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Thunder Rally Nundle, 10am SATURDAY 20th Oct BP Bero Departure
« Reply #1 on: 17 Oct 2012, 07:49 PM »
(Sent out as Announced topic to all except "Friends" (non riders))
This is a long time Rally put on by our friends at Ducati Owners Club of NSW, see for more details. This Year NSWDOC have swapped the Thunder Rally and Concourse dates, hopefully you enjoyed the Concourse. So, this month's ride will be a weekend away at the Thunder Rally, get set for a good time. Of course the reason the dates are swapped is it was always a bit chilly in Nundle in early Oct and finally someone's done something about it!
Depart Bero BP 10am Sat. Bring your tent if you have one & sleeping kit (food & drink available at Nundle / on site). If you don't have a tent no worries, the NSWDOC club tent will be able to fit you in as there is always room for a few more. You just have to decide to go and everything else will work out along the way!
Route to be traveled will be decided by those present on the day. The "scenic route" is via Duckenfield, Clarencetown, Dungog, Gloucester, Walcha, Bendemeer, back rd from Kootingal, Woolomin, Bowling Alley Point then Nundle. All tar, total 416km. The "social route" is to meet up with the contingent from NSWDOC (typically around 40 riders) who will leave Ettamogah Pub by 9am and meet them at Bulga, they usually rock in around 11am. It is 80km to Bulga servo via Kurri Kurri and Broke (or 70km via New England and Mt Thorley), then it is approx 190km to Nundle. I have tried 'em both and don't have a favourite, they're both good and arrive around the same time.
Departure point is North: BP Beresfield - at the top end of the F3, coming from south turn right at the roundabout and it is 100m up on the left.
Details from NSWDOC: "So come and join us for the thirty first year of our rally to benefit the Royal Rehabilitation Centre Spinal Unit (formerly 'Moorong') at Ryde. All motorcyclists welcome! No cars or dogs please.
The rally site is the picturesque Sheba Dams Recreation Area, Nundle, approximately 430 kms north west of Sydney.
A prepaid entry fee of $20 or a late entry fee of $25 will include a badge and a hot or cold drink upon arrival, upon reporting to the official tent. It is “BYO everything”, however the following is available in the Nundle township—fuel, food, basic supplies and EFTPOS. The Lions Club are providing a BBQ Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Bring your fishing gear and try your luck in the trout stocked dam at the campsite."
I personally need to sit this one out as I have pulled the "new" bike (ST4S) to bits (given how slowly selling the Monster had been going wanted to get it properly ready) and am waiting for parts but suddenly poof, sold the Monster today! But its not hard to follow the route, whichever is chosen, so don't let that stop you. Have fun.

PS: Accidentally this went out with "meet them at Putty". Not a bad idea and of course it is no problem to head down for the top 16km of those fantastic twisties at the top of the Putty given how close to Bulga they are. If it seems suddenly a lot of Dukes are coming toward you then turn around if you want to (remember they will be stopped at the servo for 15 mins or so and it doesn't take long to enjoy those curves some more).
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