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Western Wanderer Tour


Hey guys...Anyone else headed to this ride?  I can meet up with anyone who is going if they want to send me an email off line.  I can meet you up at Brooklyn Bridge and bring you through Sydney. 

Incidentally, I should have my new CB radio thingame hooked up by then if anyone else has one fitted.  Both the ride leader and tailgater from DOCNSW have one and they keep in contact with each other through them.  I think it is a great idea and one I have considered for some time now.

Anyway - let me know if you want me to meet you.


NSWDOC or ("the southern pound" ;D) Are planning a weekend journey late January Keep an eye out for the flyer, or give John Wilson a howl!.

Have a great New Years and keep safe over the Holiday Break

Regards Scott



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