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HunterDOG - Hunter region Ducati social activity moves to Facebook


An active, Ducati focussed local group. Started by Terry who rang me whilst Kellie and I were on a DOCNSW Tasmania ride, day 2. As you know, I have lamented the lack of 'the bbq committee' to breathe life into the local Ducati scene for some time now. This is not that, but it will do. Let's see what it builds into; participation is a great way to influence that...

what's the tie up with the Italian place Vincenzo ?

(sent out as an Announced Topic to all)

The Hunter Ducati Owners group has had a truly awesome history (see Whilst the Ducati passion lives on, things change... So, with joy and excitement, I introduce you to SuperNova Ducati Facebook Group (see, where many 'old DOGs' and new friends can be found. Do sign up to join; only pre-requisite is that you own a Ducati, and live in the Hunter area. Regular pillions of members are good too.

SuperNova Desmo has started a monthly tradition of a pleasant Italian themed night out at Basement On Market St ( on third Wednesday of the month. 6pm arrive, by Ducati if you can; 7.30pm meal. The next one is a week away on 17th  March 2021. Love to see you rock up too and share your Ducati love.

SuperNova Desmo was spontaneously started by others a month or so ago, to fill the obvious need of a growing Ducati base in the Hunter for a bit of social interaction around these fabulous motorcycles. I understand Frasers is very interested in providing useful support, be it BBQ's, exclusive events, or whatever else seems like a good thing to do at the time; check it out live and happening on Facebook!

I also request you please sign up for individual membership of MCC-NSW, see The tireless volunteers there do fantastic work for the motorcycling community. For those of us who reap the rewards to chuck in $25 / year is not much to ask, but makes a real difference to empower these fabulous fellow motorcyclists that you hardly ever see, but often get the benefits of. Be it slugging away for better green slip pricing, or more parking, and so much more, they are in there doing it. And their professional conduct has earned them great respect in the corridors of power, so they are effective. Which I have seen first-hand for many years, and played a minor role in occasionally. And hey, the present Chairman is a Nova(castrian) too, let’s show ‘em we care!

The DOG's website will be progressively closed down after some of the widely read technical pages in the forum have been moved for continued enjoyment by all. I stickied what looked useful at,24.0.html and am intending to move the main bits of these topics to, and a couple of stickied bits in other areas, but the rest of it vanishes into the ether. Let me know if you think it should be any different.

Cheers and Thanks for all the Good Times. See ya at SuperNova… Vince S


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