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First Aid For Motorcyclists - Some Useful Tips & Course Info; No Boring Stuff!


More useful stories and information to hopefully help you decide you need to do this, AND DO IT!!!

There is a course on this weekend - please consider going to it. After all you can stay overnight and go to the Concourse on Sunday - so why not make a weekend of it? The weather looks like it will be brilliant!!!

Thank you.

Note: scroll down to first post for first aid tips - to use (if unhappily needed) before you do get to one of these courses

This course has been available for a few months now. See for details. I haven't been but I have seen a few excellent references from people I know well and trust, here is one from yesterday:

The course is excellent.Very much to the point and highly relevant, no boring stuff that’s obvious and good hands on exercises that leave you thoughtful and hopeful you don’t HAVE to do this.
Learning the important and practical things about breathing was a real eye-opener.
The kits are pretty neat too.
I’m giving it four and half stars with a full recommendation.
Knowing this stuff is what I want in people who ride with me. I can help them, but can they help me?
Guy Stanford

Plenty more referees here:

The courses are run monthly in Ryde Rehab Centre, although they will make arrgts for clubs, see here to book:

The following info can be downloaded as .pdf files at the bottom of the pics if you want to send it to others / go along. Please do!


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