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So who went riding over the weekend?



If you got out on tour beautiful Ducati iver the weekend we would all love to read about where you went, what the roads like and if its one you could recommend for our club rides? And please share any pics you took while there if you took any!!

PS  I'm just trying to inspire & make our group back to what it was like before my acident because we used to do so much more together making our friendship and Ducati love so much more than where it is now and no im not 1 to talk being so slow to get back out riding but I am pushing hard with my physiotherapy doing my walking at home now along my back deck that you're welcome to come watch and maybe even help my experienced staff to help me walk and I'[m sure you wont be surprised with me tryinng to walk again for over a decade while making me jealous seeing and hearing your sweet rides and watching you leave on her!!


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