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February Club Breakfast & Meeting
« Reply #1 on: 01 Feb 2009, 08:41 PM »
I know we haven't had much rain lately - January was one of the driest on record.  However, I wasn't complaining this morning when I fired up the 848, and cruised around to the 16 Footers for the Feb Breakfast.  It was just one of those magical days - perfect for Ducatisti!

Sorry I didn't get photos of the bikes this morning, folks - my mind must have still been off with the pixies.  Today's "shiny bike" prize was a three way toss-up, according to the judge & jury (me).  Rob's tasty looking Monster was particularly shiny (those white wheels really set off the white & red paintwork).  Brett brought his 900SS along - very sweet looking machine for a bike that's racked up a decade.  But, the prize goes to Arthur on his ST3S.  He swore black & blue that he hadn't gone to any extra trouble - he cleaned it a month ago.  I wish I'd taken a photo for you all, so you could agree.

Anyhow, the usual protein-loading went on once inside.  (I didn't need lunch today!)  Bruce went for the yoghurt & fruit salad, but most of the crew chose the healthier "big breakfast" option, with eggs, bacon, sausages, tomato, mushrooms, hashbrowns and toast.  And coffee.

Here's part of the aftermath:

Here's another version:

Here's one of our Regalia Officer, Bruce.  He looks like he enjoys his role just a little *too* much, don't you think?

And here's one of Bruce's happy customers, Vince2.  (Note the empty wallet...)

No "official" ride today - the committee lingered on after breaky, and attended to some club business.  There's some interesting things in the wings, folks, so keep tuned!

See you at the next ride day!   ;D
Ducati 848