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What's cookin for Australia Day?

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Well, what a lovely day out it was. You can catch the pics here Five DOG bikes left Barnsley and we met up with car bound Nicole, who had suddenly found that pregnancy interferes with Monster riding in a most important way - that bit at the beginning when pulling ones jeans on, and it isn't going to be the same if that bit doesn't happen properly!

We started out for Wollombi but, after leaving Newcastle with small patches of blue sky the clouds descended and the drizzle soon started, so what was a DOG to do? Go the other way of course - round the bottom of the lake and to the Catho pub for a quiet one before dropping in on Raffertys for their afternoon do, finally making our way over to Speers Point (Lake Macquarie) for the big Australia Day bash happening there.

It was bright sunshine at Raffertys, bit much for a while, until we spotted a beautiful shady patch under the trees. So we dragged our table etc over and could set about comfortably sampling the various wines and fancy beers at our leisure, to the accompaniment of some pleasant live jazz on the stage.

Then it was round to Speers Point where Daryl Braithwaite was letting it all fly as only the (once) king of rock can do. For a 30 second video of Daryl gettin into it (3.5Mb) click Day 2006 - Daryl Braithwaite.avi. Then Marcia Hines (the queen, when Daryl was king, he let us know) came out to play. For a 30 second video of Marcia gettin into it (1.4Mb) click Day 2006 - Marcia Hines.AVI, not as good as Daryl as it was dark, but you get that! Rounded out the evening with a damn fine display of fireworks over the lake, there was a good sized spectator fleet on the water too.

Hope everybody else had a good time too!

we've just been messing about with the instant messaging thing - and decided 11:30 at Top Dog's place will be the commencement of the inaugral impromptu Australia Day ride. My ph No is 0414 706 875 if anyone wants to catch us during the day

No set time, but a convenient time to do the ride get to raffertys for lunch and fit in some social banter about how good it is to ride a ducati.

what time were you thinking of leaving? Frances is having a good sleep in after the last evening shift of the year. At least the weather looks promising, and the forecast is for increasing sunny periods.

Paula and I are planning a quick trip out to wollombi, down to the bumble hill turn off, over to hue hue rd, turn off onto sparks rd and over to the pacific hwy and then down to raffertys..... end of plan


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