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How to fix noisy Ducati Clutches, if you don't believe this is "character"

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Another way to get rid of the noise is to buy the lower quality Japanese, Chinese, American or Asian brands of postie bikes that all the ladies ride!!!

Here's my old clutch noise for those who love it too

Without the clutch noise it just doesn't sound Ducati I even have it as an mp3 on my phone to remind me what i will miss now until i die!! :'(

Old Rider:
Having now ridden the bike, I can report that the clutch is as smooth as before and the chatter while riding is all gone.
However, the cutch is more draggy than it was and gear changes feel more notchy.
Hopefully these problems will disappear as the clutch beds in again.
I can still find neutral, so all is basically fine  :)

Many thanks for the help

Old Rider:
Ok, on removing the plates I could see that the round hole referred to is the rounded bottom of each slot, so I did attempt to radius the tabs on the bottom plate to suit.
It was easy to file, so must be pretty soft steel...

On reassembling, I found the height of the stack was too great, so I tried again with just one friction plate at the bottom and this time all was fine and the clutch is now louder with the lever in than with it released.  Previously it was very much louder with the clutch lever released.
So, success!

Apart from being unable to fit two plates in, the main difficulty with this job is getting the plates out as you get towards the bottom of the stack.  I found this to be quite a game - or is there a trick of the trade??

Edit (by Vince, in Admin mode): The trick is a magnet pick-up tool; every shed should have two (for when you sit on one and make the telescoping bit kinda useless...)


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