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So is anyone going out riding Ducati's this weekend?

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Thanks for the replies Helga Purple Possum and Vince, I wish i could have been able to join both of you on your rides and im very glad you didnt have a "POP" on your tyre Vince or you could have ended up spending the rest of your days not riding your Ducati againlike me :'( !!! I hope Helga once we get our club back to its former glory like it can & will with the help of you and all the rest of our fine members coming along to our monthly rides & club breakfasts we can all get to meet you ;) !!!

Smiths lake for me. Maybe shouldn't have gone back via Booral. Ain't back tyres grand - they hang on right up to the pop! Except, no pop. Just the way I like it...

Helga Purple Possum:
Hello TopDOG......I’m new and I went riding on Saturday.....south to Kiama way via Nasho, MacPass x 2, KV, Jamberoo, Kiama bends, Jamberoo Mt Rd, MacPass again and Nasho again....

I bet everyone was out today on your Ducati so please tell us all where you have been including any pics you have of you or your bike out today!!!

I'm sure you're all too busy riding them to reply so ill be looking forward to reading all your stories while looking at your pics of them later tonight or tomorrow morning folks!!!


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