Author Topic: GRO Wollombi Anniversary Ride Next Sunday 12 August, Scott will be there  (Read 1389 times)

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Yes, 'tis the Girls Ride Out anniversary ride next Sunday, there are usually a few Ducati friends that make it along with the local GRO Northern Stars (which is the group that Paula Priestley with Scott's assistance got going in Newcastle - and gave Scott the confidence to kick off the Hunter DOGs ~18 months later).

Paula is making arrangements for Scott to make it along for the day so, apart from an excuse to go out to Wollombi for lunch and a ride it is a chance to catch up with Scottie again yourself.

The scheduled departure time is 9:30am from Beresfield BP/Hungry Jacks. The route is currently the subject of some debate amongst the girls, but my guess is this one will be the winner:

From BP meet point head back towards Kurri swinging left at the roundabout taking the Mt Sugarloaf ..West Wallsend...Wakefield Road route. Then head out towards Freo and go down Sandy Creek Road.Rather than turning right (to go through Kitchener) we could keep going right through to Wollombi.This would actually be an interesting run.

There is talk of cake too, but of course that could just be crumbs, feel free to join in and try your luck!

Frances and I will certainly be there, you are welcome to rock on down too..........Vince
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