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Should the Make-up of the HunterDOG Club Change?

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this picture says it all!!!  ;D

im also still proud to wear my gear out anywhere and i cant even afford a Ducati anymore even to keep beside my bed for cold nights when i need a cuddle something warm or to wet my floors down for some doughnuts on it or if worse stays the worst not that it could get much worse apart from either dieing or having to ride any type of jap bike both of which would have the same outcome with me wanting to kill myself for lowering my standards to allowing myself to want to throw my leg over one let alone starting it to ride one and if i could choose a new model Vince designed of wheelchair for me it would still be a ducati or even a Ferrari instead of a Mitsubishi its the same type of poor choice to be made so if you can afford to start out where you should and if you cant keep saving until you can!!! :P

G'day Rob,

Mate, until the meaty issues raised in post #9 here are dealt with there is going to be no decorations to be had for love or money!

When there was a lot of participation we got plenty of t shirts, jackets, beer holders and the like printed up. Many of us still wear them proudly when out and about. At least I do - but I know who many of the others are and I reckon I'm not alone!

But it ain't gunna happen until a few people join in and get this thing going properly again. Are you one? Let's find a way...

Rob Lindsay:
I would like to have a "DOG" patch on my leathers and jacket. What's available?

here is the type of engine that this great club was founded to listen to!!!


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