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2020 Newcastle Toy Run Sunday 6th December 2020


TopDOG: Riders Assemble from 8am - 9:30am at Stockton Ballast Grounds register here for great prizes and I went to the maitland markets this morning and have already bought my 2020 toy run T-shirt and I hope more of our hundreds of members come along to this instead of just the 3 of us who still read posts to it, FYI soon a week before my chosen sunday I'm going to put forward a ride for everyone to join into for lunch out at the Wolombi tavern leaving from Freemans waterhole via Sandy creek road that itself can be a bit of fun just be careful early on for the one lane bridge to get across and from there you might choose to go down the back road towards Petes ridge to open the pipes up on your Vtwins throbbing engine (safely and legally for good reasons) or another chosen path you and some others might like to go on but it would be great to have our pack back as one!!! :P

Either way I would love to see you out to support bikers for the kids this year especially with everything else going on in this world because I believe children are our future


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