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Want to Ride Phillip Island? Come to World Superbikes 22-24 Feb 2013


Well, by way of info there were no takers for the ride day so I didn't bother with it. But now it comes to the actual event. Kellie and I are intending to ride down and I will watch the Sat & Sun events while Kellie visits family in Melbourne. We want to spend a few days either before or after the Supers and catch up with other rels in the area, as yet we haven't firmed up plans. If there is anyone else that would like to join us one way or the other, or both of course please let me know, either by guest posting here or direct via details on Until we get closer to the event we are pretty flexible wrt timing and happy to accommodate suggestions, heck may even be able to manage actual accommodation with rels (BYO sleeping bag) - we'll see how we go with that one but a good chance.

Once we "lock it in" Kellie & I are inclined to go wet or dry and will simply vary the route to suit the weather, but be assured if it is dry we will be going via THE most interesting roads as I have put in some considerable effort finding out where they all are over the years!

So let me know even if you're only half interested / unsure as last minute arrgts are fine for this sort of thing since everyone will be looking after their own "stuff" - and I will take camping gear for the Island unless something else comes up in the final planning stage........?

This topic is URGENT as you have only 1 day to decide if you want to do laps around the newly resurfaced Phillip Island on the Monday after the World Superbikes is run. After this one the event transfers to Eastern Ck so it is the last time to do it. But guess what, we're already late! We should have bought tickets by Friday just gone. I have just spoken to the WSBK team and they say the lady that arranges this works Wed - Fri and there is a good chance if I ring back with confirmed numbers AND $585 Aussie Superbike Club bookings first thing Wed morning there is a good chance we will be able to be fitted in - no guarantees but! If we do miss out on the track access at least we will then have a little time to figure out which of the alternatives we may prefer.

Details are here:

There is also the option to get the $775 Ducati tent tickets, see

Both the above will feed you and get a pit walk, the Ducati tent gets free fizzy drink, a t-shirt & cap, the Aussie Superbike has the bonus track sessions and I know which one I want the most!

You can also graze on other corporate options here

Personally I am perfectly happy to pitch a tent which will be $100, see and

I would expect to spend Thursday & Friday riding down, pitch the tent Fri evening. Watch the races Sat / Sun, do the two sessions Monday then see how far can get Mon evening and ride home Tuesday. You can be sure I will have some interesting roads programmed in the GPS as I have been exploring this general patch of Oz a few times so know what to expect. The plans will be fine tuned when we know numbers, interests and weather, but even a wet one can be pretty good if you have the right gear!

So please reply to this message asap and let me know if you are interested, but please also realise this will mean you will need to spring for the $585 on Wednesday if I can swing the track time after the event. Of course you don't have to do that and might be fine just to have the riding company, so please also let me know if you are at least vaguely interested in joining in so I can make sure you at least have the info.

By the way, since I'm writing on racing stuff, you may note NFI's Ducati supported Eastern Ck 2013 track dates have been posted, see:

Also note that Ringwood Raceway recently took a major step forward, for details see here:

Remember re the Supers this is THE LAST ONE we can consider doing this with. I am still a Phillip Island virgin, but many who have gone there tell me the supers are a much better event to attend than MotoGP and I am inclined to take that excellent sounding advice, I look forward to hearing that you too are "in"......... Vince


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