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Ringwood Motor Sports Complex
« Reply #1 on: 19 Apr 2008, 08:44 AM »
As many will know this is up for approval again, what a long drawn out process this has been! When it was first going through the approval process we heard a rumour that they were looking at a new race track and drag strip at Eastern Ck, no worries we thought the Ringwood one will be constructed and operational a year earlier so it will be well established by the time our Sydney cousins get something on the ground. Well history is now readilly available for review, the actions of the local council have sure flipped this brilliant piece of logic on it's ring!

Many of you will have got a forwarded email from me which I received as a general forward myself, whereupon I immediately enlisted CAMS support to get this out to members in the area (bizarrely it hadn't, I am a silver grade steward and would have known). I am just putting the info up here as the rumours are this facility will be getting the nod this time around and it will be a useful place to monitor and discuss as this club has a major interest in using the facility. I know, I know - I shoulda posted it here too, I meant to but forgot!

So, for me it started with the receipt and forwarding of the below. If you happen to read this today or tomorrow there is still time for you to send an email of support to Pt Stephens Council, even if it says little more please just do it! And if you happen to have an angle where you can speak with a bit more authority please put in a submission using that, I did and will paste it at the bottom of this lot:

From: Vince Sunter
Sent: Friday, 04 April, 2008 8:44 AM
Subject: FW: Ringwood Motorsport complex DA help request

G'day Everybody,
The saga to get a motor sports complex at Ringwood (approx 20km north of Raymond Terrace) has been going on for many years now. The council has been confused by the complaints of the whinging few that will do ANYTHING to not allow more motorsports oriented facilities to be built - so far this minority has been very successful. However, the people behind it are also pretty determined and have managed to get one more crack at it, a sort of last chance dance which we mustn't let go to waste.
It is time for those of us that can see what a brilliant facility this will be to get off our behinds and actually DO something about it. The complex will be great for the area, make the roads safer by giving people a legitimate outlet for all that pent up enthusiasm that is so disliked by the police (with all their sneaky new ways of discovering when people are forgetting where they are), and provide a much needed source of local entertainment which has been sorely missed since the demise of the Newcastle speedway facility.
Sure pass this on as requested below / attached, but please don't let this one slip by without sending a note with your support to the council. Thank you.
Kindest regards,
Vince Sunter


Hi all,
You have received this email from me as I have your name in my address book.
As so you probably know I am interested in Motorsport.
The Motorsport Complex, at Ringwood Park, north of Raymond Terrace in NSW, is proposed to have a major upgrade and will be available for use by all enthusiasts.
Hopefully an email or a letter could be sent by you to the council stating your support for the project. (Information to assist you to do this has been attached).
Before you type out your submission, click on “Forward”, delete old addresses at the top of this email message, change the top bit to whatever you want to say and forward this on to all in your address book & ask them to do the same and so on.
We need this to be an overwhelming response to the council.
This needs to be done before the 20th April 2008.
PS If some of you have received this email several times it means that you are REALY popular.

***** Attachment ***********************************
Support the Ringwood Park Motorsport Complex.

The DA for the Motorplex Ringwood Park Development upgrade has been readvertised in the
Port Stephens Examiner on Thursday 20 March 2008 by the Port Stephens Council (PSC). Revised plans and the Species Impact Study are on display and the Council has asked for written submissions.

We are asking everyone (especially those who live in the Port Stephens Council area) to support Motorplex and the MG Car Club Committee by writing to the council expressing your SUPPORT for this project.

Facts that may be mentioned, preferably in your own words:

   The revised plans seem to be designed to minimise the effects on all the threatened species populations, their habitats and the ecological communities. The proposed planting of additional flora and trees will significantly enhance the quality of all the Endangered Ecological Community areas.
   Venue for safe Senior & Junior driver development.
   Venue for awareness & defensive driving training.
•   Police, Fire, Ambulance & Australia Post.
•   High School driver education programs.
•   Corrective Services (from the court system).
   Increased tourism, revenue and employment for the Raymond Terrace and surrounding areas.
   Venue for drivers from Central Coast, Newcastle, Upper & lower Hunter Mid North Coast as well as Port Stephens to compete in club level motorsport in a safe & controlled environment.
   Venue for Hunter region bicycle road race training & events (safe & off the roads).
   The land is already council approved and used for motorsport (including the drag strip in 1989)
   It would seem that Military Noise is more of a concern in the proposed Kings Hill development than any perceived noise problem from upgrading the Ringwood Park facility.

This may be your last chance to give your opinion to the council. Don’t let all our effort of the past seven years be in vain.

This effort has already cost over three quarters of a million dollars let alone the half million dollars plus, cost to the PSC. Much of this could have been used to upgrade the facility.

Also tell the council that you like to address the court about your concerns. (objectors, such as the C.R.A.B.S., group will be doing so). We must not be outnumbered.

Written letters or emails (submissions) must contain your name, address and phone number & have to be received by the council before the 20 April 2008.

Post letters to                      Emails send to

DA NO: 16-2002-42-1                  [email protected]
Scott Anson                     Attention Scott Anson
P.O. BOX 42
Raymond Terrace NSW 2324               also cc to
                        [email protected]
                                                                                      (this will allow us to monitor the submissions the
                                                                                                         council receives)

Send this information to all in your “address book”, and then ask them to send the information on to all in their “address books”.

Greg Hunter.  President.         John Collins.  Vice President.         Peter Lee.  Director.
MG Car Club Newcastle.                     Motorplex Australia.

1st April 2008

******** Vince Sunter submission ****************

Dear Sir,
Re the DA for the Motorplex Ringwood Park Development upgrade as advertised in the Port Stephens Examiner on Thursday 20 March 2008 by the Port Stephens Council I would like to add my support to this development. I am a director of Calsun Materials Handling, an engineering construction business that brings a lot of work into the Newcastle area, including to businesses within the Pt Stephens Council area (total approx $7m last financial year). I am also the public officer of an ATO DGR approved registered charity F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Fund run by the Hunter Ducati Owners Group Inc.
I see that the proponents (who I am not related to / involved with in any way) have taken a particularly responsible approach to the provision of this development with due care and attention to the appropriate environmental concerns whilst at the same time providing a facility which will be of enormous benefit to the local and wider community. They are to be applauded for this excellent development and for having the patience, persistence and ongoing financial capacity to bring a valuable facility such as this into the area, despite prolonged (and misdirected in my view) opposition.
When this venue proceeds it will not only provide an excellent tourist entertainment draw card to greatly improve the financial well being of the local community, but it will save many lives in the process. This is by giving our young (and young at heart) people a facility where they can safely release some of that overly exuberant energy that is often inappropriately released so tragically at times creating both nuisance and chaos in it's path, as well as providing an appropriate training venue leading to harm minimisation in the general surrounding area. These are really solid tangible benefits that will flow directly from proceeding with this development and it would be irresponsible to deprive the community of these in the event that the development was refused.
As well as the entertainment value that has been sorely missed since the demise of the Newcastle speedway the facility will be available to responsible groups to utilize for community benefit. This will include driver skills development, both of our youngsters and aging population - imagine how much more reassuring it will be for members of the increasingly aged population within the Pt Stephens area to have the ability to safely test their skills and be assessed for ongoing capability to drive on our roads.
Also of course a venue such as this would be of great interest to organisations that require considerable professional driving as part of their activities. Whether this be public organisations like Police, Fire, Ambulance, Australia Post, high schools etc, or private companies such as couriers, or simply people with a particular interest in driving, motorcycling or bicycling they will all be able to engage in training to improve mental and physical skills with access to a facility such as this.
It certainly appears to me that the extension of the current use of the subject land for motorsport is a very appropriate and responsible development. I would like to see this include in future the return of the 1989 approval for a drag strip and extension to include other related and complementary motor sports related activities. I think the operation of this facility will be far less intrusive than the military noise which pervades the area (and almost caused me serious injury on one occasion), and the returns to the community will be more than an order of magnitude greater.
Should you wish to hear more detail of my view on the approval of this facility's DA I am quite happy to address the council at a convenient juncture. Thank you for your consideration.
Kindest regards,
Vince Sunter (Director)
Calsun Materials Handling Pty Ltd
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