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The effectiveness or otherwise of social riding groups is driven by lots of things, that most of us don't care for the subtleties of as we just wanna do it - when and how it suits us. My personal belief is that the days for brand specific clubs are long over, and what matters more is experience types. So people that want to go on major rides or just Sunday morning latte sipping are probably going to band together and intermingle as they like. (Edit: discussion of this aspect moved across to

The purpose of this post is to capture what other people do and make it easy for you to go and experiment. There is some pretty cool stuff here, whether your taste is for quickies or big ones - so do play around and let us know what you find. Some of these are done well, some not-so - but they all make a pretty useful contribution in their own right; let me know if you find more and I will add them to this post:

MIXTURE OF DIFFERENT RIDE TYPES (This is farking brilliant - it is a collection of motorcycle interest groups, mostly around Sydney - notably currently the link given would pick up the Hunter, but the short link gets the same results at time of writing) (mostly Sydney-centric day rides but lots of good info in there - you will need to register to see any of the good stuff)  and (a massive collection of rides around NSW & Sydney respectively) (some of the ones we ourselves have written up over the years - a collection of day trips and big ones out of the Hunter area) (a useful looking resource we can all contribute rides to share - this is just getting going at time of writing and has an assortment of NSW rides) ( a collection of rides by bikers for bikers - bit of everything in here!) (all the stuff ya really wanna do when you're officially an 'ol fart - but don't wait as it is a state of mind and no 'ol fart worth their salt is ever going to get there) (a pretty good effort by the Yanks to figure out where our best biking roads are - you can add your own too)

ONLY BIG ONES (great Aussie roads by a serious devotee that has ridden the lot and taken time to write about it) (lots of big ones) (lots of popular rallies around the country) (all the must-do bikers roads here and overseas from someone that knows) (the world's motorcyclists are coming - and they have an app!!!) Can't link to an area yet but a route example is this one

Note the intention here is to maintain a "doing" focus, not start a club list of any kind. No drama using (and crediting) club reference info if it adds to the knowledge base that gives people more excuses to get out and on their bikes!
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