Author Topic: Club ride Wisemans Ferry 19th Aug 2007  (Read 1223 times)

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Club ride Wisemans Ferry 19th Aug 2007
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Good evening to all the Hunter Dogs. Firstly I'd like to G'day and as the ride coordinator for 2007/2008 my goal is to make our club rides the best they can be, with the emphasis on the enjoyment factor. As the ride is set for the 19th of August,and our meeting point being at Freemans water hole, my focus for this ride day will be about encouraging as many members to join in and set aside some Ducati time. I am open to everyones suggestions and I have some of my own ideas that I will discuss at a later date. If you feel you have an idea for the days then let me know we can poll it and look at introducing things as the year develops and my understanding of what I'm actually doing is better. Anything you would like to know don't hesitate to email me or phone. If I don't have the answer then I'll get it for you.
OK, If anyone hasn't been to Wisemans Ferry before then this is a great opportunity to see a magical place. And to think someone put all these windy roads around to get there.. The last time I was there was on 4 wheels. I for one can't wait to experience a ride in a surrounding such as this.
Over the next couple of weeks I will be working on securing the numbers so we have some idea on how many of us will be there. It will go a long way to the organisation of the day if the numbers are accurate.I encourage everyone to get this date in your dairies, shoot me an email or pick up the phone and lock in for Wisemans Ferry. The weather will be warm and sunny.The roads will be clear and inviting. The company I'm sure will be outstanding. I'm hoping our ride will attract between 15 and 20 bikes. The rumble of this many Ducatis is certain to impress.