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Ride Calendar Details and NSWDOC Calendar Updates
« Reply #1 on: 30 Oct 2007, 02:51 PM »
Of course everybody knows the Doggies calendar can be picked up on the main web page or by going to one of the following:

Current month:

Current year:

One of the things we are usually trying to do in setting up a calendar is to work in with our friends at NSWDOC (of which I am a long time member and will probably remain so). Now in case you had wondered the task of setting calendars in place is 1) Very Important, and 2) Very hard to do well!!! It is important because really this is the most significant ongoing thing we do as a club, and it is hard because it is so difficult to match in with everything else that is going on, including the weather - and as soon as you have a plan something seems to change! (plus there is no monopoly on overlooking important things and accidentally clashing / whatever!)

However, since NSWDOC routinely publish calendar updates in the form below I am going to start publishing them here. That way you can see what has been coming, and get an idea of what has been (and therefore may come again), and make choices for yourself / suggestions for the club and participate a bit more in getting even better value than you already do out of the fortunate circumstances by which you came to own one of the best bikes on the planet.

Edit: The idea in the above para must have seemed a good one at the time, but obviously I wasn't too good at doing the job! Rather than make another silly promise let me suggest you just pick up the current NSWDOC event info from here:
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