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Well thanks for the reply Vince and for everyones benefit I have a bbq that I need to check if it still works and I have a large D[size=78%]eck (not that in bragging about the size of my deck, lucky I'm not a [/size][/size][size=78%]kiwi)[/size][/size][size=78%] for enough like minded Ducatisti to sit around my table to come up with a plan on how to save my baby and keep it running smoothly which would involve more than just you mate but as many of us left who can and still do ride a Ducati to help me to help you all out and I have plenty of time and riding knowledge to start to plan monthly rides for everyone to enjoy so can you please offer me any of your time to help us do this?[/size]

If you know anything about gas bbq's this could help us out too!!!

Hello Scottie, Hello hello hello Hellohello hello hello....

How are you?

I don't think people are doing rides via clubs or forums so much these days, with the exception of FaceBook where some useful 'ride wot yer brung' groups are springing up. Doing 4,500km earlier this month has kept me riding a chair this weekend, still 'catching up' on other stuff.

In the 'organised' riding category, things are a-changin. Need to get with the flow or make your own fun. Both involve 'getting out there and doing it, then move on to the next thing', way more than they do typing up stories about it on the net, although there is still a fair bity of that going on in high trafficked websites... oh, there's that FaceBook thing again...

I recently saw, from a well respected motorcycling dignatory lamenting the way of a particular (non-Ducati) Sydney based motorcycling entity, a missive that included, in part, this:

We live in a new age, and the "new breed of bikers" is upon us.
The new breed don't camp on the side of the road and drink warm beer till they fall down, nor do they go to rallies, and camp out. The new breed drink latte's and wine, wear designer clothes, and have more disposable income per week than most of us old bikers could save in a month.
If xxx yyy zzz does not change it will be left behind.

Now I'm not sure if the 'current paradigm' ever fitted this club, but the concepts of what 'new bikers' are about totally does. I am personally totally flexible as I would like to have the simple pleasure of spending time with fellow Ducati owners, RIDING THEM. Not any other thing, except of course the friendships that are formed at stops ON RIDES. If that bit isn't front and centre of any efforts to get the thing going then what's the point of asking for stories rather than making them?

Like I have always said, show me the BBQ where everyone rode to it on their Ducatis and I'll show you the club. It works. The Belmont 16 footers Sun morning was a pretty good way to do that too. But it takes a fair bit of effort to create the situation that people a) know, b) come and c) stay. I may do that again one day, but would prefer to already know who two of the other 'keen participants' are before starting. This is reality, we need to deal with it, or not..... the club is not going to 'fold up', it is just enjoying a lengthy hiatus until 'somebody' does 'something'!

Rightio then, who's bunging on that bbq, and who's riding their bike to it.... c'mon 'somebody's' one 'n all, show yerself, and we'll have a good time!!!

Is there anybody still out there riding Ducati's in the hunter who still are the hunter dogs members who read this forum and post rides you have gone on or are planning that you would love other good quality Italian Ducati bikes to tag along with you please post something, anything because I don't want to see my fine club fold up shop on us  :'(


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