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Sent: Thursday, 14 October, 2010 10:49 PM
Subject: Club Ride 9am Bero BP to watch GP at Bulahdelah Plough Inn

G'day xxxxxxxxxxx,


The anti-spam rules have changed again! A small qty of people will have seen this announced topic come out as a mewsletter, everyone else was unlucky, sorry if this is a duplicate.

Let me add a reminder to the below that we have concluded by popular choice that next month's weekend away should be to Pt Macquarie, as Frances has mentioned. So, for details about accommodation for Saturday night, plus a bit about the fun things we will do on the Hunter Dogs Oxley Wag-It Weekend Away check;topicseen#msg1865. Please also note that another problem of beating the spam rules via topic announce is that the link this email has to the topic won't work when the topic is combined with the original discussion to keep it all together. Same deal for previous "New Announcements". But you can always check on the discussion board

Right, back to the newslettery thing:

Just a quick reminder about the ride on Sunday, a bit of a change this month as the idea to go for a lap of The Lakes Way before settling down as special guests at the Plough Inn Bulahdelah to watch Casey knock another one off for Ducati has really stirred some interest. See the following for details:;topicseen#msg1876

So we'll leave BP Beresford (at the end of the F3 freeway, 100m up from roundabout on right coming from Sydney direction). Basic route will be the back way through Clarence Town to Booral then Bulahdelah, Forster, Nabiac, Plough Inn Bulahdelah. It is less than 100km back to Newcastle via the highway, after Casey has given his victory speech!

This ride and special treatment comes courtesy of ?crazy Dave?, town ambassador to Bulahdelah. Along the way we have added a bit of a touristy distraction for a sticky beak at the bush skyscraper. We are promised good weather so make sure you get the lawn mowed on Sat so you are ready for a pleasant day out mowing the tarmac with the Ducati on Sunday. PLUS, you get to bask in the glory of another spectacular Ducati win on the way home, how good is that???

See you there,
Vince Sunter

Sent: Friday, 17 September, 2010 2:27 PM
Subject: Hunter DOG Ride Sun 8:40am at Belmont South Shell for 09:00am departure: DOC NSW Concourse, plus Upcoming Event Info

G'day xxxxxx,

There is a fair bit of ground to cover, I will try to be brief (is it possible?)! Prez Frances has bolted on the Duke for a weekend rider training course at Armidale and didn't get to do a bunch of stuff before leaving. She has been busily working through a host of activities as the new Prez and finding a lot more to do than expected, but its all good and should see a fair bit of "stuff" going out to many of our newer members soon.

This note is a reminder for the ride on Sunday in two days. Meet 8:40am at Belmont South Shell for 09:00am departure (unless rain prevents). Come and drool over Sydney?s finest collection of Ducati Motorcycles in one place at the Ducati Owners Club of NSW Annual Concours d? Elegance. Held in the grounds of the Moorong Spinal Unit, Victoria Road, Ryde. Food and drinks will be available, plus trade stalls and other planned events. Bring out your bike and show Sydney what owning a Ducati is all about. See flyer at for more info.

Next month we have decided to find a pub / place to watch the GP in Oct and are looking for volunteers / suggestions. Do you know a place or want a bunch of Ducatis parked outside your place and have a nearby take-away to feed the masses?

Here we are heading off for a nice ride last month . There are more pics here and you can see we got a spectacular hail show at lunch but arrived in the sunshine and left in it which was pretty handy. At least it was a great day out until I discovered a big mess left on the road by Singleton Council and have started a blue with them about it!

We also have a lot of good feedback from the survey conducted, thank you to everyone that has contributed. There are 21 survey submissions now, it has been closed but anyone that didn't get around to it but has something to say email / phone / in person are always welcome. Great to see all the strong support and useful comments and these will be collated for the wider audience. Plainly we are a "get out and go riding lot" and there is a fair bit of interest in doing exactly that so we have made two of the monthly rides into weekends away. Of course the trick is always to find a good "do-able" destination with something going on which can mean taking a day off.

The Bombala Motorcycle show on Nov ( would seem to be a suitable destination, it is really a three dayer as we would spend the Fri night at somewhere like Bermagui so it?s a short ride in to check out the show and listen to the band and retreat to a tent, it is fully catered but byo tent & sleeping bag! Either ride home on Sunday or take Monday off too depending how it is all going! We are also talking about an Oxley two day weekend away for March 2011, with the Sat night at Port Macquarie.

So save the above dates and tell anyone else you have "important motorcycling business" to attend to these weekends! Any suggestions / fine tuning are welcome as we don't really need to cast anything in stone until a couple of weeks before, but it could mean two nights camping out if we leave it 'til the last minute for Bombala and Bermagui fills up!

There was something else but I have forgotten it now. So get those Ducs roaring and see you soon!

Kind regards
Vince Sunter

Edit: OK, Sending in two halves worked well (apart from i sent the first lot from my work email address, oh duh!!!), but another half dozen dud emails turned up that I didn't spot last time in all the "bounces over 100" mess. So if you read this and wonder why you didn't get an email you have been deleted! - Hit that Register button again, it doesn't take long to get back in the good books again here, so to speak!

Sent: Friday, 16 July, 2010 2:28 AM
Subject: Hunter DOG Club Ride This Sunday BP Bero to Bulahdelah 18/07/10

G?day Fellow Riders,

Yes this Sunday is another great excuse to go for a ride. Meet 8:45am at BP Beresfield (at end F3, 100m right at roundabout) for 9am departure: via East Gresford, Dungog, Stroud and Booral, sighting run to Wootton first, repeat run for many before lunch in Bulahdelah (unless rain prevents). This is 148km so a nice easy one! Get to the BP early and enjoy a pleasant cappuccino with brekkie if you wish, this servo is quite well set up for a reasonable meal. We are promised sunshine which should be a sure thing this time of year.

The AGM went well a fortnight back with a good turnout. We got ourselves a female Prez, Frances! So Frances will be sending out the notes from now on she tells me and I am put in my place, except this one of course. She got put on the spot for it and said yes. Given recent success by two top pollies and of course we know Di Scaysbrook was the best thing to ever happen to the Sydney (sorry NSW) Ducati Club so I'm expecting big things! Here's the announcement from Brett:

I'd like to take the opportunity to welcome our new President Frances Sunter, and wish her all the best in her new role.  Supporting Frances will be our new Club Secretary Glenn Lewis, so please welcome the change in role for Glenn.  Our new Treasurer and Public officer is Vince Sunter, who despite his protests to the contrary will do a great job.

Michael Lewis has kindly offered to assist in revamping the web site and Chris Coleman has taken responsibility for helping to sort out membership.

Now there were some other important bits and pieces covered and I'm sure the new committee will cover these off in detail over the coming weeks.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and assistance over the past few years, and particularly those who have worked tirelessly to provide a great support base for Ducati owners across Hunter.

So Brett gets to have a little break before the new committee finds an offer he just can't resist! I was thinking that might be racing coordinator, but there is a little delay in getting the Ringwood track up due to some rather bizarre goings on in the MG Car Club who somehow have found a way to baulk at the line when it came to actually sign up. All the hard stuff has been sorted to smooth the way to get a DA in but some sort of petty minded ##$^^&#$%^* has come to the fore in MGCC. Italia Road Holdings have lost patience and want to get the thing to happen so have taken the MGCC to the Supreme Court to get them to complete the contract they have entered into.

I have been doing some serious stirring about this ridiculous situation and it has been driving some powerful allies out of the woods, which is very confidence inspiring but I can't say much about any of that at the moment. I have seen the track layout, it looks similar to the Oran Park layout in general terms, probably 20% bigger (but I forgot to note the actual length!) and there are some really cool things going on around the periphery. There absolutely will not be a drag strip, and no provision is being made for one (although I note the straights would be long enough...). There will be a skid pan and there is enough land to do other things on.

Oh, some of you with long memories may note this weekend was preliminary scheduled as a garage run to see Loopy Lewis in all his glory. Well, with all the kafuffle about Ringwood I forgot to check if it was OK and the new committee hasn't got to detailed planning stage yet, so that will be another day! See ya Sunday.

Kind regards,
Vince Sunter

Edit: Sending this out direct via a BCC email revealed 16 dud addresses which are now deleted. If there were posts in the forum they now show the original poster as a Guest. Obviously we don't have Guest posting here, so that is why you can see it. Also I found direct emailing has a 100 max per email limit, so need to do in two halves in future.

Sent: Saturday, 03 July, 2010 11:34 AM
Subject: HunterDOG AGM Tomorrow + B.I.G. Ride to Brooklyn Tomorrow (Sun 4th of July) 9am Belmont 16 Footers

G'day Ducatisti,

Sorry I forgot to get this note out mid week, so much stuff has been going on here! Plus, given the spam type issues surrounding public emailing from websites these days I am trying something else for this message. Anyway, here is Brett's post on tomorrow from

Tomorrow's our usual Club Breakfast with a twist, as it'll also serve as our Annual General Meeting.

This year will be no different to past events, whereby all committee positions will be open for nomination.  We're keen to get some new faces ( and hopefully ideas ) involved in moving the club along in a direction that suits everyone.

Following, and after the business side of things is sorted, there is the optional ride to Brooklyn for the B.(ritish) I.(talian) G.(erman) show ( weather permitting, of course ).

See you all there.

After last fortnight's "bit of a whinge" email plus a nice sunny day we had a good roll-up for the ride and a great, no problemo day out - which was much appreciated by everyone that turned up. We went to Chichester Dam, you can catch some quick pics here

Thank you to everybody that took the time to reply to my last note, it was great to receive all the positive feedback (and some "great" excuses for being so slack), plus it flushed out half a dozen dud email addresses - but this still leaves around 145+ bona fide Ducati toting people here plus 25-ish "miscellaneous others", please rock on down!

I will float an idea here. It occurs to me that really this club is "just" a social outlet for Ducati interested people. We don't want to floof around with all the admin side of the game, just get it together to hang out and do cool things without any of the "drama" stuff you can sometimes get in small "in crowd" run social clubs. It doesn't happen here (as best we know) and we want to keep it like that. We also don't want to fluff around with money / whatever. It costs about $300 a year to do the admin side of this club and I am thinking of hitting Frasers up for sponsorship of that amount. Therefore membership becomes "If you say you want in, you are in - unless (which won't happen) you start to cause problems which will be dealt with because there are enough people here with their heads screwed on properly to keep it cool!".

We would have to sort out the details of what that means, if we go with it. So rock up tomorrow for a nice feed, fabulous scenery, a bit of a chat, give us your opinion and maybe an upheld volunteery type hand, and then a nice ride - unless mowing the lawn in the middle of winter or some other ridiculous excuse is your thing! (joke!).

So, see ya tomorrow eh? Here's a clip from the last email (, I am feeling a lot more optimistic now but it still has to happen:

The AGM will be a bit of a watershed event for us this year as we are only going to continue with putting the effort in to create a nice social place to mix with like minded people if enough of us want to show up! We want to see that can/will happen, or sort out any issues so it does. ..... Brett also thinks it is a very health thing for turnover to happen "at the top" in social clubs so he is very happy to do a different job if somebody else (not me!) would like the grand title of Hunter Ducati Owner's Group President - think about it! Frances is saying she wants to take on membership officer with a vengeance and get the social side really cracking given that we kinda lost the delightful Paula during the year with her changed circumstances. But of course she will need help, is that you?

Kind regards,
Vince Sunter

As it turns out there seems to have been quite a bunch of issues wrt email distribution I think driven by ant-spam practices which stop legitimate ones getting out. So I am being fed errors when there aren't any, and no errors when there are. Hmmmm. However, it looks like we can go to a simple system of BCC distribution on a standard email. Loses the personal naming feature, but tough luck as it will work I think, or at least it seemed to for the 40 that missed out on the initial release, and several I think got two or more copies!

One thing that this process did was to identify 7 dud email addresses so at least they have been deleted now. Not to mention that a bit of interest seems to have been sparked in the remaining 169 (well 168 really as one is a dummy test pilot email confirmation that it is working out there in the big wide Ducati Internet Connected and Magic Black Stuff Injected World!)

Edit: It also turns out 25 people have accidentally had their permissions stripped as a subset of the earlier manifestations of the above issue. That is fixed so now you can post and search and see other stuff that had vanished for probably two or three months I would say. Sorry about that little whoopsie!


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