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Title: Trip Away to Phillip Island for MotoGP, 14-16th Oct 2011
Post by: VinceS on 13 Jul 2011, 01:42 PM
At the recent AGM a few of us are thinking this might be a good idea. So I figure it is time to start a topic and get some details sorted. Like who would like to join in for starters? And any particular preferences / suggestions. Here is some of what we know so far:

From the latest MA Newsletter ( they are looking for officials, not sure if the free camping, close up action and free BBQ are enough incentive to cover the extra day probably needed to do this, but maybe could talk myself into it if others were keen? Probably don't have long to make our minds up about this option as spots are bound to go quickly. Actual details are here:[tt_news]=4810&tx_ttnews[backPid]=6&cHash=97bdcbcefb

Or alternately do the "lap of luxury" thing, see for details? When you compare what else is on offer ( this is a bargain!!! Need to own a Ducati, which of course shouldn't be a problem for anyone here....

This is an excerpt from the AGM newsletter (
The first major event will be a trip to Phillip Island for the 16/10/11 MotoGP. Alan, Rob and myself have never actually been and Glenn is keen too – plus Cheryl and Vince2 so we’ve already got a group to go and you should put that one in your diaries to get away for a break from the hum drum. Cheryl is going to see what she can sort out by way of accommodation but it may be a bit late for this year and those present were OK if we do pubs each way and camp at the venue, stay tuned for a plan! I would be guessing we leave Thursday morning and get back Monday night, or add an extra day if we feel like it, there are some very cool roads down that way and it wouldn’t be hard to talk ourselves into trying a few extra ones out if the weather’s good.