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Red Key Query


Bruce Duc:
Cheers VinceS for getting back so quick , didnt see it come on Fri.  I will get on to it. Thanks for the info to have a go myself.

1 Welcome Bruce, wish there was a bit more active riding going on here, but at least I can report steps are under way to re-establish an active Ducati social scene, more later...

2 Normally you get one red and two black keys with a bike, until about 2008 when key cards got used. They all start the bike but the red key can also be used to program more black keys, so get into Frasers and order a new black key/s and either get them to program them or do it yourself, it is simple enough and works for me. I have attached relevant info about how the system all works, and not hard to Google videos of ppl that figured it out.

Bruce Duc:
1 Thanks for accepting me & my ST4s 2002
2 My main key has wandered off somewhere. Is it wise to use the RED KEY (genuine I beleive) for general riding?  I was hoping to catch up with a mate. I dont get a lot of free weekend time to ride due to work. Hope to improve that in the new year. Gotta be betta than 2020..


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