made of myself, plus university degrees to prove that I can use it!) and I will put them up.

Somewhat conveniently I was going to pull down the current (now recently departed) steed immediately after the Patonga ride and install all the trick gear I have lying around for it, now maybe the best home for that lot will become the previous track-ready shell. So that is a job I don't need to worry about now (a silver lining I could have done without!).There is just the one track bike potential donor in the shed, the insurance company typically wants $5k for a Ducati wreck which I was happy to pay for that one because I had bolted more than that $ on it, plus the spares value of course. It will be quite a job to rejuvenate that wreck as the frame is snapped (not such a problem) and the main support lug on the engine has pulled off, and I don't know much about welding aluminium - there will be an answer out there somewhere I guess but I will have to split the cases which is never fun!

I tried showering with a plastic bag on the cast today, bit of a nuisance - it turns out washing the other arm is the trickiest bit. I wonder if a marriage can survive 6 weeks without a shower ....???
Posted by: Brett
« on: 17 Jan 2011, 08:58 PM »

Sunter Gold...

Vincenzo you must have run over a Chinaman at some stage, to have scored this much bad luck...

The important thing is that you are ( or seem to be ) OK.

How many track bikes is that in the shed now ?

Speak soon.
Posted by: s4916
« on: 17 Jan 2011, 07:40 PM »

yes it was a good ride & good company & Vince we had a really good lunch but we did not laugh at your miss fortune .now as for photoes i do have some but i am not sure how to post them so please send me your email & i will try & send them to you . good to hear you are ok
Posted by: VinceS
« on: 17 Jan 2011, 06:38 PM »

Gawd, Lucky I'm not going to be embarrassed about it as the cat seems to be out of the bag! Whilst I'm happy to do the "personal responsibility" thing on it "tragedy" is a bit of an overstatement - right pain in the ring is closer to the mark!

Damien kindly dropped the keys off this morning, I had expected to go pick the bike up this arvo but spent all day in John Hunter waiting for an x-ray review on my left wrist which I actually seem to have injured picking that beautiful bike up off the very wet road. Then I felt a bit feint afterward (which lasted about 15 mins into the trip to hospital - then I was wishing I hadn't left the scene!). However it seems I have got a hairline crack in the left arm bone right at the joint so I've wound up immobilised with a cast on for 6 weeks - so I will have to wait to get the bike until tomorrow (with the aid of a forklift it seems).

Surprisingly no more other-body-parts injuries turned up today, and the bruised groin from bouncing off the tank got better not worse - even the wrist feels a lot better. So, how about some pictures guys? Chris? Jamie? Ted? Tony? - Damien tells me phones were clicking and the pics exist - so then people can laugh with me (or, sigh, at me!) after escaping nearly unscathed from this close call. I must admit I am a bit shaken about how bizarrely easily the prang happened, particularly given how we had seen a fair bit of wet tar before during the day without a problem (but we didn't get rained on all day), so I am probably not going to dash out in "replacement mode" in a hurry. In fact the idea of building up an ST4S "race special" for when the local track opens presumably later this year is feeling like a good idea right at the moment as this is not my first road incident, but it needs to be my last....!!!!!

The guts of the prang, for those that want the grizzly details, is that I was 1.3km from and heading to Patonga. Going fairly slowly into a left hander and the front slipped a little, can't say that has happened to me on the Duke in 8 years (without an obvious hazard like sticks / rocks being present anyway). I grabbed control back but I was now on an opening radius at the wrong lean angle on a road my brain said it couldn't simply tip the bike over to recover fully as we had just slipped at a fairly minor lean angle. OK, this meant maybe 20m on the wrong side of the road as it came back in gently, shouldn't be a problem (those that know me know I NEVER EVER cut corners / cross centrelines, change lanes without blinkers, etc as to me this is somewhere between sloppy and grossly irresponsible riding as it means you do not have the capacity to ride the motorcycle in the manner selected!). Well of course just as I crossed the centreline a mighty fine Commodore came into view and I figured I probably wouldn't get back in time - there was about a 2m gap between the car and his side armco which I headed for momentarily - then the brain said "NO", all that will happen is I will get there as the driver panics and turns away from the oncoming bike, crushing me in the process. So I made a valiant effort to make what was now an even tighter turn to get back to my side - and failed miserably!

This lead to the Commodore being Chuck Norris kicked into next week by Bologna's finest, which didn't look the best for the head butting effort either but at least it didn't dump all its oil and water on the road like the car did, the technical term of course is that the car s..t itself! (um, but the bike had a "Not-Happy-Jan" hissy fit about having its way impeded too, so it kinda exploded -  but at least it didn't cry like a girl and wet itself!). For my navigational error I was rewarded by being unceremoniously tipped onto the bonnet, smashed the windscreen but didn't go through it, rolled up over the roof smashing the sunroof, and trickled down next to the front passenger's door. A quick check and I'm on my feet walking round to the driver's side and apologising for wrecking his/their day. Looked at the car and thought "gawd that's gotta hurt when the adrenaline wears off" - already well aware that the tank had nudged me a little too uncomfortably "down there". Of course my fellow riders are parking by now while I am picking up debris (tools everywhere), and parking was a bit tricky as this section of road was cut in against a cliff with armco on the other side and barely enough room for the edge line, let alone to get anything out of the way, so they did a magnificent job of managing single lane traffic round a blind corner (thanks guys). And, most thoughtfully, they also refrained from laughing / taking the mickey out of me - at least until out of earshot (again, thanks guys!).

The gentleman driving the Holden was most decent about the whole thing, along with his good wife who unleashed her best mothering skills on me (which intermittently lead me to being the recipient of a well deserved scolding when I got too cheeky). As it turned out the driver "got it" and knew I was thinking of going round him so was actually pulling in to give me more room as I struck him, so he was the 1 in 30 that such a manoeuver would have been OK - hindsight, great ain't it eh? - them's the breaks! At least his kids had a cool story to tell their friends and everybody was very good about this annoying inconvenience I had created.

I looked at all my riding gear today, no obvious tears and not a mark on the helmet - which matches my knowledge of it as I basically pirouetted around my head without it actually striking anything. I do remember a really close view of the bonnet but - it was dark blue!

The below is what I've got by way of photos plus some from Scott showing where I didn't get to, what have you got? So we can all marvel about what a crazy / lucky-for-some world this can be.
Posted by: TopDOG
« on: 17 Jan 2011, 03:14 PM »

as some of you may know last sundays ride ended in tragedy for my great mate and co-club founder Vince as he slipped on a wet road and rode head on into a car going up the hill just over a k from the destination where i was waiting so i finished lunch and was taken to the gosford hospital to see if my friend was OK and trust me he is lots better than his bike and me after mine!! I'm sure knowing Vince it wont be long before the new st4 comes along to be fitted with its gadgetry!! :'( or the one he designed for me with the monster V8 in it!!