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Yep, it turned up today and it is a beauty!  ;D Cranks like a crazy thing, starts a sometimes hard to start WR250F Yamaha easily. I checked the voltage as received, it was 13.7V, the reason they start well is that this voltage doesn't drop like a lead acid when you start cranking.

PS: No, I don't get anything for saying this, a good product always deserves a wrap in my view and I never want to be beholden to any supplier!

Edit, just to be absolutely clear the coupon code is "dirtbikeworld" (don't include the inverted commas), this works for Australian based purchasers only.

Yes there was a valid reason for the delay, a software upgrade will stuff you round every time! So they are posting it express to cover their whoopsie and get it here about the same time.

I also noticed there is another premium supplier around, cost a few bucks more but seem to have themselves a reputation. It is here - however I do not see that the product is superior to the equivalent range of AntiGravity battery, but check it out if you need to spend more dosh!

As a consequence of the supposedly maintenance free battery in the chook chaser (WR250F) cacking itself YET AGAIN (due to gross underuse by the chook - a defect I hope to see remedied this winter! Plus of course sealed AGM to a Chinaman means sealed until it isn't sealed then all the acid dumps out while charging it!) I have re-investigated the battery scene. THINGS HAVE CHANGED!!!

I have just ordered a lithium battery from - the YTZ7S-8 to be specific. For most Ducatis the YT12BS-16 would be the choice and this would easily be double or triple the output of the best battery we have had in our Ducatis so far!

There are a few suppliers of Lithium batteries out there now, but like anything you get what you pay for. The Chinese copies are at round cells and dubious configurations (eg CV4 are also Chinese, please remember better stickers does not mean better batteries!!!) - but even these copies will be well ahead of the "old" battery technology we have been using. The only other supplier of quality Lithium cells appears to be but the performance and pricing of the antigravity battery is clearly superior at the moment.

There is an additional advantage for we Aussies in that there is currently no Australian distributor for antigravity, thank gawd. This means we can import them direct from the USA without paying some ridiculous mark-up to an importer. It also means we can have a 12% discount on the advertised prices! Check for an analysis of the benefits and the code. I believe this is a legitimate use of the relevant discount code because it was the detailed descriptions I found on the dbw forum that clarified the reasoning that this is the right battery to buy.

If you too wish to use the process to buy a battery it is slightly tricky in that you don't immediately get to put in the coupon code. You will select the model you want from I used Paypal so it gets your agreement to pay the basic price then sends you back to select the shipping required and then put in the coupon code (of dirtbikeworld). In my case it was $US179.99 for the battery less $US18 discount, and $US44.25 for priority international mail (about 7 days) giving a total of $US206.24. Should come in under $A200 with the current exchange rate and I am happy to pay that to have a battery that will last for years and not discharge while it is unused (no battery tender required!), plus will crank much harder than anything I have had before.

Please remember that no battery will fix your high resistance battery leads, you need to soak the connections with solder flux acid then solder them up solid or it is "when", not "if" they will bite you!!! Including earth straps. You need at least a butane gas torch to generate enough heat to flow the solder properly. Don't let solder run back up the wire far or it will become too rigid, but if you make this mistake bend it once and cable tie it off so only the flexible piece is exposed to vibration.

Edit: Don't order one of these batteries until I have confirmed with another post, it has been 2.5 days with nothing other than automated email response and no response to me pestering, and there is evidence elsewhere that the owner has suddenly gone quiet. Which may mean a car prang or gawd knows what. I need to at least know it is shipped with a tracking number to say it is OK to use this supplier. Earlier reports (from Oz) say they were quick and the product is brilliant, obviously something has happened....

Thanks for the info Vince.  That's good.

I thought that GS and Yuasa were the same mob now through some sort of merger some time back, but I probably have that wrong.  It probably is a gel battery I want, and I did contact Battery Stop, and Federal, and anyone else that showed any sort of contact details without barely a response, let alone success.

To be honest, given that they're so hard to get hold of, I don't know how they make money let alone afford the ads.

PS: 20 seconds of Googling and here is a supplier of Deka batteries:


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