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Club Ride - November 2008
« Reply #1 on: 14 Nov 2008, 06:33 PM »
G'day Everyone,

Well, if the weather holds out for the weekend ( which it's not supposed to - forecast is showers for Sunday ), then we're off to Wiseman's Ferry. 

It's normally a pretty good run and one of my favourites ( apart from last year, when we got caught in torrential rain for two thirds of the ride - yes, I'm still bitter about it ) as it covers some of the nicest, quitest and most picturesque spots around, except if it's wet.  Then it's an anxiety exam.  Most of the good stuff stays damp for days, and just gets a little hard to see, and more than a little slippery.

Sound like I'm talking us out of it ?  Absolutely not.  Just making the point, that when you stand in your jammies and look out the window on Sunday morning and see that it's wet, or has been, then we probably need to think again.  But that's Ok because there are plenty of other good possibilities around, like helping Vince move.

Be optimistic, the weather will be fine.

See you Sunday ( unless I spend too much on Saturday - see separate post ).

Be good.

Mvlti svnt vocati, pavci vero electi