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Australian Formula Extreme Championship - Eastern Creek
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From Lewis Racing Team,

Round 3 of FX Nationals and Australian Formula Xtreme Championship held at Eastern Creek, NSW. July 2010

This is our home circuit so we were optimistic for our first podium on the Ducati 848.
Still unbeaten in the F2 class from round 1and 2 of the Championship but Darren was hell bent on getting in the top 3 overall.
The 848 looked a bit bare as we had some sponsors deciding not to continue their support due to tough times but with some family and friends support we were able to make it to the meeting.

Friday practice and the bike was relatively good with the Winton set up. We changed the front a bit to carry some more corner speed and it seemed to work so we went over the bike and made it ready for Saturday to qualify for FX Nationals.

It rained over night so we were greeted with a damp track and Pro Twins was first up for Qualifying. Some of the track was dry so Darren decided to run with slicks but this was not a good decision as the riders on wets were 7 seconds faster. This left us in 10th for race 1 with Ryan McLauchlin, Sophie Lovett, Beau Beaton and Angus Reekie qualifying in the top 4 places. As per normal a progressive grid is used so where you finish in the race is where you start in the next one so we weren?t too worried about starting from 10th in race 1.

Race 1of FX Nationals and Beau Beaton (1198R) took off like a dog shot in the behind with Ryan McLaughlin and Chris Knox both on 1198S?s fighting for 2nd and Phil Lovett (1098R) in his first road race meeting cutting some great times in forth. Then it was Darren on the 848 in 5th with a gaggle of F1 bikes behind.
The positions stayed that way until the end when Phil was given a 10 second penalty for a jump start elevating Darren and the 848 to 4th.
So a front row start for race2 and a great chance for us to get that podium but Darren just couldn?t match the top speed of the 1198 at the fast Eastern Creek Circuit but not for trying, he had a race long battle with Richard Liminton (1198S) swapping places in the turns at the back of the track. Beau got the win from Chris then Ryan. Race 3 was a carbon copy of 2 with a race long dice with Richard again. We ended Saturday 5th outright and a mile ahead in Formula 2.

The Australian Formula Xtreme Championship is the big deal with television coverage and a dozen or so on board cameras and our 848 was lucky enough to have one mounted on the bike for the day.

Qualifying for race one and Pro Twins was first up on a cold track, Darren managed to put down a time good enough to get him 5th on the grid with 4 1198 Ducati?s taking the front row. Seems wherever we race Darren and Richard battle it out and this race was no different with Liminton getting the better of Darren by 0.015 of a second. Chris Knox took the win from Ryan in a just as close affair at the front with Phil Lovett getting his first podium.
In race 2 Phil jumped the start again and got a 10 second penalty and Darren saw the board with this info so this was his best chance for a podium. The pace was on with Darren posting a 1min 38 and on the last lap Liminton went wide through T8 and Darren just gave it too much gas and had a big slide letting Richard through to take 3rd, so close! Race 3 was another battle with the 1198 with Darren just getting pipped by 0.435 of a second for 4th.

We ended the day 5th outright and 1st in Formula 2 and Darren now leads the F2 series with his perfect points haul still in tact. He also sits 4th on the Pro Twins outright points table.

At Eastern Creek Lewis Racing was Shelby Rea, Steve Palmer, Kim and Henry Lewis.
Many thanks to the sponsors that stuck by me and to the guy that didn?t want to be mentioned, YOU know who you are!!!!Thanks for your help mate.


Bow to the flag marshals,

1 R MCLAUCHLIN      216      Ducati 1198S
2 C KNOX                    207     Ducati 1198S
3 R LIMINTON            174     Ducati 1198S
4 D LEWIS                  153     Ducati  848
5 D GORDON            139     Aprilia RSV4R

1 D LEWIS                 225     Ducati  848
2 D CLARKE             178     Ducati  848
3 P BAILEY                88      Buell 1125R
4 A PIERPOINT         66     Ducati  848
5 G NEALE                60     KTM RC8

1 C KNOX                  188    Ducati 1198S
2 R MCLAUCHLIN    183    Ducati 1198S
3 R LIMINTON          165    Ducati 1198S
4 B BEATON            150    Ducati 1198R
5 D LEWIS               143    Ducati  848

1 D LEWIS               225    Ducati  848
2 D CLARKE           144    Ducati  848
3 P BAILEY             128    BUELL 1125R
4 G VEALE             122    KTM RC8
5 A PIERPOINT      66     Ducati  848

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