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Hi Vince,

I only got to read this because I was surfing the forum no email notification, see you sunday with a bit of luck.


Sent: Friday, June 18, 2010 11:19 AM
Subject: Hunter DOG's Club Ride This Sunday 9am Freemans Waterhole OAKs servo

G'day xxxxxxx,
Looks like being a fine sunny day for Sunday's club ride to Gresford via Barrington Tops, or Chichester Dam if we don't get confirmation of road quality before hand (if you have been up that way recently hit reply and tell us what you saw please). From it seems the pressure is building for a few ducs to shoot the breeze - which for a change is dry! Will we see you there? 9am departure Freeman's Waterhole OAKs servo (ie the southernmost one). It says 9am, which usually means by 9:10am we have bolted leaving only a sweet sonic aura behind for the enjoyment of the plebs!
Solid steps continue to be taken to get the race track at Ringwood north of Raymond Terrace and my discussion with the organizer earlier this week says there is now no stopping it as all the duc(k)s have pretty well lined up, some details are at but it appears we are now within 12 months of seeing a track in the flesh. This of course is good news for a Ducati club (and many others) as I expect it will add a whole new focus to our activities.
Speaking of club activities the AGM is in two weeks time (9am Sun 4th July at Belmont 16' Sailing club). After the AGM there is an optional ride to the Brooklyn pub for lunch, to meet up with our NSWDOC friends and have a look at the Norton Club's finest for the B.I.G. (British Italian German) Ride - which conveniently continues to be scheduled for the same weekend as our AGM!

The AGM will be a bit of a watershed event for us this year as we are only going to continue with putting the effort in to create a nice social place to mix with like minded people if enough of us want to show up! We want to see that can/will happen, or sort out any issues so it does. Considering the brilliant success of the recent Dog-Gone-Bathurst weekend and the many well attended club rides we have had in the past it is a bit of a surprise that, weather aside, we are now getting monthly ride attendances a bit on the low side - although the social breakfasts a fortnight earlier are often very well attended. Just for your info, of the 176 people receiving these emails easily 150+ are bona fide Ducati owning people just like you that COULD join in, for the 50% of the time that the planets align anyway. The rest are "interested others" who might rock up if they wanted but are typically based out of the area and just like to hear what we are up to. If we get dud email addresses they are deleted so there are real people behind the numbers you see on the forum.

PLEASE hit that reply button with any thoughts about what we are or should be doing, brutal or kind, that we can mull over on the day. Brett also thinks it is a very health thing for turnover to happen "at the top" in social clubs so he is very happy to do a different job if somebody else would like the grand title of Hunter Ducati Owner's Group President - think about it! Frances is saying she wants to take on membership officer with a vengeance and get the social side really cracking given that we kinda lost the delightful Paula during the year with her changed circumstances. But of course she will need help, is that you?

So revitalisation of the club or something else? Only YOU can make the call on that, let's hear some deafening noise. In the mean time, plan to get the Duc out on Sunday eh? See ya's there.

It occurs to me it could be helpful if you could hit the reply button anyway, whether you want to say anything or not - just as a check the forum messages are getting through and we are not having SPAM box issues or the like. Go on, do it please. Thank you.

Kind regards,
Vince Sunter

HunterDOGs - "This Sunday is a Mystery" Ride  ???

G'day xxxxxxxx,

Yes, I know - not quite the same as "This Is a Sunday Mystery Ride"! As it happens sometimes, the stuff-up gremlins have been working their magic, and they have had a (hopefully brief) win!!! Frances and I have just spent a magical 9 days on the back of a Duke winding our way around the fabulous place that is NZ and that was all great (whilst also a bit of a mystery!). I was looking forward to getting back last night and on Sunday going on what was supposed to be the cool inaugral garage run to our premier racer?s shed.

However that magnificent event has had to be postponed to "at least July", as Darren has had to do other stuff when we were hoping to have been shooting the breeze and gawking at the racing bling in his shed. Which is a real shame, but we can wait (and have to!). Also a bit of a nuisance as those same gremlins have made sure nothing has got organised in its place. I have picked up a raft of tasks on return from NZ that means racking off on Sunday for yet more riding around isn?t going to happen for me!

When I spoke to Brett this morning it turns out he has somehow been prevented from sending out communications via the forum (not fixed yet) which means you haven't been told what is (or isn't) going on! I was going to try and organise the day but have concluded that sometimes s..t happens and you can't always fix it! I have also found the www trend to spamming forums has caused a few unexpected issues in getting this message out myself. But I have made the basic changes to the calendar and would like to suggest those making it along to Freemans for a nice start to Sunday with a coffee / whatever can sort out where / when etc and just have a fun time doing it. Rain permitting??.. (check for more gremlins)!

There is some really neat stuff we found out about NZ and some pretty useful knowledge we picked up as part of the trip. I actually bought an ST4S-ABS over there to ride around and bring home which is a bit tricky but very do-able, and very economical given the exchange rate. I will get round to posting some of the info as it is a good way to get a new(ish) bike and a holiday at a bargain price. In the mean time, have fun!

Kind regards ???.Vince Sunter

HunterDOGs "Dog-Gone Bathurst" weekend ride, 20-21 March Accomm Reminder - With a Twist

G'day xxxxxx,

For all of us going on this ride, you beauty we're gunna have a great time with cool scenery, interesting roads and some rollicking U2 Irish entertainment to keep us young. These are nice bite size days with plenty to keep us interested, in a low stress riding environment - very much along the lines of what is typically planned for days on Turismo! 16 down for it at the moment including 4 still keeping their options open.

If you are hanging off deciding whether to come tonight is the time to get your act together, if you want to be sure of a spot in the main accommodation venue, as Frances will be ringing them in the morning to advise our final numbers for the reservation. You may risk a $15 wet weather cancellation fee, but that's not exactly a biggie for the fun you get if it pans out OK! We have also figured for anybody who suddenly can't go that a ph call the day before will probably get rid of any cancellation cost risk.

For those that really can't decide until closer to the event (we know you're out there!) it turns out getting accommodation in the vicinity shouldn't be a drama. So, if you're a last-minute-king, then you can check out the options that are listed here: and make your own arrangements. However it would be handy if we know you're coming so we can do a head count before leaving.

We will be doing a "pick-up" at Mangrove Mountain for a couple of our more southerly participants, and can make any other arrgt along the route if you have a need, just let us know. Just to be clear we will go to the end of Bumble Hill Rd => Springs Rd from Yarramalong where it comes out on the road to Peats Hill George Downs Dr. We will stop on this corner to regroup and say goodbye to our day trippers who turn right to Wollombi, we will turn left and then in 2km turn right down Bloodtree Rd which joins Wisemans Ferry Rd and see our companions wherever they wait along this section.

We will stop for fuel at Ebenezer, being 147km from Freemans (including two ferry crossing rest stops). Then Oberon in 145km with 48km to Bathurst. After leaving Ebenezer there will be several "catch-up stops as we pick our way through the turns to get to the Bells line, then a full regroup at Bell (75km from Ebenezer) for a proper leg stretch before the section to Oberon.

Please note that we are not insisting on financial club membership for participation at this (or any) club event. It occurs to me that we have never made that particularly clear, and it could be an issue for some? We know very well that anyone that wants to participate in what the club gets up to will eventually be very happy to shell out for the really low membership costs we have, which comes back to you anyway the first time you shell out for anything at Frasers with the 10% club discount.

Speaking of Frasers I am going to take a minute out to say that over the last little while the local store has really lifted its game, and is a pleasure to visit there now. Over the last couple of months I have been into the Broadmeadow shop on quite a few occasions for all sorts of reasons taking in spares, workshop and sales depts. Obviously the shop has had a face lift (and there is more to come), and the larger range of Ducatis are an impressive sight - but what I have been really surprised by is how much it has changed "on the inside".

Now we all like what mgr Darren Lewis does in his general approach to life, but I was quite surprised to see how infectious that his positive attitude has become within his staff. Sure the things that go on in a high volume public interface business can sometimes be a bit of a nuisance, but the people in there now really seem to care - and are going out of their way to make very sure that whatever happens for you is going to be the very best they can possibly manage. So a big thumbs up to everyone there, and worth getting in to the shop more if you are one of many who has perhaps let history dictate your choices to check out this great new twist on life in matters Ducati. Disclaimer: Yes Frasers do provide some support for the HunterDOG's, but this is my own unsolicited independent opinion I assure you!

OK, enough about where these fabulous bikes 'n bits come from - the question for you is what are you going to do with yours next weekend? If it is to have a blast going to Bathurst with a bunch of the Hunter's Finest then you better make sure you give Frances a hoi before much of this weekend has past - like tonight! Ring / SMS 0438 450 810, or email [email protected] Bye for now.

Kind regards,
Vince Sunter

Sent: Sunday, 07 March, 2010 9:20 PM
Subject: HunterDOG's "Dog-Gone Bathurst Irish Weekend Club Ride", 20-21 March - Accommodation & Trip Details

Please note Frances has put up the accommodation details here: and they are pasted in below (without the formatting and flyer). Also note ride details of the trip are here:, an extract also pasted in below for a full "info pack" email)

After the rollicking good breakfast this morning where everyone either is coming, or wanted to but had prior commitments (them's the breaks!), this is shaping up to be an excellent weekend away. And, as a bit of a jag, we have timed it to coincide with the celebration of all things Irish which received enthusiastic support from the about 20 people that rocked up this morning. We are expecting a minimum of 15 people now and have booked out the complete Jack Duggan pub where we will celebrate with ZU2, the (free!) U2 show, until the wee hours(?).

Yes, that's right - (some) Ducatisti may be a bit wrinkled in places, but we are all young at heart. When Frances gave the choice of the quiet Park Hotel (a favourite with Ulysses clubs) against the nearby but maybe-a-bit-rowdy Irish pub down the road, the shrieks of excitement from those present made it a 100% choice for a party weekend!

If it needs to be cancelled (delayed!) because of real rain (ie a couple of showers won't stop most from going) we are up for $15 a head if the weekend is canned, or your room cost if it is just you that doesn't come - otherwise a brilliant weekend will be had by all. There are some more details here and, if we do run out of rooms or you have another preference, you could check out nearby hotels by starting from here

So, if you want to come, please confirm with Frances during the week.

The entertainment we will be up for is  "ZU2 are a U2 tribute rock band that formed in Sydney, Australia in 2009. The band ....  is the credo that ensures ZU2 their success as a fresh tribute band. ZU2 have a paramount and distinctly recognizable sound covering all generations of U2's musical explorations from the early 1980s to their most recent release of their twelfth album No Line on the Horizon. With an engaging stage presence this all translates to an energetic, enjoyable and entertaining ZU2 experience."

"Dog-Gone Bathurst" weekend ride, 20-21 March - Accommodation & Trip Details

Hi All. thanks for your positive input at breakfast today; and as a result here's the arrangements for Accommodation for our "Dog(gies) Gone Bathurst" weekend.   (note: for ride details for the trip see here

Jack Duggan's Irish Pub,  135 George Street, BATHURST.  You can check it out on   

I have reserved ALL the available accommodation at the pub; which consists of the following:
   1 x 12 bed "dormitory" @ $25.00 per person/bed.
   2 x double bedrooms (i.e. 1 x double bed each room) @ $65.00 per room - assumed reserved for couples. 
   2 x tri-bedrooms (i.e. 1 x double bed & 1 x single bunk bed) @ $65 + $30 per extra person (assumed reserved for couples and/or lady riders?)   
   1 x family room (i.e. 1 x double bed & 4 single beds) @ $65 + $30 per extra person.
Reservations so far:

Dorm room/beds: 

?Glenn L  (confirmed)
?Russell C (confirmed)
?Ian M (confirmed)
?Bruce C (confirmed)
?Jim O (confirmed)
?John B (to be confirmed)
?Brian M (to be confirmed)
?Mick B (to be confirmed)
?Others (You know who you are!) (to be confirmed)

Double rooms:

?Noelene & Mark P (confirmed)
?Frances & Vince S (confirmed)
?Grahame Hill & Friend (to be confirmed)
?Other Couple (You know who you are!) (to be confirmed)

I have laid down a $200.00 deposit to cover the bookings, so it is essential that everyone who wants to come please RSVP your accommodation requirements to me by this Friday, 12th March  as I have to confirm numbers with the pub, so they can release the rooms we will not be requiring.   No further money needs to be exchanged until arrival. Please note that "confirmed" means you have told me you want the accommodation and agree to pay for cancellation as per below should it occur for any reason.

On Arrival:
Everyone pays for their own accommodation at the point of arrival, according the room/bed type they have reserved. 

Dinner & Show:
I have made a preliminary group reservation in the pub restaurant for 7.30pm.  Everyone to pay for their own meals & drinks.   Dinner is followed by free "U2 tribute Show" in the pub (being Irish, St Patrick's Day (week) and all!).   You are at liberty of course to spend the evening as you wish. 

Bike Parking - Overnight Security:
The pub closes & locks its rear access at 9pm at night; at this point they allow bikes to be parked in the beer garden, and this area is then locked up.  The Pub caretaker will let us out in the morning whatever time we require.

Individual Cancellation/No Show:
If you have reserved a room/bed and do not show up on the 20th for the ride, it would be considered "good grace" if you would still pay for the room c/ Frances as any "absences" will be deducted from the deposit I have paid. Ok? 

Wet Weather/ Trip Cancellation:
In case of wet weather / catastrophes strike and the weekend is cancelled altogether, $200 deposit is our total loss; therefore, we will split the $200 between those who were booked to attend, which should amount to no more than $15 each.  OK - sound fair?

You are free to find accommodation as you wish, but if you would like to stay with the group, and you haven't already,
please let Frances know your accommodation requirements ASAP & definitely BEFORE 10pm this Friday, 12th March. Thanks!   

Any hassles you can email here at doggies as: [email protected] or call/text my mobile: 0438 450 810.
Looking forward to seeing you all, Saturday 20th, 9am (departure) at Freemans, and all stops hence!!


HunterDOG Club Ride SATURDAY 20/03/10 => Bathurst Weekend Away

Obviously a KEY change is that the next club ride will be on the Saturday not Sunday. For the "awayers" via Wiseman's Ferry, Kurrajong, Bell, Oberon, Mt Panorama Circuit. We get to do the Bells Line Rd and those really cool sweepers just after the Hartley turn-off to Oberon. The day trip only riders would peel off at Kulnura and go to Wollombi for lunch. This is only 340km to Bathurst so we will have plenty of time for a bit of sight seeing and a lap of Mt Panorama during the afternoon (we lucked out on the way back from Turismo as the Bathurst 12 Hour was on, but I have checked and there is nothing on 'til Easter!).  Note the earlier schedule was talking about going via Blue Mtns but a) the roads there are congested and boring, and b) you need to spend at least a full day there to make it worthwhile. The Blue Mtns (where I lived 10 years) works really well by going up Fri night and coming back Sun arvo - and that could be a plan for another day! This one upcoming is going to be relaxed and fairly easy, but as much fun as you want is available - up to you!

Sunday: (390km) via Kandos, Rylstone, Bylong, Denman, Jerrys Plains, Singleton, Elderslie, Duckenfield. The road has been tarred right through Bylong now which greatly shortens the trip (by 100km) and builds the interest. The earlier part of the return trip involves that brilliant twisty road over the old goldfields through Sofala, where we will have a bit of a touristy look around. On return we will do Elderslie and Duckenfield, a route many of us are familiar with and far prefer to the highway.


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