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Hi Vince
My name is Len McCarthy and have just joined the club. I'm new to bikes (18 months) but have always loved cars particularly 70's Muscle Cars(I have a Historic Touring Race Car - Mazda RX2) and 2 weeks ago bought my new pride and joy a burnt yellow "Sport 1000" which I can see turning into a pit of money already. The attraction of joining the club for me is to socialise & ride with other Ducati owners when time permits.

So far as the bikes are concerned they are something special, everyone smiles at them because of what they are and represent - history, beauty, passion, performance, style and that sound! Nice...catchya all soon I hope. Regards Len

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Just The Other Day I Got Asked About What The Club Has To Offer
« Reply #1 on: 18 Jun 2007, 08:52 AM »
Yep, by a new owner - and I haven't been asked it before. Their response to my answer was pretty enthusiastic so I guess they'll be joining in social activities soon. I figured I would now share it more widely, given we are approaching an AGM and I would really like to see more people taking on a small contribution to making the whole thing just that much better, here 'tis:

Welcome aboard - that's a good choice, but it's pretty hard to make a mistake bringing a Ducati into your life! A lot of really interesting people have done that before too and you'll probably get to meet many of them over time, there is certainly a wide spectrum. But it is what we get up to and the company we keep that is the most rewarding. However, you've asked an interesting q I haven't been asked before. So why am I involved, I wonder - perhaps the answer is there....?

I personally have had various Jappas including a short break through "the kids years", then a Triumph which I really liked, until I found Ducatis 5 years ago and wouldn't ever go back. This is as much about what these bikes are as it is the strong social scene that is set up around them. If you can find a way to go on the yearly Turismos do it, nobody regrets this no matter what the weather. And then there is the NDR's (National Ducati Rallies) most years, or combination activities with NSWDOC (Sydney, really) like the Nymboida long weekend away coming up. For all the other times there is usually a local club to go riding with if the weather's good, which always provides an excuse to get the bike out for a bit of a ride, a nice lunch and back home mid afternoon usually. I like that bit, as well as when a few of the locals get away for "the big ones" and I get to be there too. Plus we've even dreamed up our own "big ones" like going to Tumbarumba Festival which was extremely successful.

The Hunter Ducati Owners Group has only been in existence for a bit over a year, formed mainly in response to the desires of a lot of people to put more emphasis on socially riding and owning modern Ducatis, rather than in getting too caught up in the aspects of a more historical approach, although the older bikes are certainly welcome and do come along sometimes.

If you have a look around the bits 'n pieces of our web site you will see that we have a fair bit going on and a lot of future potential too, but that we have also had the unfortunate situation that Scott, the guy who really started the club, has been dealing with the consequences of being smacked in the head with a telegraph pole in Cardiff last November. We are now confident that he will be back better than ever - probably that is a little while off yet.

I am still wondering what to do with your q about what the club has to offer - mostly because I don't really think about it like that. I am just another person that rides Ducatis, in my case more than most since I rarely do less than 15,000km in a year - all on club / Ducati community related activities - and my partner Frances is choofing along on her Monster doing the same a lot of the time. I figure these small local social clubs are what you make of them, and what they offer you has a lot to do with what you put in. One thing I can easily observe is that no-one in the doggies wants to sell you anything, and that the dickhead count is low! Also we are very well thought of by others in the greater Frasers / NFI / DOC community because people can see how hard and fairly we try to do good things, regardless of how it sometimes pans out! We only have to ask and we get strong support.

But a seasoned professional outfit we ain't! So. if you want to come along and join in with well meaning somewhat disorganised but happy people who like riding Ducatis we would love to see you guys. Ring me if you want (4961 0573), or just rock up at a ride. All the best .............Vince
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