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Re: Chain Lubrication that works
« Reply #2 on: 05 Feb 2006, 08:53 AM »
I have bought a can of the Silkolene Chain Gel and have been using this product for about two months. It cost me $19.95 from MCA dirt bike shop at Parramatta, so it should be available just about any good bike shop. I found it to be an excellent chain lube. It doesn't fling off much at all (if any) and it gives your chain that new chain look. Lasts on the chain for a fair while too. Can be a bit messy to apply as the overspray will coat everything white. Have a rag handy for that, no problem. Like everybody else, I have tried numerous chain lubes over the years with mixed results. When the can runs out I'll know then whether to buy it again or try something "else". Cheers. ;D

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Chain Lubrication that works
« Reply #1 on: 16 Jan 2006, 03:47 PM »
On our inaugral ride yesterday one of the guys (Greg) was extolling the virtues of a Fuchs chain lubrication product he has discovered - and with good reason. It had been some 300km since the lube was applied, the chain on his ST was clean and shiny from lube residue, and there was virtually nothing thrown off on the wheel rim. And when we arrived at Wisemans Ferry it was still good.

The product is Silkolene Titanium Chain Gel which is of white appearance and comes in a 400ml pressure can. Since one of the good things about a club is we can share this info round, when we find useful stuff out may as well use this forum to pass it on.

In my own experience I have tried all sorts of products and had settled on a BelRay Super Clean in two sizes spray can which is also a white grease and the smaller can fits in the tool box, but I converted to a Scottoiler about a year ago. Now I'm very happy with the Scottoiler, but it is definitely more hassle to install than a can of chain lube! I also thought the Bel Ray was pretty good but hey, it wasn't cheap, and if you find a better thing, you go with it!

So I guess the next question is "Where da ya geddit?" Since I don't need it maybe someone else could throw in an opinion?

I did a quick web search and found an (the?) importer at where it is $19.90 a can (under "Dealer"). There's no pictures there but here's one:
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