Author Topic: Hunter Ducati Owners' Group Inc Club AGM 9am 8/07/12 - Belmont 16' Sailing Club  (Read 1288 times)

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I am just experimenting with getting auto reminders set up via the Calendar. So as not to waste a post to your inbox here is a message from Scott:

I'm not going to read my emails before I get out of bed tomorrow so if the date changes to the next dogs breakfast can someone please sms me, call me or just park in my driveway with your v twin at 10980 rpm to let me know!!! :P i do hope to see ALL you doggies there to help continue making our club what it is!!! 8)

So how about it, will we see you there? Do come on down, the food and view is great - and the Ducati banter can be pretty good to!
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