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Replacement Vacuum Fuel Pump for Carburettor Ducati's (or any carby motor)


Thanks for the info. I've been riding far too infrequently lately and the inevitable push starts after draining the battery are wearing thin.

The easy solution would be to just ride more, but I am going to have a serious look at the electronic pump.

Got asked the question and figured this would be interesting for others sick of the degree of difficulty starting bikes with those useless Ducati vacuum fuel pumps. Well OK they work great as long as the carby hasn't dried out and needs cranking for ages on a half flat battery to start, or a push. With an electronic fuel pump give them a few seconds to fill and vroom, instant start no matter how long the time since last start (well, months seemed to be OK, haven't tried longer!).

These things are cheap, the only trick is a bit of stuffing round to mount them neatly. What I did was bend the pump mount bracket so I could drill it and mount to the original vacuum pump mounting point. This was originally as I didn't know if it would be successful and also to allow it to go back to original if anyone ever wanted to. But honestly forget it, you don't ever want that vacuum jobbie back on there again!

I bought it from these guys and mine was $54.20 delivered which is $5 more than the current price! However I note they have three pressure ranges (see ) and I must admit I can't find any particular reason why I selected the 4.5-6psi pump rather than the two lower pressure alternatives. I can only say it worked, but I would rather know the OEM spec and match them. If the pressure was too high then there would be regular uneven performance due to flooding, but the carbies on the Monster are pretty old and I still saw only perfect performance from this pump fitted so may have jagged it! However I suspect the next size down would be more than ample to do the job here, ie

I have attached the above referenced web page in case the link ever dies, a generic brochure extract which explains the features better, and installation pics. These were earlier pics, I did touch it up properly later plus tidy up the wiring better - but first I just wanted to find out if there were any issues! Later on I also added a relay feed as I didn't want the "up to 1 Amp" power draw to shorten the life of the ignition switch. Sure it works without that, but basic reliability says a relay should be used for any load of consequence to avoid other failures. This however is a borderline case and not really needed.

PS: I do remember it was a bit tricky finding the elbow discharge fitting, finally sourced it from an industrial hydraulic supply place in Broadmeadow. I didn't like the straight through fitting that came with it as the pump mount wouldn't have been so tidy since having the hose sticking out would be silly so the pump would have needed to go inboard more. Not a drama really any option, just expect some stuffing around mounting the sucker / getting bits for it!


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