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Ducati Workshop Manuals


Of course our good friends at DucatiMS have since compiled a list of manuals - 3 years ago, and I just noticed them! Check out

They start with sports touring but scroll down and lots of others get listed too, right up to 1198S a few days ago.

Note the broken links in the below post are now fixed. I have a 0.5Gb copy of the Ducati ST4S '01 workshop manual I picked up a year ago for reference - but don't remember where I found it!

I have looked in the 15Gb torrent file mentioned on the bikechat link below ( ). For Ducatis these are the only ones of possible interest:

Ducati_748-916.pdf   76.79 MB
Ducati_750ss-900ss1991-1996manual-de-en-it-es-fr.pdf   187.60 MB
Ducati_888_Service_Manual.pdf   63.68 MB
Ducati_888_workshop_manual_de-en-it-es-fr.pdf   63.68 MB
Ducati_Monster_600-750-900_1993_Service_Manual_(German).pdf   27.47 MB
Ducati_Monster_900_Service_Manual.pdf   46.88 MB
Ducati_Monster_900_Service_Manual_it_en_fr_de.pdf   46.88 MB
Sport.Riding.Techniques.pdf   57.31 MB
A Twist Of The Wrist - Vol2.pdf   17.08 MB

You would need to download the torrent, open the detailed files listing tab in your client (eg Vuze), select everything (648 files!) then Set Priority to Do Not Download. Then go back and change the priority on the one/s you are interested in.

Just tidying up and pasting in what I wrote in another post, and stickying this topic so we can keep all the useful manual stuff at hand as people find out (and add to!) this reference list of info

Bruce below found this guy (edit: gone! but see what this produces: ).

From my own explorations I know it is well worth picking around places like this for manuals to see what you can find of interest, there is quite a lot available:

Edit: Moved to here: (the one you want is

And if you really want to play, understanding the stuff behind what the rather over the top but dead right fellow at has to say is a pretty handy way to have a bit of fun. Particularly note the break in secrets article ( as this is the single biggest thing you can do to enhance the performance of an engine, something I discovered decades ago and can well attest to the truth of. However, for most the horse has bolted so we're back to just getting the oil changes right etc - until that old rebore time comes along....!

Don't forget you can get all the OEM Ducati Owner Manuals and Spare Parts lists here also:

Edit: Now here:

Hi Everyone

I have just had a great experience in ordering a complete Hard Copy Workshop Manual for my ST3 from the US.

This Manual is way less than half the Ducati price even with postage from the US which only took 4 Day's and over the Australia Day long weekend as well.

The Manual is exactly as you will fin the original Ducati one all the to the red Front cover.

Email address is,

Do a google search "eggmac217" and this will bring you onto his ebay site and associated forums.

I like bargains, here is one.

Regards Bruce


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