Author Topic: DOCNSW Track Day - Ducati Big Day Out - Reborn  (Read 1811 times)

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DOCNSW Track Day - Ducati Big Day Out - Reborn
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From Warren Hayes VP DOCNSW ( and if you haven't done a track day, they are addictive and a lot of fun to boot - if you want to make it a club event IE a few of us head down and commandeer our our pit box, post your interest here ) ;

HI Guys

Have secured 15 spots and as many as 30 for a track day on the 9th of May the days are few and far between at the moment so if you would like a spot please let me know A.S.A.P
Price is $197 payable to D.O.C of NSW, I have a little over 4 weeks to get this together so please act quick if you want to come along.
Vice Prez DOC
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