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Shoalhaven Motorcycle / Motorsport Complex - Show Your Support
« Reply #1 on: 15 Apr 2014, 07:26 PM »
Just rec'd this advice from CAMS asking for assistance, check out and show your support

CAMS together with Motorcycling NSW is asking for all members to please take a few minutes to show your support for the plan to build a multi-discipline motorsport complex near Nowra on the South Coast of NSW.
For your information and review, the below letter has been drafted by Daniel Gatt, the General Manager of Motorcycling NSW.  Daniel is the driving force behind this plan and the below letter explains how beneficial this complex will be to the NSW Motor Sports community as well as the surrounding Shoalhaven community. Your support is greatly appreciated and can easily be shown online at the Shoalhaven City Council website. All contact information is below.
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Dear Friends,
I hope you have heard of Motorcycling NSW’s exciting plan to build a multi-discipline motorsport complex near Nowra in the Shoalhaven region of NSW. In late March we lodged a Development Application with Shoalhaven City Council for over $12 million

Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex, which we believe is an absolute necessity to ensure a future for motorsport in NSW.

The complex will have road and dirt facilities covering most disciplines of motorcycle competition, as well as providing a facility for car and go-kart competition and rider and driver training. It will be designed for the two tiers of motorsport that often miss out on appropriate facilities – national titles and club level activity – rather than aiming to take international or major competition from the established venues.

Motorcycling NSW has received strong support from the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) and the Australian Karting Association (AKA) for this project.

We chose the Shoalhaven after an exhaustive state-wide search for a regional centre to address the acute shortage of motorsport facilities in NSW. It is perfectly located in a beautiful part of NSW that is easily accessible from Sydney, Canberra and large regional centres like Wollongong.

I am delighted to say that the Shoalhaven Mayor Cr Joanna Gash is a strong supporter, because she understands the many benefits that the complex will bring to her region – from jobs to tourists to promotional opportunities for vehicle launches, expos, and corporate days and as a venue for filming motoring commercials. Council understands that this complex will pump tens of millions of dollars a year into the Shoalhaven economy.

Shoalhaven Tourism Board has also publicly supported the project, describing it as a huge asset for the region that will attract visitors throughout the years.
However, I don’t need to tell you that people will come out of the woodwork to oppose a facility like this – without any consideration for the economic and recreational benefits it will bring to the region and the entire state, or for the facts.

We have a very informative website that provides a lot of informtaion about the complex and what it will do for the Shoalhaven community. You can follow us on Facebook to receive regualr updates.

That’s where we need your assistance – to show council and the local community the support for this project within the motorsport fraternity.

Please consider adding your voice to those who want a fabulous motorsport facility for everyone to enjoy for decades ahead.
You can make a submission by email by following the steps below

1. Log onto the Shoalhaven City Council website at
2. Go to the grey planning and building tab on the far right of the screen
3. Use the fourth tab down under that menu to Development application tracking
4. Click on the link on the new page which is in blue and underlined
5. Agree to the terms and conditions
6. Enter the tracking number which is RA14/1000
7. Hit the show button on the next screen
8. Scroll to the very bottom and "Contact us about this application'
9. Complete your submission in the new box which pops up on the left side of the screen.

Supporters also have the opportunity to write directly to Shoalhaven City Council at:
Shoalhaven City Council Attn: General Manager P.O. Box 42 Nowra NSW 2541 Australia
Please note Development submission number RA14/1000 on all correspondence

NOTE - The submissions will be accessible to the public, so please stick to the facts, stay polite and refrain from swearing or abusing people who oppose the project. Traditionally, only those that oppose developments submit to councils, we can’t afford not show our support if we want this project to be successful. Please don’t wait for others to do it; we need as many submissions as possible to show that we are serious about this project.

To help you, here is a brief summary of the project’s many advantages:
  • The Master Plan for the complex has two distinct areas, one containing a sealed road circuit for car, bike and go kart racing and riding/driver training and the other with off-road precincts for motocross, enduro, dirt track and junior riding areas
  • The complex will be a $12-$15 million investment in the future of motorsport in this state Motorcycling NSW has already invested more than $400,000 on local consultants who have carried out a range of studies for the DA on issues such as traffic management, environmental impact, flora and fauna , Indigenous heritage, noise and bushfire control
  • Independent acoustic engineers have surveyed the site and we have included their advice on mitigating the noise from the site in our DA application. It is expected that the complex will generate less noise than the neighbouring HMAS Albatross Naval air base
  • Council expects the project to generate 23 full time jobs during construction and a further 43 flow- on jobs as a result of the development
  • Council expects the complex will generate $20-$30 million annually for the region’s economy.
  • We need the motorsport community of NSW to get behind this project to help ensure it goes ahead. So please support our efforts by making a submission.
Daniel Gatt
General Manager - Motorcycling NSW
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