Author Topic: Tomorrow's ride to Wollombi, and a water skiing option!  (Read 1724 times)

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Tomorrow's ride to Wollombi, and a water skiing option!
« Reply #1 on: 17 Nov 2007, 06:50 PM »
As you will see from the biggest thing to do on the day is to pick the route. This is the guts of it:

"South route via Yaramalong Valley, Mangrove Ck Dam, Bucketty and Laguna is 125km. Or North route is via Sandy Ck Rd, Pokolbin and Broke which is all of 93km. Either are a beautiful ride through the country side with enough twisties and plenty of time to make any Ducati rider happy. And it's not too big a day out to tempt those who just finished Turismo to come out to play again!"

Being in the latter group I was intending to come to the ride, but I have to attend a surprise 50th birthday party - mine so I gotta go! And Stuart has been dragged back in to work on Sunday despite his extreme protestations to the contrary, which means ride coordination will rely on those present, and probably that won't include regulars Andrew and Russell also just back from Turismo as they are now expected to make up family time after a week of flitting about the countryside on Dukes!

Fortunately the weather will be great for a ride, and an informal party - really a bbq and a bit of water skiing. And you are most welcome to join us on the foreshore at Warners Bay, we will be on the Elebana side about half way between the two roundabouts where there is a rotunda, and probably a makeshift shelter will be set up too, bring your water skiing legs! Since Stuart can't go riding he is looking for an early mark to get down, how about you too? Assuming people get to read this on such late notice that it is since for most this won't be read for days, part of the deal that comes with a surprise party huh!
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