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Please provide feedback re any problems for use of this forum


So far so good Vince,

I had a brief look around today and it seems pretty user friendly and still has the additional functions that will come in handy.

There are so many options and boxes to tick to set this thing up that it would be easy for things to behave differently to how it seemed they would. And, of course this software was picked because it is free and it seemed to be the best of its type. The developers also seem to be pretty interested in feedback so they might change things if we ask nicely.

The bottom line is this has to be easy to use or we won't use it, so please let me know about any stuff that seems to be a problem and I'll see what can be done about it (after the Christmas break that is!).  ??? Thanks ............Vince

PS: I'm testing the Additional Options to Announce this topic to see what it does for us...


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