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All Italian Day Sun 1st March 2020 Newcastle Railway Station


Im glad i couldnt afford it then because i would have just drove in there!!


--- Quote from: Brett on 07 Feb 2020, 03:39 PM ---So, who benefits from the entry money ?

--- End quote ---

No-one apparently. Just got the below from Graeme, who is a thoroughly decent chap and all power to him!

The All Italian Day is scheduled for the 1st March is NOT PROCEEDING - due to the cost and time required to organise the event.  I just don’t have the time.
If this is causing any problems I apologise for that.  I have asked others to assist but it is all too hard.
Maybe later in the year.

Dr. Graeme Studdert
Classic Motorcycle Restoration Australia
E: [email protected]
40 Metro Court. Gateshead. NSW 2290   T:02-4920-6078.  M:0400 635 064  ABN: 87 001 840 811

So, who benefits from the entry money ?

Preliminary Message from Graeme:

HI All, The All Italian Day is on again.   In 2020 we have the Wonderful old Newcastle Railway Station as the venue.  We are currently negotiating with Newcastle Council to get the event organised and it is shaping to be bigger and better than ever before.Please tell all your friend and colleagues to get their Italian car or bike and come along for the day.  There is a large area of undercover seating with coffee and food vans on site all day.  There is also a bar is the mood takes you.You are most welcome to forward the attached flyer to all in your email address book. Trade enquiries are welcome so give us a call and we can walk you through the requirements.   Dr. Graeme StuddertClassic Motorcycle Restoration AustraliaE: [email protected] Metro Court. Gateshead. NSW 2290   T:02-4920-6078.  M:0400 635 064  ABN: 87 001 840 811 


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