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Basic Instructions and Tips
« Reply #1 on: 03 Jan 2006, 10:39 PM »
At the "Request" of our new Madame Prez the Discussion Board has been simplified a bit. Use that Search button up the top to find stuff, it works pretty well.

You need to join up to contribute anything. That is pretty easy, just have to provide a valid email address and come up with a log in name. You can change your displayed user name once logged in if you prefer to use something slightly different. Plus you can stay permanently logged in so this is a one off hassle (unless you delete cookies later then need to log in again).

When you log in you can change a bunch of profile settings but the most important thing is to go to each board that might interest you and click on the Notify button. At least this should be done for the Club Rides and Major Event Rides so you get any additions in a timely fashion.

However, it is also useful to note that you only have to click on the "Show unread posts since last visit." up the top to get a full run down. Now the most recent posts also get a summary at the bottom on the main page, but this may not include all the ones you haven't read.

Putting attachments on is slightly mysterious - it is easiest done by typing whatever in the quick response, then hit preview and click on Additional Options which provides an easy to use attachment box. Also, this is where you can tick to be told if there has been any replies to your post.

Since we have decided this will be the main method to communicate you will see the following symbols under people's posts:

"Regular Member" = 1 gold star. These are actually "Friends" but can't figure how to change the name.

Club Member = 3 Green Stars (if they have a forum job too Blue=Moderator)

Club Mgt Committee Member = 5 Green Stars (if they have a forum job too Brown=Admin; Blue=Global Moderator)

Obviously the level of permissions vary for the different categories. If anything doesn't seem to be quite right here please let me know.

The karma thing was added for a bit of fun, basically you can cheer people on or give them a bit of stick by clicking the relevant option. After you've given someone karma you have to wait at least an hour to do it again.

There seems to be no simple method to have every post emailed as it is posted other than to click Notify for every board - probably this is a good thing!

If you want anything changed about your account but don't know how just email the all powerful administrator, webmaster at

Stay tuned - as more things are discovered this topic will be edited. It will stay at the top of this section and be added to as required. If you want to add any tips yourself please do, but please be aware they will eventually get rolled up to this one item to try and keep the useful stuff fairly short and in one place.
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