Author Topic: SQUADRA Ducati now launched  (Read 1364 times)

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SQUADRA Ducati now launched
« Reply #1 on: 20 Jun 2009, 12:32 PM »
I must admit I am slightly confused about what exactly is on offer here - it seems to be racing-centric so have filed it in Racing, but it came with the below much wider intro. However it has a lot of neat "Ducati Buzz" about it so is another great place to while away some bandwidth!

from Ducati Club Portugal:
As some of you already know me and some senior members from DCP started a new adventure.
I'm here to present you Squadra Ducati.

No, it's not a new club it's the result of a long last desire to have all the Ducati Owners Clubs together in one place, a place were we can stay in touch, promote our events, and share all our experiences with all ducatisti.

When you visit the website you will find a forum, a gallery were we can put photos from our events and Ducati news among other things.
To conclude, what I would like and the main intention of me writing this e-mail to you is to ask all of you to join us in this adventure and make Squadra Ducati a true global site for all DOC'S and ducatisti.
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