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MotoGP - Laguna
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Don't forget - MotoGP airs on Channel 10 tomorrow morning 6 July 2009 at 6:45am.

There were a few crashes in the Free Practice and Qualifying sessions.  Vermeulen high-sided in the practice sessions, and bruised the side of his body.  Hopefully it won't slow him down too much - the Aussie rider finished on the podium last year (and the year before, I think).

Both Casey Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo had big high-sides in qualifying.  Casey seems to be okay, but a bit bruised.  Lorenzo fared a bit worse - dislocating his shoulder.  He had already managed to qualify in pole position!  We won't know until tomorrow morning whether he's fit enough to ride or not.

Hopefully all of them will be fighting fit - otherwise, it's just a one-horse race, with Rossi cruising to an easy victory.  Can't have that, can we?

Some excellent photos here ------>

Including this one - Honda's wrap-around exhaust pipe (looking for extra length, they curved it around the rear fairing)

In fact, the whole site's worth looking at: ------>
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